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  1. In June Issue, it is mentioned that i10 higher variants has impact from the Base Variant of i20. Currently I dont the issue before me, but if I remember correctly, the discount offered was around 10-15K on i10.
  2. Please Answer this question too. I guess A is coming from South and wants to go to East. While B is coming from North and wants to go to East. So who will have the Right of Way First-- A or B?
  3. Since you are facing the acceleration problem for last 2 days, it is more likely that you filled adulterated petrol the very last time. Use the System G (Double the Dose) until this jerks problem disappears. After that you may stop using it. When did you last change Air Filter Element, Petrol Filter? Normally AF should be cleaned every 5000kms (Earlier if Driving Conditions are Dusty) and replaced every 40,000kms (Earlier if Driving Conditions are Dusty). Petrol Filter should be replaced typically every 10,000kms.
  4. Did you mean 3500kms? Or Really it is 35000kms. 35000kms in 3 months i.e 12000kms monthly. Is your car used as Taxi covering around 400kms daily? OK Jokes aside. Wheel Alignment is not covered under Warranty Terms. Show this "problem" to Dealer or ASC and he will solve it.
  5. @Cooler Don't fit Tubeless on Steel Rims. They will bend more easily on hitting bumps and uneven roads. If you change to Alloys, then its worth to fit Tubeless. Also Please mention whether the OE is 145/80R12 or 145/70R12.
  6. Gaurav, What is the Odo Reading? Since how many days are you facing this Acceleration Problem? If its recent, I would advise to check the Fuel Quality. If the Fuel is adulterated, the Kerosene will cause the Injectors to clog and thereby give jerks. Do you feel jerks at particular speed or only while taking off? Please change the Petrol Pump and see if problem resolves.
  7. Please answer this query-- When the car is parked on the road shoulder at dark places (during night), which of these should be turned ON-- 1. Hazard Lamps (All Indicator Lamps keep on blinking) or 2. Parking Lamps (the small 3.4W bulbs inside or near the Headlight Assembly)? Since none answered it yet, I posted it again.
  8. Also none have answered my query which I posted on 21st May 2009.
  9. @anijog I did not get your query correctly. Please mention from which direction is A coming and from which direction B? As for my previous post, I wanted to tell that Vehicle A refers to ME and Vehicle B is ... You are right (the vehicle coming from opposite direction). I know I was Correct. But still wanted to confirm if any mishap occurs. OK One more. What if Vehicle A is Two Wheeler and Vehicle B is Four or Six Wheeler Truck or Bus)? Still Vehicle A has the Right to cross the Median and go Straight or Vehicle B (since it has more wheels) has the Right to Turn Right (or take a U-Turn) at a Median?
  10. The Vehicle Manufacturer (in this case MS) cannot be blamed for such defects since the bulbs are manufactured by some other brands. I too have seen some Hero Honda Bikes which are Newer than my Scooty Pep (June 2003). I have not yet replaced the Tail light Bulb. The odometer reading is 30,500+kms. So does it mean that Hero Honda Quality is poorer than TVS? The reason for you did not see the Tail lights of Swift not functioning is that the owners did not get them serviced regularly.
  11. The OTR price Bangalore of even 1.4Tdi Active (Base Variant) is not in his budget of 6.5Lakhs. The above variant retails at 7.04 lakhs OTR Bangalore. Source New Buyer's Guide. So Fabia's out of Consideration if he wants to stick to his budget. That leaves Swift VDi and Getz CRDi Getz retails at 6.43 L while Swift can be yours for 5.76 L. Both are OTR prices for Bangalore. Getz has better 0-60kph and 0-100kph figures compared to Swift but in-gear acceleration turns the Game in favour of Swift. So if you are going to use it Mostly in Cities, go for Swift and if mostly on highways, then go for Getz. Also you are going to clock 65kms daily, so it would be better if you choose Swift over Getz since MJD is more Fuel efficent (1.8kpl in city and 2.9kpl on highway) as per New Buyer's Guide. Also you can choose Optional ABS on VDi as against CRDi.
  12. @Sharash You answered to nimesh. But my query is different from the one asked by nimesh (Topic Starter). But since its related to Vehicle Registration, so I thought of posting in this very thread INSTEAD OF CREATING A NEW ONE AND TROUBLE OUR DEAR CYRUS. Can any one please answer my query? PLEASE, PLEASE.
  13. I want to know who has he right of crossing the road FIRST in below case-- The Road taken in this example is Four Lane with Road Divider (Two Lane on each Side). Suppose a vehicle A is travelling in a particular direction (I will take North for convenience). Another vehicle B is travelling in Opposite direction of A (in this case South). Now there is median in between. Vehicle B wants to take a Right Turn (or may be U-Turn). He turns ON the Right Indicator. NOW MY QUESTION IS WHO HAS THE RIGHT TO CROSS THE MEDIAN FIRST-- VEHICLE A (He is going Straight) OR VEHICLE B (He Turned ON the Right Indicator)? In My Opinion, VEHICLE A HAS THE RIGHT TO CROSS THE MEDIAN FIRST SINCE HE DOES NOT HAVE TO CHANGE THE LANE UNLIKE VEHICLE B. What do you say?
  14. CC, I did not ask you the rpm since I saw the Tachometer needle near 1000 mark. I asked you do you feel the Idle Noise of your Indica (DiCOR) more than Normal Diesel (Non-DiCOR) Indica. Listen the Idle Noise of your Indica and Non-DiCOR Indica and compare them and tell me. Also Get the Idle rpm of your car checked at the TASC on Laptop and get it adjusted to 800 rpm. When I checked the idle rpm of our XL, the Laptop showed that 1. The Current Idle Rpm was 768 and 800 (there was fluctuation between the two readings even though the Tacho Needle was at one place) 2. And the Target Rpm should be 800. Now our XL has Idle of 768-800 but still feels Unrefined (Sounds Like A Tata Sumo). But will take some action against this soon. And yes Please get the Idle Rpm of your car to 800 (TML Recommended). The adjustment can be done ONLY THROUGH LAPTOP unlike Normal Indica/Indigo.
  15. I don't think so. After the signal turned Green he took off. After going little further I tried to hear the noise of that XL. The speed may be around 20-30kph. And there were no vehicles whose noise would dampen the XL's noise. But still I could not hear the engine noise of that XL. I was going to try for more but he took a turn and went in another direction. Then I came little further. A Normal Diesel Indigo went pass me. There was some noise from other vehicles too. But still I could hear that Indigo's (Normal Diesel unlike the previous DiCOR) noise at speed of 20-30kph. Then how is that I could not hear DiCOR XL's noise but Normal Diesel Indigo's. That means DiCOR Engine is Quiet when at the Tata Plant. ALSO I FORGOT TO MENTION- We bought our Indigo XL Grand DiCOR on 3rd May 2007. FOR THE FIRST MONTH, THE ENGINE WAS SUPER SILENT (MAY BE MORE THAN OR AT LEAST EQUAL TO MJD). But as the First Service (1000kms) was carried, the Engine turned to that of SUMO. I feel very (Embarrassed) while driving our XL which sounds as Sumo. I will soon take some action on this. When the bonnet of our XL is opened with Engine Running, the idle noise is identical to Normal SUMO (Not Sumo Victa but other Variants of Sumo). Victa did not sound much Harsh to me as compared to other Variants. I don't understand what happened to the Engine which was Super Silent during the Very First Month but turned to Sumo after the First Service (First Month -1000kms). Any ideas? The Idle is 768-800rpm (checked on Laptop). I will ask our TASC to observe that XL and compare it with ours. Period. BTW is the idle noise of your Indica Dicor more than normal Diesel Indica? But I would like to mention that I was able to touch 190 kph (Speedo Indicated) on Pune -Mumbai Expressway. May be Wind helped me. Pickup of our XL-- Two Supervisors from TASC drove our XL after it covered 75000kms+. They were to see the Pickup. They Praised the Pickup of DiCOR even after 75000kms+. sudeepd2009-05-30 09:01:26
  16. @Crazycat, Our XL too faces Rough Idle Noise. But today I was waiting at a signal, when another XL (Classic Dicor unlike our Grand Dicor) stopped near me. I could not hear the noise of that XL. Don't be mistaken but that car was not OFF since when the signal turned Green, I did not hear Starter Motor Noise. If our XL was in that place, I would have clearly heard the Idle Noise. But that XL was AMAZINGLY QUIET. It was So QUIET, anyone would mistake it for MJD or DDIS or for that matter Petrol. But when you see the Rear Badge near Left Tailight, you will come to know that it is powered by DiCOR and not MJD or DDIS. I will ask TASC about this next time.
  17. My brother-in-law bought a Pulsar 180 DTS-i on 13 July 2007 by Cash at Bangalore. He shifted to Pune in September 2007. He took NOC in favour of Solapur (Maharashtra) RTO instead of Pune RTO. He did not get the Registration done at that time due to work. So the NOC expired. Now he decided to get it done at Solapur RTO (since NOC is in favour of Solapur). On asking an agent, he said "Submit the Old RC, PUC, Insurance Papers, and Invoice from Solapur Bajaj Dealer of date 13 July 2007. The Road Tax will be calculated as per the purchase price as of 13 July 2007 in Solapur since the Registration is going to be done at Solapur RTO. Is this correct? Means is it necessary to obtain Invoice from Solapur Dealer of 13 July 2007? Can't the Road Tax be calculated as per Invoice Price of Bangalore? I guess the agent is taking for Ride. Please Guide on this. EDIT: When we asked the authorised RTO person (the person who allots registration number in the RTO) he told the Road Tax is calculated taking 7% of invoice + NOC Expiration charges Rs.1825/-. The Road Tax comes to about Rs.4100/-+ plus Rs.1825/-. Registration Card fee is Rs.60/- and Registration charge is Rs.100/-. So the Total comes to around Rs.6100-6200/-. But the agent whom we asked initially said to give him Rs.7500/-. Why is he asking for Rs.1400/- EXTRA? sudeepd2009-05-30 07:30:10
  18. The Internal (Recirculation) Mode is blowing Warm Air that means it is not switching to the Recirculation Mode. Please check it. Can you please make it clear what did you mean by "Use Both Switches"? There is two switches 1. AC ON/OFF 2. Fresh Air/Recirculation Mode. If you keep both of above switches (AC ON/OFF and Fresh Air/Recirculation) "ON", you should feel more cold unlike your current feel. Please post a pic of your car's dashboard. I want to see it after which, I can reply it more clearly. If possible, I will TD a Vista in my town and get back to you.sudeepd2009-05-29 12:42:48
  19. There is a slight correction here. No doubt the Headlight Cut-outs are of Swift. But the Front Bumper is of Indica V2. Just have a look at the Side of the Bumper, there is a Wheel Arc. And also the "V" and the Vents in Bumper look identical to the Indica V2's. The name should be Ambiswica
  20. Does not this form available with RTO? I mean when we transfer the vehicle to the New Buyer through Registration Certificate and some Forms, wont that fully transfer the Responsibility of the Vehicle to the Buyer. Also is it necessary to inform the Insurance Company too when transferring the vehicle to another person?