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  1. Hi Bhuvan, You are the one who TALKS THE TALKS AND WALKS THE WALK. Awesome!!!! 2 Gold medals in continuation, way to go..... Hats off to you.... really....
  2. Headlight: Get a round one, will really look muchhh better. Try to get rid of that front Eliminator type tool bag. Yup, will go for that probably with the Bajaj CT 100 fairing. Front mudguard: Looks a bit boxy. Why dont you retain the original RD mudguard?! Yes, it does look boxy and in the rains, with water going inside the engine, it will be hell for me. So will change back Rear mudguard: Thats a nice mudguard. Whats it made of?! Did you make it over the old mudguard?! Made of the same old one, lots of beating and some good shapebenders did the trick License plate: Get a better license plate, probably an embossed one and position it properly. Had put it on the left shocker before, was not looking good, this is not the final product, will get a shorter and more squarer plate and yes, embossed Eliminator Tyre: Did you make any changes to the swingarm to install the tyre?! No change at all to the overall swingarm or even the chasis is untouched, so that I can revert back to the original when wanted
  3. Thanks Praful, have lots of pics from 04 & 06 Expo, thought of starting a thread, but then all have seen the bikes and cars already, so it would have been a wastage of virtual space. So didnt post it. BTW, the 04 Expo was better at least in terms of variety.
  4. Ummm.. probably I like Cafe Racer more than anything and I dont have the money to buy a Factory or Custom CR, so....
  5. Thats really really tragic. All 4 persons died. Lets pray that God gives his wife and daughter enough strength
  6. FRG, THANKS, And yes, will again go for the round headlamp, was just trying something new. Also need a small tail light, very essential in Delhi. The disc is coming up in this month.
  7. Tar naam Naseer Kabir, ukil hoi, 990051354, STRIDES ARCOLAB bot kaam kore, address hol - Bilekahalli, Bannerghatta Road, usorote korobat thake. Mur naam Paul buli koba, birat baah lora aru log pai birat bhaal paba. Aru tintaman bhaiti thake, parile phone number dim baru. ______________________________________________________ Guys, took some pics by the cell, didnt come out well, will take better pics tommorow or ... lets see and post it, For the time being....
  8. Guys, WAIT! Just got my bike done into a Cafe racer mode, will click photos and post it by today or tommorow. It has come out awesome!
  9. If only you can come to my house (1st/ B-37, Lajpat Nagar, new Delhi -24), I could have have shown you the negatives. Rest assured, you might find similar photos on google, but not THESE. BTW, does it mean my photography is good?
  10. Saw these two from TVS in the 06 Auto Expo. P.S - Self Camera, no great photographer
  11. How can they be scared even without trying as when it comes to Bajaj, they love challenges. No one got wind of the D135 and P200, experts were saying with so less of a difference between the 150/ 180/ 200 on engine & price front, each will eat up each others market. But see, the 200 is everywhere, just like the 150 and 180. Maybe they got lots of stock together to cut down the price and wont start anything new until it exhausts