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  1. I was part of W201 clinic. The vehicle is awesome. It looks really gr8 and it has responsive engine. On the downside, it has lots of body roll and interiors looks very cheap.
  2. use this email id : write2md@ford.com
  3. I don't think Price is due to high tax alone. In 1990 the Maruti 800 sold at Rs 2 lakhs and even now almost same price. How come they are not affected by the increase in steel price, operating cost etc. I think they have huge profit margin.
  4. I think Warranty is on pro rata basis (whatever worn out will be charged) which is a standard practice by all the tyre companies.
  5. 6,00,000Rs is still a big amount for most people here (and 15,000$ in the US seems relatively insignificant ) >>>15,000$ must be 2 or 3 months salary for most of hte people who work in US. Whereas in india its our Annual salary atleast for Software Engineers
  6. Hi Nishad Can you provide the full address
  7. Maximum offer you can get is 4.5 lakhs. Even i had Accent 2005 model, 40k km sold it at 4.25lakhs last year
  8. Anyone tried K&N air filters on Fiesta Diesel ??
  9. there is no significant change other then front grill and headlamps. Its quite disappointing
  10. Ford is launching new Fiesta next week. This is the reason it has slashed the price. Buying new fiesta would be better, considering the resale value
  11. Verna customers please tell me wht's the mileage of verna Diesel car in City and in highway's with Ac on.
  12. how much a 60000kms service cost for skoda Octiva?
  13. thanks for ur inputs. wht would be the expected price???
  14. Hi All, Anyone know the launch of VW -jetta in India