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  1. Now here's the Latest Update.
    The Top Speed was limited to 80kph. So wanted to get the Pump Serviced from a Lucas Reputed Workshop.

    the Fuel Pump was not attended properly by Lucas Service Center at
    Solapur and Miraj, I decided to take the car to Pune's Lucas Service

    When I enquired at Pune (Dapoli) Lucas Service Center in 3rd Week of Feb 2011, Mr. Rahul Gore asked me to take the car to Lucas Service Center in Solapur. I told him that I got the Pump Serviced from Solapur and Miraj in May 2008 but did not see any improvement in the car's behaviour.
    He then told me bring the car to Pune. I ask him the estimate of the job. He replied "If Normal Servicing is to be performed, then the Cost would be around 3-4K and if the Rotor is to be replaced, then the cost would go in the range of 11K".

    On 25th Feb 2011, my brother took the car (Indigo LS May 2004 2,12,000+ kms) to Lucas Service Center, Pune for Fuel Pump

    Rahul Gore inspected the car and told that the Rotor needs to be replaced. I agreed to that.
    Then after opening the Fuel Pump, Mr. Rahul Gore showed my brother that the Fuel Pump was not serviced before at any of Lucas Workshop since the Factory Seal was Still Intact.
      The Rotor and some other parts were replaced and the car was handed to my brother.
     After carrying out that job, the car feels Much Much Better to drive. Its Throttle Response has Improved A Lot. The Top Speed has also increased (Have not checked personally but brother says 130+kph).
    Alas, I had given the car directly at Lucas Service Center Pune itself in May 2008. I would not have lost Rs. 5,860/- against Lucas Service Center, Solapur.

    Means I got cheated at Sterling Motors, Solapur since I had given the Car at their workshop for Pump Servicing in May 2008.

    Sterling Motors, Solapur is the One of The Most Hopeless Service Center of Tata Motors Ltd.

  2. Hello Mods,

      I have a query as following--

      My Posts which I posted in February-March 2010 in the below topic have been deleted--



    I request you to undo the deletion because I need those posts as a proof that I posted them here.

    The posts contain the Pictures of Scanned Copies of bill of Best Auto Repairs & Services P.Ltd. Kalyan, Mumbai.


    Please Please MODS Help Me.



  3. till the vehicle stabilizes the idle rpm is very low with the engine fizzing out at low speeds. After running for about 10kms' date=' in neutral gear the idle rpm is very high (just sounds like a lorry smiley37.gif )[/quote']Get the Carburettor tuned from a nice Qualified Mechanic. It will make a huge difference.

  4. 2. The mechanic told you that the Compression of Engine has dropped. But this could not correct since your bike has run just 25Kkms.

    The vehicle does not idle that means the Idle Rpm is set very low. Increase the Idle Rpm and see if the problem gets solved. But adjust the Idle Rpm only when the Engine is Warm (the vehicle must have been run for 10-15kms at speeds of 40-50kph.


    3. Change the Drum Pads with Genuine Size (130mm). If you use 110mm Pads the brakes will not provide efficient braking. There are many mechanics who would not mind fitting 110mm Pads instead of 130mm just because they dont have 130mm pads in stock.


    4. Get the Engine Oil changed, air filter and spark plug cleaned. Check and adjust tyre pressure.

  5. It is good to change the engine oil in a frequent manner will help you to get the proper mileage for yours. It will eventually helps to clean the carburetor in a good manner for our needs of using it. You never try to change the gears always. This also makes you to decrease the carburetor level to get it. It also drops your mileage to some phase. This will definitely help the people to get some good things for them.

    What kind of Explanation is this?


    Please delete the post of askey.

    He says that Changing Engine Oil will help to clean Carburettor. Is this new discovery that Engine oil enters Carb?

    And what does "Decrease the Carburettor level" mean?

  6. Why dont you people wait till the car becomes stationary into reverse?

    Also try this one--

    After the car comes to complete stop, press the clutch for 5 seconds and then shift to Reverse. It Really works in my Case(if the Reverse does not get engaged easily).

  7. The Indigo LS (May 2004) Radiator was busted due to a dog smashing in 2005. It was fixed with M-Seal and till date the car is fine without any leakage.

    Also the Right Black Trim on Front Bumper came off due to some other car sliding along our car (driven by chaffeur). I sticked it with Araldite, pasted some Cello Tapes and kept it for more than 24 hrs. Now after removing the cello tapes, the Trim is well fixed.

  8. @Sudeepd

    "None of the Occupants other than me gets This Electric Shock."

    this may be because you have already discharged the static electricity generated on the cars body n urs hence the cars body is neutralised already before others touch the car body.

    I meant to say when other people drive the car and touch the body of car, they dont get "Shock". Only when I drive the car and touch the body of car, I get "Shock".

    How is the Static Energy getting discharged in case of other people?
    sudeepd2009-12-13 06:18:16

  9. Off-Topic


    BF, I did not get it properly. Is this you want to say--

      Remove the Key from the Ignition and make the End of the Key Touch the Body of the Car.

       But I did not understand one thing--

         How would the Static Charges get earthed when I am holding the Plastic part of the Key while making the Metal End (of the Key) Touch the Body of the car?

  10. Fiat in my point of view is not much different from TATA in terms of parts quality.
    I don't think that Fiat's Parts' Quality is as Poor as Tata. Fiat is much better than Tata.

    An Example.

    I replaced the Low Beam Headlight Bulb Left Side two times and I used both the bulbs which came with the car (in the Glovebox).

      Then I could not get the Bulb (H7 55W) at the Local Tata Dealer (Solapur).

    Then i had to go to Pune for some work. I bought H7 55W Bulb at Pandit Automotives' date=' Tilak Road, Pune.

       I got the Bulb in the carton of Fiat (Not Tata). And now the Bulb is Working Fine.

                 This is Difference between Fiat and Tata Quality.

    There was a problem with the fuel injectors. Some clogging had taken place.

    My Friend, you have given the answer yourself. The Injectors can get Blocked (Clogged) due to Adulterated Fuel also. So how could you curse Fiat Quality instead of Petrol Quality.



    The car in Question is Tata Indigo XL Grand DiCOR.
    BornFree2009-12-11 12:42:17

  11. There are times when I also feel the need of getting seat covers. Its actually when others are using the car because not everyone takes care using a car.

    Then there are times when one can't say no to people wanting to eat/drink inside the car!

    Even I agree with BF.

    Thats the reason we have put Seat Covers on both of our Indigos. Our Vehicles are used in Dusty Conditions and the Occupants too dont bother to care about the Seats.



    but I have one problem with Seat Covers in our older Indigo LS. Whenever I get out of the car after sitting inside the car for sometime and if accidently I touched the Metal Body of the car, the Static Electricity generated in my body gets discharged through the car's body and I Get A Minor Electric Shock.smiley3.gifsmiley3.gif

    None of the Occupants other than me gets This Electric Shock.


    Is there any way to Discharge the Static Electricity generated within me to avoid the Electric Shock?

  12. The Belt Squeal Problem is present in every Indigo with DiCOR Engine. Even our Indigo XL Grand DiCOR bought in May 2007 has this problem.

    I changed the Belt around 9-10 times in 97,000+kms.


    Indigo comes with a Warranty of "18 months/Unlimited Mileage".

    Since your car is still in Warranty, ask the Dealer to replace the Complete Belt Drive Assembly (The Pulleys, The AC Compressor Belt, The Alternator Belt, and other related Parts) FREE OF COST. If he does not agree, threaten him to complain to the Tata Customer Care and Consumer Forums. Still if he does not agree, complain to Tata Customer Care and see if they force your dealer to replace the Parts WITHIN WARRANTY FREE OF COST. If the Dealer still does not provide you required help, complain in the Consumers Forum.


    Please get all the parts related to the Belt Drive System REPLACED WITHIN WARRANTY FREE OF COST.