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  1. Nope, Next one after i10 is Hyundai Verna followed by ANHC
  2. mileage is getting better day by day , last time i filled the tank for 1000Rs , around 21.5 ltrs i got around 250kms . Most of the driving is without AC here in Bangalore. But i have got dense traffic frequently . waiting for first service in few weeks , will update again later.
  3. Fast car or first car , IKON is a very good for that budget , one major drawback is the resale value of the car . u have the below choices ; > tata indigo > swift dzire > logan > linea base model > Hyundai accent > i20 can be considered > Chevrolet aveo
  4. Variant Price Jazz basic Rs.6,98,000/- Jazz Mode Rs.7,28,000/- Jazz Active Rs.7,33,000/- (All prices ex-showroom Delhi) http://www.zigwheels.com/News/Honda-Jazz-launched/HondaLaunch_20090610-1-1
  5. You can put bicycle into the jazz boot , as simple as that. check below website to see how the seat configures . Jazz
  6. New ANHC has got paddle shift in the top-end version , and with exception of Linea 1.3mjd i guess ANHC stands out for mileage. ABS with EBD and Airbags are standard across models in ANHC
  7. siddhant , any links for same.
  8. Jazz To Be The Costliest 'super-mini' Honda Siel, which is all set to launch its premium hatchback
  9. Guys , For i10 is Upgrade of tyres from standard 155/80 R13 to 175/70 R13 is necessary , or can i wait for for while.
  10. Tata to launch Vista and Indigo with Automatic gear box . Source : June ACI issues
  11. You don't have much of choice here , you i10 Asta . Jazz Auto - according today's interview in ET with Honda CEO "There will be only one variant initially. It is a different car and will set new standards for the hatchback segment. It
  12. Siel Cars India president and CEO Masahiro Takedagawa has been managing activities of the Honda group in India and Asia Oceania region for the past three-and-a-half years. Mr Takedagawa outlines Honda
  13. BornFree, its only 20k here in Bangalore and accessories like remote key , seat covers , mud flaps etc .... is 30-40k cash discount ..?
  14. rchinu , i am in touch with Advaith Hyundai , Residency road. OTR is 5.25 lacs after discount of 20K(insurance16k+corporate discount 4k) The dealer has told that he will give all accessories mentioned in prev page by me , except for fog lamps.
  15. yea karanraheja , i was ready to pay 8OTR for Auto jazz .But i don't think we can see auto jazz in near time and also at the price mentioned by me . So decided that i shall buy Auto tran for City driving and at some later point a manual sedan for Highways.
  16. Seems like i10 is gathering momentum after Ritz launch. I have also booked i10 Sportz A/T , 5.25 OTR Bangalore. Will share the details later.
  17. Any deals going on for Hyundai i10
  18. Guys , i am in process of booking a i10 Sportz Auto (Deep Ocean Blue) , its coming to 5.25lacs OTR Bangalore after discounts . Please suggest me what are the list of accessories i should bargain with the dealer , i have made a list below, please add up if you guys have anything in mind . Remote locking - Mats and mud flaps Body cover Sunfilm Leather Seatcovers , gear knob ,steering wheel & parking handle. Perfume Foglamps - Not sure about this please suggest if i have missed anything else
  19. Crazycat. Are you sure that i10 magna has remote boot release. Because the aci says that the boot release is external for magna, sportz and asta. Is it optional ?
  20. India sitecsnana2009-05-11 12:06:48
  21. I wish they speak some thing auto box during the launch, why does maruthi , fiat or tata give the option auto-box , don't they ave the technology or what ?