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  1. Use Opera. I am using it Too and facing No Problem At All.
  2. i didn't understand this. Multigrade Oils have this format "aWb". The Lower the Figure Before W, Costlier the Oil gets. I mean to say the Oil of Grades 10W50, 20W50, 10W40, 15W40, 15W50 are Costlier than 20W40. I am pasting the Statement of Mr. SGIITK mentioned in the "Lubricants Questionaire" topic. So this should clear your doubt. Now for aWb: W is winter grade. In multigrade oils, you have the lower figure specifies the viscocity of the cold oil. The higher figure specifies the viscocity of the hot oil. A low starting figure means the oil is thin, and is good for cold starting both in terms of viscosity and hence circulation. A high ending figure means that under load the oil film will not fail. Thus 10W50, 20W50, 10W40, 15W40, 15W50 can always be used in place of 20W40. In other words the lower figure (the number Before "W") should be equal or can be lower, while the upper figure (the Number After "W") should be equal or higher. Now TVS-Suzuki recommends to use SAE 20W40 for TVS Fiero (or Suzuki Fiero). So I Recommend you to use Castrol Activ 20W40. But Please buy from Reliable Source since Many Fake Castrol Oils are sold.
  3. The smoke Density is not mentioned in the Machine Report (1st and 2nd pic). But the attendant wrote 25.2% in the column shown by 3rd pic. Thats why I wanted to know how did the attendant calculated the Smoke Density. When I asked him, he replied Smoke Density is One Third of Lambda Reading. Is it True?
  4. My Old OE MRF Tyre was used for Only 11,000+kms. Taht means it had lots of Tread Remaining. But I changed the Front Tyre due to the cracks developed on both the sidewalls. You can see the pics of Cracked Sidewalls in my other topic--"Problem Faced by me with MRF Tyres". Since MRF has Harder Sidewalls than Ceat, I felt Ride Quality much better with Ceat. As far As I know, I have not tasted Better Ride Quality for long time with those OE MRF Zapper.
  5. What do you mean by Rusting holes? If the Drain Holes are rusting, apply paint yourself since no one is going to peep under the mats and also you will save some money by painting it yourself. Also you mentioned that "above back left wheel also rusted". Please post the pic. of this rusted area, so that we can get the idea of the exact place.
  6. As for 2" hole in the floor (Left Front Legspace), that should be a drain hole to remove the dust or water trapped under the mats through it. There was similar hole in our Omni but 1" in the floor towards Driver side as against yours 2" on left side. We use to remove the Dust that got accumulated over time from that hole.
  7. I guess he meant to say Original=> Genuine and Normal => No Audio Controls (Wagon R never came with the Audio Controls on Steering though) .
  8. I replaced the Front Tyre MRF 2.75 X 17 Zapper of Pulsar with Ceat 2.75 X 17 Zoom. Now the Ride Quality has much improved as against MRF. The MRF used to give me Hard Hits when ridden over Potholed Roads. But Ceat is Softer than MRF and absorbs the Bumps Efficiently. Touchwood. MRF ZV2K fitted on Indigo XL is still being used as it is (with Patches on the Side wall as shown in last Two Pics of 1st Post).sudeepd2009-06-12 07:31:34
  9. The Grinding Noise (?) cropped up again 1 month ago. I used the bike in that condition till 31st May. Then I showed to a Former Bajaj Authorised Service Center. The Owner inspected the bike by test riding. He traced that the Grinding noise was coming from Fuel Tank Vibrations. The Fuel Tank used to vibrate whenever the Engine stayed in around 3000rpm range which I assumed to the Engine Noise (Rocker Arms or Bearing). The owner of garage added some packing to the Fuel Tank Mounting Bolt Under the Seat and Voila! The noise gone. Now the Grinding Noise does not come around 3000rpm or any Rpm. Touchwood. EDIT: I replaced the Front Tyre MRF 2.75 X 17 Zapper with Ceat 2.75 X 17 Zoom. Now the Ride Quality has much improved as against MRF. The MRF used to give me Hard Hits when ridden over Potholed Roads. But Ceat is Softer than MRF and absorbs the Bumps Efficiently. Touchwood.sudeepd2009-06-12 07:28:38
  10. Sorry Sarabjeet for name mistype. Also I know that the Rs.1400/- will be divided between the agent and the "Public Servants". But don't you think 1400 charge is too high? OK. Here is my next query-- Isn't it legal to write the Registration Number on Cars in Double Lines (like on 2 Wheelers)? The Number Plate of our Indigo XL is written as below-- MH-13 AC 9798 instead of MH-13 AC 9798 In Solapur (Hometown) no cop catch us for this. My Dad took the Driver alongwith the car to Mumbai some 8-10 days ago. On returning, Driver told me the Mumbai Cops catched the car and told that the Number of Cars should be in Single Line and Not in Double Lines. Is it True that we cannot use Double Lines for Cars according to RTA Rules?sudeepd2009-06-12 07:14:08
  11. What if Cops catch in other states (Gujarat or any other state) where Blackening some portion is Mandatory(?)? I don't think Maharashtra has Rule to Blacken some portion. I am not caught until now even though the Headlights of our Indigos are not Blacken at sides. What should be the Excuse that I am suppose to give the cops if I travel in other states like Gujarat or Andhra Pradesh?
  12. When I asked TASC (Tata ASC) the Supervisor told me the Left Drive Shaft's Bearing has worn and I will have to replace the Complete Left Drive Shaft since Bearing replacement is not possible. Left Drive Shaft costs around Rs.4000/- Thats why I wanted to know should I wait till the clicking noise start coming even while driving Straight or how. I am confused with Axle and Driveshaft. Can Experts please guide me on this?
  13. Wow! No replies yet from the Experts. Doesn't any one know how to calculate the Smoke Density in Hartridge Smoke Units?
  14. You can safely use 10W40 or 15W40 but keep in mind that as the Winter Grade of these oils is too Low, these will be Costlier than 20W40. I would recommend Castrol Activ 20W40. But buy it from Reliable Castrol Dealer or Distributor since Castrol is imitated due to its Popularity. EDIT: BTW what is the ambient temperature of Surat? If its hot there, you can try Castrol Activ Xtra 20W50.sudeepd2009-06-12 06:36:34
  15. Is it good option to drive the car with "that clicking noise coming only at full turns" unless it start coming while Driving Straight Too?Any other members Backing this Solution? I am facing same Issue with our Old Indigo LS (1,65,970kms). The noise comes from the Left Front Side while taking Right U-Turns Only.
  16. I had just checked the PUC of our Indigos. The photo copy is attached below-- Machine Report of Indigo XL Grand DiCOR (May 2007)80,000+kms. Machine Report of Indigo LS (May 2004)1,65,970kms. Front Side of PUC-- Backside of PUC-- The Smoke Density in Hartridge Smoke Units for both PUCs is written as 25.2%. How did this figure come? Can someone please tell me how was "Smoke Density in Hartridge Smoke Units" in above PUC Certificates calculated? Please refer Machine Printout and tell me the Procedure of calculating the Smoke Density. Also Please tell me for what duration should the Sensor Pipe be inserted in the Exhaust before taking the printout of the Report? PLEASE DO THE NEEDFUL. Sudeep. sudeepd2009-06-11 11:13:39
  17. As FRG suggested, please replace the Thermostat with New one. This may solve the Overheating Problem.
  18. What a Throttle Body exactly is? Is it present in Only in Petrol Engines or in Diesel Engines also? If present in Diesel also, how to trace out the Throttle Body Location (in Diesel)?
  19. I advise you to check the Brake liners and Brake Pads at a local garage other than Vittesse and get them replaced at there only (Not at Vittesse). Also don't allow Vittesse to do the Fuel Injector Cleaning and Full Throttle Body Lubrication. Its just waste of money and nothing else. I have not done anything like this on our Indigo LS which has covered 1,66,000kms. So please stay away from it. Are you facing any problem with pickup or mileage?
  20. Please have a look at the below site. It Recommends to run the Vehicle "Hard" during the Running-In period to avoid Damage to the Engine, Transmission, etc. And tell me how much of this correct and should be believed..
  21. I would differ here. We have Indigo LS (May 2004) which has covered 1,66,000+kms. But we did not change Pistons yet. It is IDI Engine (not even Common Rail unlike Akash's). Still it returns FE of 19+ with AC on Highways and Pickup is still like new (only the Turbo Lag spoils the fun). Once the Turbo is in Action, Zooom. The pickup is still amazing even after 1,66,000kms. @Akash I dont think the Pistons need replacement. Also you have not mentioned the Odometer Reading. And yes, if you go for Piston Replacement, it will cost a bomb in case of Common Rail Engines since their cost is too High. As for Common Rail Engines, I am not facing any FE or Pickup Problems with our Indigo XL. Just the Idle Noise is way too Loud for a CRDi.
  22. Now I have doubt about my above post. A and B are driving in opposite direction but toward each other. Both come at an intersection. A wants to turn Right and B to Left. I think B should have the right First since he is not coming in the way of other vehicles. You must have seen that Many of Traffic Signals have Left Signal Green.i.e. you are allowed to Turn Left even if the vehicles on your side of median cannot go Straight or turn Right. There is Always Green Signal for the vehicles who want to Turn left but this is not the case for Straight Goers and Right Turners. So I like to say that Vehicle B should have Right to Turn Left First and then Vehicle A should Turn Right.