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  1. I am shocked to note Maruti's Mr.Rao's comments, what does he mean when he says the cars are not designed for such kind of tests, you design cars for people to drive in safety the test results come later. It was always know that Suzuki has cut corners in India when they sell their cars and this is going to make a huge impact on them over time I am sure. Others are equally to be blamed, just because the demand for cheaper cars is higher does not mean that you can play around with the lives of aam aadmi. He is becoming more assertive so all the manufacturers should "mind it".
  2. Tire upsizing needs to be planned carefully if your car is running EBD, ABS, going for a wider foot print keeping wheel rim and tire aspect ratio same is the safest bet.
  3. Tire upsizing needs to be planned carefully if your car is running ABS and EBD, in such a case the calibration can go haywire and hence upsizing of tire without upsizing on wheel rim is the best bet. That is keeping the rim dia same keep the tire aspect ratio same only go for wider foot print. This will not change the over all dia of the wheel nd tire.
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    Speedometers are electonic units these days, earlier speedos were analog units i.e. the speedo cable was connected to a gear assembly within the unit with a oil damper for the indicator needle, these readouts were always with a margin of error, the units are expensive to make and hence I guess each manufacturer would be ordering a unit specific for that engine car configuration and with every new model of that engine car configuration rather that going for a complete new unit the calibrated face and external design may be changed while the expensive parts remain the same, in my view this may be the reason for the extensively calibarated speedos.
  5. Are you a engineer? If not it would not be easy to explain your question easily, however in lay man words I will try - Force when acted on a object is measured in Newton meters or Kgm the Force when applied to this object when moves the object in case of engines a axle which rotates and causes wheels to rotate is called torque. Obviously the larger the object weight more is the force required. Peak power generated at a particular RPM is mentioned, this not necessarly would be max RPM, in many cases the peak torque is generated at say 3000 RPM however the max RPM could be 4500, which means after 3000 RPM the torque would tapper off. the particular torque chart for the compelte power band of a car is not generally mentioned in car brochures, but available with the service center and other publishing mediums, even on the internet. I take it that you are a car sales man I am wondering if the dealer ship at which you work provides your training on such basic aspects, which manufacturer do you represent?
  6. The SUV is a good beginning for Mahindra, seems they have learned the hard way after the Logan debacle. They seem to have now fallen in line with people's expectation of pricing for a home grown product, mind you the Logan even if it was not a home grown product was inherently a cheap product for the eastern european markets which Mahindra in India wanted to pan it as a permium product!! It seems overall suprising people even if they are no experts in automobiles seemed to understand what was being offered to them, Hats off!! people. But Mahindra has to learn or change their advertising strategy, I had commented here earlier about the wrong advt focus of the Scorpio competing against a car- wrong segment!! They have gone and done it against relating the XUV 500 a 2000 Kg SUV to a nimble, sleek and fast cheetah the wild cat of the African plains!! The ideal comparision, (if you want to do so with a wild animal, I would be totally against it) would be with a Leopard a strong flexible and powerful wild cat and a natural habitant of India, by the way. In advertising I find VW, BMW, Audi, even TATA to be good, however they should focus on the unique pluses of the car rather that show off external form factor. The Safari DICOR shot wading through water and apparent heavy foliage looks apt. So much for advertisers and their ideas!!
  7. @ Sarabjit, There are specific salvage buyers in the market for these cars, however converting a LHD to a RHD is not a easy job I don't think it can be reliable! and you cannot register a LHD in India.
  8. Usually cars for the export market manufactured in India damaged during transit to port are scrapped even for small dents and breakages and these are then sold to salvage buyers in India, these cars are repaired and resold in the market, however they do not carry the company warranty, There are ways these cars can be bought, ofcourse the cars specs are different and they go substantially cheap!!!
  9. Some of the best rated cars in the world are diesels, if you are fed the petrol diet it would be very difficult for you to change. Me feels that Technologywise and power wise the diesels are up there if not better. Refinement is a variable, what is still noisy to some would be no issue for another. However Diesel will soon come at par with Petrol in the days to come, with such a massive difference in the rate the market has already started getting skewed. But the worst part for you and me are the taxes and duties, they bloody well should come down by half and match international standards!!!
  10. If my information is correct, Honda has come up against overheating problems on the bike in India and the Engineers are struggling to come up with some solutions fast for this, this checks out with the delay in the launch, there is no nation wide launch, the soft launch in cities like Pune is to get feedback from select users on the bike and right away this problem has blown up on them. They better tighten their belts and come up with the solution fast since I have already booked one in Feb and yet to hear from Honda!
  11. The first lot is already underway to be shipped from S.Korea in CKD and will be arriving in Feb 2011 and the bikes will be launched in March 2011. The show room for the bikes is being prepared at at furious pace here at Pune, I don't know how they plan the ASS at 4.8 lacs for the sports it sure is going to be pricy, for a S.Korean model with hardly any brand image like a Honda I wonder how some one is going to sink 4.8 lacs for the bike in my view 2.5 lacs would have been a ideal starting price.
  12. Frankly if this was to be a advertisment/media blitz they should have atleast created a better design for the Mojo, the designing team has created a disaster. The rake angle seems too much, the engine may be used as a stress member, the gap inbetween however the tank and to seat and rear egronomics seem totally out of sync.
  13. It is easy to identify impact on glass if you see the picture the point of origin of the crack/s is from the bottom of the windscreen going upwards and sideways. Either some object has pressed hard against the glass while the boot was being opened or some hard oject has stuck the glass very hard.
  14. I don't know why you want to go in for HID's on a i10 the top speed of the car is 150 Kmph HID's are good for car's which have speeds 200 Kmph and above, since the throw of HID's is far more than a Xenon, hence the better driver response to obstructions on the road at such speeds. I have Philips RALLY 90/100 on my CS and they have a fantastic throw even when I am crusing at 140 Kmph, now I prefer driving in the night, just did a 300 Kms night drive from Goa to Kholhapur via Amboli aleft at 1900 Hrs and reached at 2200 Hrs absoultely brilliant lighting.
  15. HA! I have a particular painful experience of so called women drivers. This woman is entering the parking lot of our office building and I am waiting behind for her to take what ever decision she had mulling in her mind. Mind you she has a brand new Punto with reversing proximity sensors. So she looks back to her right and fails to check her left rear and the proximity sensor on board and KO's in to the front bumper of my CS. God!!! women drivers BAN THEM! My wife is wise she knows her limits hence does not veture behind the wheel!! anijog2010-05-24 14:05:04
  16. The Santro inherently has a choppy ride at the rear so can't do much there. The most you can do is go for tubeless Yokohama tires of 175 70 size on the car. They are very good tires if the roads are not rough you will find a remarkable difference in the ride. The side walls of Yokohama are very soft so rough roads are a risky proposition.
  17. It is the management which is the problem. They have one set of rules for some countries and another set for countries like us. It is our own people in the management who have taught the atitude of pointed ignorance is bliss. So god help people owning Skodas.
  18. With tires and wheels any body is bound to get confused. However if alloys stick to alloys with guarantee. With tires with your driving consideration you should stick to tires with good grip for panic situations in the city and low dB levels. But understanding which tires do what is still a mystery. The only thing visible with the tire are the ratings embossed on the sides and the type of tread. Fine sipes on the tire means they are for predominant wet highway use with fair amt of road noise. A combination of fine sipes on sides and larger sipes at center means dry and wet highway use with quite a bit road noise. Now how to determine which tire has low road noise (Important today with concrete roads being laid every where) with good grip and handling characteristics is some thing I cannot conclude and the tire dealer will always try to sell a tire with better margins. Any clues on how to go about this without speaking of any brand? anijog2010-02-03 10:45:30
  19. If you want the real ghat experience you should take the NH4 from Pune to Mumbai. The express way ghat section is no ghat!! I use to do the NH4 before the express way started and even before they made the difficult sections one way!! That was a real bender!!!!
  20. I dont see why a software thread needs to be created when the discussion is hardcore motor mechanics and the auto industry?!
  21. It is understood that in India people in emergencies will grab on to the rear brake first. this leads to the rear end washing out of control, once a rear wheel skid starts it's very difficult to control, the CBS is atually a very good move by Honda to force or incline people to apply brakes in combination. It is any way's good for overall vehicle control. The brake force distribution is biased more on the rear that the front even then braking distances are bound to improve in straight line, however care needs to be taken on wet roads especially on turns. Guess Honda has obviously ugraded tires for the system to work effectively.
  22. I think it is not much of a issue if the gear after engaging does not create a noise. It so happens that if you have moved the car ahead and immediately shift into reverse the gears in the gear box are yet to come to idle when you are moving in to reverse, that is when the misalignment occurs however the moment the gears mesh that goes. I think you cluctch needs to be adjusted since it is not engaging fully while getting in to reverse.
  23. @rssh even if i had started rolling downslope with no braking would have been harrowing
  24. @Goenkakushal The dealer had the part in the store seems it took him 2 hrs to decide to open the store and give me that part.
  25. I had been waiting to inform you guys regarding the incident of brake failure on my 13 months old CS and it was a zapping experience!? I left Pune on a fine afternoon hitting the NH 4 towards Bangalore was rapidly nearing the Kandala ghat, was half a Km cresting the ghat to start decent when while braking for a mild turn realized .... NO BRAKES!! the pedal had gone ROCK SOLID! I had just upshifted to overtake a car and hence was down to 40kmph was all which which saved me from hurtling down the deep side!!! I gave way moved to the extreme left with what was left of the climb aideing my deaccelaration and swifly moving to the 1st gear and using my handbrake I can to a halt with my knees knocking against each other I got out examined the car opened the bonnet, checked the brake reservior, checked for obstructions to the pedal..... nothing ziltch!!! I decided to crawl 40 kms to Satara, at 1820 Hrs on EEID saturday almost loosing hope of having a dealer open approached HEM motors. the light was just fading and they fortunately were just closing for the day, I got hold of the manager and asked him to inspect the car, the mechanic a chit of a boy opened the bonnet and immediately discovered that the plastic T joint on the vaccum booster pipe had cleanly snapped off from the body. The KBX manufactured brake booster it seems was available on few cars, looking at the emergeny of the situation, I had to travel further to Kholapur, I requested then to replace it from any other repair car or a total loss car, no luck, all were TVS make. after waiting for 2 hours and a lot repairing of the T joint for GODS SAKE!!!! with Mseal and stickfast and of haggling with the dealer and my stubborn refusal to budge, since the car was under warranty after a lot of hemming and hawing they finally opened the store and got me a replacement. A thing which should have taken 25 minutes took 2 hours, TATA MOTORS please note, it was a warranty issue they just needed to take my signature on the warranty replacement, that's IT!!! But I don't understand TATA's manufacturing process for such a occupant's life threating critical component how can they use a plastic peice of crap. I have photos of this critical component will post it. I am still getting goose bumps and can you believe it after the incident and while we were crawling to Satara my wife was applying nailpolish to her nails, such is her implicit trust in my car control...or is it wishful thinking??? anijog2009-12-11 12:19:40