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  1. without a question, you should put an end to the wait and lookout for better cars for the money that you will pay
  2. Don't worry' date=' ACI, generally, drools over Skoda products, and they will always give an 'over'optimistic figure. I have known that a 1.4 petrol can't give more than 10 in the city. Though, some have suggested around 13 to 14 kmpl. I also have enrolled on line for a test drive of the Fabia, at launch, still no call from their dealers, probably they must be having their order books over flowing, or problems overflowing with the cars they already have sold. What ever the reason, to sum up: The Fabia: Much Ado About Nothing. Overpriced, underpowered, mother of all hatches.[/quote'] yes there is a lot of media hype about Skoda. those positive reviews from various media houses are not being validated and are purely on business motive. hope skoda will learn to have some integrity in business to produce quality products.
  3. Getz 1.3 is a good car but its kind of getting old now. The top end model with alloys looks too good infact looks better than swift with alloys. i suggest you to wait for a new launches, if there is any in the near future.
  4. yes i agree to Anjan. GM is a class set apart in the US. i think their decision to have Chevrolet is majorly contributed by their business strategists, every tom, **** and harry needs their presence in India now and GM preferred to be chevrolet due to the cost factor. well thats my guess! added to this is the fact that everyone knows, US market doesnt look attractive anymore like Asia or Europe does. in the fight to succeed ppl sometimes lose glory
  5. huh... i agree to all of you and especially those alloys. cant look any sicker!
  6. thanks to all of you guys! nothing major done on the mods front no mods done on the new cars yet ( waiting for the cars to be one year old )... on my zen which was donated to me from dad, i had put on alloys with tubeless tyres, repainted, have tried out few things when i was in college but later it took its original style (rework done by dad when i was not home) well i need ideas for mods for Swift. do we have any tuners in India for swift?
  7. hey! this is def a great info at this time. yes like you have guessed, am a great fan of Yamaha but for some reasons they have not been doing well in the 4 stroke segment in India. but i will wait cheerfully to see the new Yamaha!!! thanks a lot
  8. thank you adi! more abt me - with pleasure indeed! i live in bangalore and work as a technology specialist. have great enthusiasm to travel, i would rather correct myself to say enthusiasm to drive and hence travel. reading about cars is also in the list of my hobbies. cars that i own Swift Vxi (2007) Toyota Innova (2007) and Esteem Vxi (2000) Maruti Zen (1999). the last two are dad's cars!!! well the list for cars that i would like to own cant be too short, so i will keep that to be shared later. bikes that i own Yamaha RX100 and Yamaha RX135
  9. hello everyone.... i am not quite sure which one to choose here. i wanna decide on one among the three here... ( order doesnt really have anything to do with choice ) Pulsar (180 or 200) TVS Apache RTR 160 Honda Unicorn my priorities are (in the exact order) good pickup sporty look reliable engine efficient braking, shocks, clip ons ride comfort i dont bother too much abt mileage coz my usage will be too less. yur suggestions will be appreciated!
  10. Hello All! my name is navdeep. i have great interest towards cars, bikes, gadgets, technology.... i hope i will have a good time here!