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  1. Tavera needs a new engine. it is feeling obsolete next to Innova and now new engine in Safari and the Eagle which will come soon in Scorpio. Tavera stands risk of getting left behind in the engine race
  2. Great news! This might be the closest Narain gets to driving a Ferrari! Glad to see the magic of the prancing horse coming to formulae other than F1
  3. The Esteem has much taller gearing than the Swift. so whilst it may win in the 0-100 time it is not as good in the 20-80 or 40-100 in time 'in-gear'
  4. I think Getz diesel will get into discount game soon once it realises that not many people will pay such a high price for it.
  5. Narain anyday. there is no contest. NK is a wonderful driver full of energy and guts. He is the only one qualified to drive in F1
  6. Zavo. no am not involved with motor sport organisation. everyone has to put up with a lot of krap in whatever job they do and to say that come and help if you are not happy with what I do is not a good reaction. How would you react if your Windows software kept hanging and Bill Gates told you "If think its not right come to Microsoft and fix it." Or if your Palio broke down and the Fiat guys told you. "Do you know how hard it is to get a proper after sales team in India. Why dont you come to Fiat and solve the problem." I cant do your job and methinks I just expect you to do yours properly. There are huge organization issues with the Speed Run and ACI knows this. hope they do something about it
  7. Agree with bluesaphire. go for Accent it is much better than Esteem. but it is esteem that will be phased out sooner bcoz accent is still being exported so it has to be made and they cannot stop.
  8. Agree FRG. Innova is the best. other option is Tavera with rear leaf springs which makes it tough for bad roads. heard that new Tavera is coming out. read it in ACI I think. could be gud to wait for that one but not sure whent it is coming out.
  9. where do I start? the bad viewing for spectators. delay in races and results. no information - none of us knew what was going on. elapsed speed was not displayed like before events.
  10. Yippee! speed run is the best motor sport event in India. atmosphere is really charged. but i hope ACI does a better job of organising this year.
  11. Have always wanted to know which brands of fuel are better. Am hearing they are all the same because they come out of the same refinery and only getting different labels at pumps. Would be wanting to know how you are experiencing Xtra premium better than others.
  12. Its Autocar anyday. OD reviews are lots of words and thats why they seem more detailed. Autocar writes less but says more at the end. Theres no fence sitting either. The Vitara / CRV in the July issue said it straight. no confusing readers. thats why autocar thrills me. only wishing that they would not do so much travel stories. castrol sponsoring is so obvious in the bike feature
  13. Thanks for the info 325i. am not a city fan but happy that Honda is now giving heed to the safety aspect in cars
  14. My first post in the forum which I find becoming very interesting. Tata bashing is quite common and we all know why - the quality of the cars is bad. But I dont think they are the worst. so many people buy them and continue buying them so Tata must be doing something right. Right? The worst car I feel is the Ambassador. It offers nothing special except nostalgia and who the hell wants that today. The Amby is crude, noisy and probably more unreliable than a Tata. lets face the fact.