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  1. I am shocked to note Maruti's Mr.Rao's comments, what does he mean when he says the cars are not designed for such kind of tests, you design cars for people to drive in safety the test results come later. It was always know that Suzuki has cut corners in India when they sell their cars and this is going to make a huge impact on them over time I am sure. Others are equally to be blamed, just because the demand for cheaper cars is higher does not mean that you can play around with the lives of aam aadmi. He is becoming more assertive so all the manufacturers should "mind it".
  2. Tire upsizing needs to be planned carefully if your car is running EBD, ABS, going for a wider foot print keeping wheel rim and tire aspect ratio same is the safest bet.
  3. Tire upsizing needs to be planned carefully if your car is running ABS and EBD, in such a case the calibration can go haywire and hence upsizing of tire without upsizing on wheel rim is the best bet. That is keeping the rim dia same keep the tire aspect ratio same only go for wider foot print. This will not change the over all dia of the wheel nd tire.
  4. Are you a engineer? If not it would not be easy to explain your question easily, however in lay man words I will try - Force when acted on a object is measured in Newton meters or Kgm the Force when applied to this object when moves the object in case of engines a axle which rotates and causes wheels to rotate is called torque. Obviously the larger the object weight more is the force required. Peak power generated at a particular RPM is mentioned, this not necessarly would be max RPM, in many cases the peak torque is generated at say 3000 RPM however the max RPM could be 4500, which means after 3000 RPM the torque would tapper off. the particular torque chart for the compelte power band of a car is not generally mentioned in car brochures, but available with the service center and other publishing mediums, even on the internet. I take it that you are a car sales man I am wondering if the dealer ship at which you work provides your training on such basic aspects, which manufacturer do you represent?
  5. The SUV is a good beginning for Mahindra, seems they have learned the hard way after the Logan debacle. They seem to have now fallen in line with people's expectation of pricing for a home grown product, mind you the Logan even if it was not a home grown product was inherently a cheap product for the eastern european markets which Mahindra in India wanted to pan it as a permium product!! It seems overall suprising people even if they are no experts in automobiles seemed to understand what was being offered to them, Hats off!! people. But Mahindra has to learn or change their advertising strategy, I had commented here earlier about the wrong advt focus of the Scorpio competing against a car- wrong segment!! They have gone and done it against relating the XUV 500 a 2000 Kg SUV to a nimble, sleek and fast cheetah the wild cat of the African plains!! The ideal comparision, (if you want to do so with a wild animal, I would be totally against it) would be with a Leopard a strong flexible and powerful wild cat and a natural habitant of India, by the way. In advertising I find VW, BMW, Audi, even TATA to be good, however they should focus on the unique pluses of the car rather that show off external form factor. The Safari DICOR shot wading through water and apparent heavy foliage looks apt. So much for advertisers and their ideas!!