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  1. Last service was done at 59500 kms.. around a mnth back. Now the car has run around 61000kms
  2. I have a Honda City Gx model. The problem in my car is that sometimes the car gives jerks when being driven... When the accelerator is pressed the car moves on normally but sometimes when the accelerator is pressed the car gives a jerk and then moves forward. What could be the problem in my car??
  3. I am getting a Honda City GXI (2006), 32000kms done. for Rs. 470000. Insurance- Third Party. My questions regarding the car are: 1. Is The price i am paying right?If no, then what should be the price? 2. The front windscreen of the car has year 2007 on it but the car was made in 2006. Is this a car which has met with a major accident and has the windscreen been changed?
  4. it does happen in 4th gear also and the mechanic cant find da prob. i m very tensed as its a diesel and may crash or seize
  5. My dzire has a problem when it goes upto speeds of 100-110kmph. If u release the accelerator at these speeds and then again press it fully the car does not respond for a second or two and afterwards it picks up. What could be the prob? The mechanic was telling that diesel tank may contain impurities bt nthng was found. plz help on this
  6. I wanna upgrade my existing tyres on DZIRE which are 165/80/R14. What is the safest upsize in alloys and which brand?
  7. Next month FIAT LINEA is coming . Wait for it. Its a real stunner.
  8. sahil10


    Wait for new OPTRA or LINEA which iz a real stunning caqr.
  9. I wanna install good head lamps in my car. Lamps with purple tinge and what do they cost? Whats d diff. between xenons and projector lamps. And how much K,s should i install in my DZIRE?
  10. I had booked a SWIFT DZIRE VDI car with a maruti dealer NEW VEHICLEADES, PATHANKOT,(PUNJAB). on 31st MAY,2008.At the time of booking I was told that I will get the car delivered within 4-5 months but after 5 months of waiting there are no signs of getting the car, The dealer is telling to wait for a month more. The dealer is not listening to me .This is causing a lot of harrassment to me.Therefore i have written to your forum. Please help me in getting the car.I will be very thankful to you.