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  1. thx how good is the FE / maintenance of Verna AT.
  2. Thanks Sachin for the advice. Just a query how good is the Verna autobox as comapred to the new Ford Ecosport ( Dual Clutch - Claimed Maint. Free for 2L kms ) and Brio ( CVT ).
  3. Any idea how much is the actual mileage of these cars ?
  4. Want to buy an automatic sedan or a hatchback Whats your Budget - Rs 12.00L Kms driven monthly - 1500 kms Bodyshell - Hatch/ Sedan/SUV/ MUV - any City/Highway split - 00:00 Max No.of Passangers - 2 most of the time Boot space Importance - Medium Usage by - Myself or Driver Safety - High Prime requirement - Fuel Efficiency / Low Maintenance / Passenger Comfort / Looks Shortlisted Manufacturer - How much mileage they give in actual in city / highway ( not the company claimed numbers) FORD ECOSPORT AT BRIO AT VERNA DIESEL AT
  5. Thank u guys for all ur opinions and suggestions. I currently own a SANTRO ( P ) ( Driver employed ) :-) + Have a Fortuner 3.0 (D) Manual. So wanted something which could be used by me / driver / family - basically an automatic + Diesel Option to replace my 9 yrs old SANTRO. I think I will wait for sometime more and may be have a look at cars CARS like DUSTER / FORD ECO SPORT which are due to be launched and may be buy an AUTOMATIC PETROL version. Thanks again. Amit
  6. Hi All, I am looking for an diesel car (preferably a hatch) with an automatic gear shift, AT is a big preference for me since I get too tired in Delhi traffic, commuting daily to Gurgaon ( 50 km ) run. What all options are available in the market for the same? Which one would be best to maintain and give good fuel effeciency. Please provide ur expert opinion on the same. Thanks
  7. Is this correct? Please confirm so that I will wait for new model purchase...?
  8. Hi Sgiitk, Thanks for your valuable reply and guidance, still more queries ;-) I can anyways use Swift Diesel for Daily use since I have to goto the office only in that , not sure how much mileage it gives. Probably u can put light on that. Regarding going out with family I would be interested in a bigger car, will have to test drive the Laura once to see the space / legroom etc for 5 adults + a kid. Innova is also not a bad option but looks more like a CAB, probably Scorpio , but dont have much info abt its performance / mileage in the Diesel version and the cost to maintain it. Can you shed some light on these questions. Amit
  9. How abt the maintenance of these , which one is the cheaper to maintain (mileage) but with a good service network.
  10. Thanks for your response, but I still have a few queries, The Skoda Laura is a bit pricey Dont you think opting for some other Diesel Car like Verna or Swift can be more economical and maintainable, if yes then which one of these will be better. What do you think about Mahindra Scorpio as a family car or probably some other option (SUV) like Captiva / Safari / Innova / Endevaour etc to be more specific , I myself do love CIVIC but the only hitch I have in my mind is that 5 people family + a small kid would become a bit tight for me as time passes. Thoughts ? RegardsAmit
  11. Hi , I currently drive a Santro which gives me a mileage of around 15kmpl in city and my daily usage is around 90 km since I drive from West Delhi to Noida. Earlier I was planning to buy a Civic for myself since we are a family of 5 and Santro becomes a bit too tight for us on the highway for long weekends.Seeing the fuel prices rushing up by 10Rs I am thinking to have a diesel car at my disposal. So what can you suggest me as the best option in Diesel, probably with good mileage and low maintenance. Shall I dispose of Santro and buy a Swift Diesel (daily use) and a Civic (for family outings) or Ford Fiesta(but have heard Ford doesnt have a good Service Record) / Verna and a Skoda Laura. So basically I want a low maintenance car (diesel) with good service support network. like what I have currently Santro. Can you please give me some options so that I can get best out of them for both daily (100km) as well family trips (less frequent) Thanks & Regards Amit