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  1. thanks guys for yr replies!! i think i10 is the solution........... even if we get a city (coz a months time is pretty much to find one )....shud we go4 cng rite away in either of the cars ??? wud it b able to sustain itself for 5 yrs or more on cng ??
  2. My father has been driving a Santro(June 2002) for past 6yrs.. Everyday driving is 100-120kms in Delhi & NCR......its 1.45lacs kms in 6yrs planning to buy a i10 in a month......or a second hand Honda City Budget: 4lacs( + 50-60k Registration,CNG kit) After driving Santro for these 6 yrs , he has realised the need for a more stable & comfortable car........but being low on budget , has zeroed in on a new i10 or a sec. hand Honda City.....and due to rising fuel prices he is deciding to go4 cng rite from beginning......... Santro being running on petrol for these 6 yrs was pretty good......... Now his requirement is for another 5-6yrs , wud going in for cng hamper engine performance ??? how bout a Wagon R Duo.........though being out of ques but being on LPG can it b a another alternative??? Also suggest on maintainence of Honda City