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  1. people have their own opinion for looks , some people can only comment about looks is a excellent car with good looks ....and yes within 3 yrs every car is gettin face lifts , even this will get one ... me n two of my frns own this car i own sparklin diamond n the other two black looks great
  2. yes .. no doubts for optra magnum .... power , performance , pick up , interiors , and sparking diamond is a head turnur , looks very beautifull ,
  3. yes i agree with gurkha , magnum has a boombastic engine ... pick up is even better than so called civic , looks are refreshing n i personally liked that front grill and pear headlamps .. rear looks r same though
  4. dude the front grill is quite sporty n loved by many , pear shaped headlamps which glow even when not turned on n that chevy badge , to me were attractive n fresh too , n yes new elantra looks like santro's real big bro when u look at its front grill ..n please old elantra can't b compared in looks to any car
  5. sorry but i liked the front looks , pear shaped headlamps r attractive and so is the front grill , old american cars had rectangular headlamps n not curvy as this car , looks r fresh and the chevy badge looks cool , n i dont like non grilled looks of hondas except new accord which has a nice muscular grill,