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  1. @Anijog, How did the car get locked? You just inserted the key in the ignition but did not start the car. Or Did you? Does your CS have Central Locking Mechanism? Period. The doors of Cars with Central Locking (At least Tata Cars) get locked within a brief period after the car is started. So while leaving the Car in Idle condition, just roll down one of the window. I do the same thing. Keeping the window rolled down allows the person to manually unlock the car if it gets centrally locked after starting the car.
  2. May be the Fresh Mode/Recirculate Mode Button got defect. Hence it may not be switching between either of them. If its so, I guess you will have to replace the Switch/Button if its available loose. Else replace complete AC Switch Assembly (I mean Complete AC Facia). The Assembly may cost around Rs.3200/-. And if I am not wrong, your car may be still in warranty. So get this replaced under warranty. I would advise you to get the complete AC Switch assembly replaced since it is better than replacing only Recirculate Button (I don't think you may get the RM Button loose). Get the Complete Switch Assembly replaced under warranty.
  3. Take the car to TASC and ask the technician to come with you for a drive. Turn ON AC with Recirculate Mode. Tell the technician to measure the Cabin Temp (preferably the Rear Seat Temp) after driving for sometime (about 15-20 mins). The temp should be considerably low. If its not, then it will be clear that the Rear is not cooling properly which indirectly proves that the AC is not switching to Recirculate Mode.
  4. No answer to my posts in this topic very well justifies my signature. Thank you all for that.
  5. Yes Cyrus, I do know there are Rear Fog Lights. In fact our Indigo XL came with Front as well as Rear Fog Lights as Standard (OEM). EDIT: I had mistaken the Red Light to be Brake Light. I don't remember properly, but had seen such red light at the center of rear bumper of some Maruti Suzuki Cars (may be Wagon R or Swift).sudeepd2009-05-27 14:17:37
  6. @All I forgot to ask one thing. What should be the Total Weight in gms that should be put on either side of a Single Wheel? Is it 140gms? If yes, then maximum 140 gms on either side of a Wheel or maximum 140 gms after adding Weights on both sides of a Wheel? If it exceeds that weight, then the Tyre should be remounted. But when I asked about remounting at a local garage, he laughed at me and said remounting is not needed. Just get the wheel balanced. Thats it. How to handle such situations?
  7. @Cyrus Do you mean the Red Light at the center of rear bumper is Fog Lamp? I thought it was Brake Light.
  8. But still my original question is not answered to my satisfaction. My friend told me yesterday that the below procedure is followed at a garage in Pandharpur (A Taluka in our Solapur)- 1. First the wheels are checked on the balancing machine without removing the older weights. 2. Then if imbalance is found then the weights are removed and Fresh Weights are used as per requirement. So I guess there should not be need to remove the old weights before balancing. I will try out for our Indigos next time I balance their wheels.
  9. Almost all of us must have seen that before Balancing a Wheel, the mechanic removes the Old Weight (s) and adds Weights as per instructions of the Balancing Machine. 1. Is it necessary to remove the Old Weights before Balancing the Wheel? 2. Why doesn't the mechanic Balance the Wheel without removing Old Weights? Answer 1-> I don't think there is need to remove the Old Weights prior to Balancing. Answer 2-> The mechanic removes the Old Weights and put (Read Collect) them in a box and then the Garage (or Service Center) sells them and Generate A Nice Revenue from them since Aluminum has Nice Rate. Next time I will tell the mechanic to Balance the Wheel without removing the Old Weights.
  10. What should be the ideal thickness of A-Pillar in a Car? Can anything be done to increase the visibility factor of the Cars with Thick A-Pillar? Which Indian Cars have Slim but Sturdy A-Pillars?
  11. You can safely buy the BS3 Variant until March 2010. From Aril 2010, it will mandatory to buy only BS4 Variants of all Vehicles. So if you need the Swift currently, then go ahead and buy BS3. You will not be asked by the cops even after April 2010 why is your car not BS4 Compliant. So don't worry about that. If you can wait till BS4 Swift, then its well and good.
  12. Thank you for editing my post and reposting the same. I would have been more happy if you had added your opinion at the bottom of the post. Please do the needful. Sudeep.
  13. @Darxide I liked the below ones 1. Bad Boys with Clear Mirrored Lens which costs $12.00. 2. Hotshot Flame G-Tech having Lens Colour G-Tech Clear which costs $18.00. Can you Please tell me, which Stores in India stock the "Bikerwares"? sudeepd2009-05-24 14:07:37
  14. Sparsh, He has mentioned in his very first post that the Maintenance (and Spares) should be minimum and this(these) feature(s) is Sadly not available in Skodas and Volkwagen. So Laura is out of Question. @SGP The reason behind Delhi Dealers not stocking Petrol Sonata is Peanuts Resale Value. I doubt the Diesel Variant may be selling in double digits. If this is case with Diesel, you can just imagine the Petrol Variant. I guess Petrol Variant may not be selling even in single digits. You should go for Altis since it provides ample features(as you are looking for Top-End Variant).sudeepd2009-05-24 12:13:33
  15. I have not seen Highway Police vehicles during my night driving. May be they too need Sleep as we do. One example of this is recent Thefts on the Pune-Mumbai Expressway. I read around 10 days ago in TOI (Pune) about this thefts. When I see an oncoming vehicle (2,3,4,5,6.... Wheelers) with High Beam, I switch my Headlights to Low Beam and keep Flashing Low-High-Low-high until he switch to Low Beam or I pass across him. I really do this. My brother uses High Beam even in City Driving Conditions. He does not use Spectacles .i.e., he has Correct Vision and still uses High Beam in City. He does not switch to Low Beam even on seeing an oncoming vehicle. When I see any (Authorised) person driving our car with High Beam even when he know there is an oncoming vehicle, I feel pity on his knowledge that he needs High Beam in such conditions. . Typo Corrected.sudeepd2009-05-24 11:22:47
  16. Rssh, I don't have Water Shortage in our area. But since I read in ACI, so just curious about it.
  17. Experts PLEASE Update this topic with your Valuable Knowledge and Experience.
  18. Palio for poor Service of Fiat (and image of Premier Padmini which is still referred as "Fiat" and not Premier Padmini) Even Vista for poor service of Tata and the Taxi Image of Normal Indica. If Vista would have launched with Some Different Name (Instead of Indica Vista), then there would have been a Chance for Tata to make it a Winner. EDIT: Forgot to mention that both Fiat and Tata don't hold their VALUE at the Time of Resale AS COMPARED TO MARUTI SUZUKI. sudeepd2009-05-22 15:47:26
  19. Also have a look at this video--
  20. I Autocar India May Issue there is an advertisement of "Wash your Car Without Water" on page 170. It Reads- The Ultimate Waterless Car Wash Specially Formulated for All Paints. The First Product In The Market To Address The Special Needs Of The New Generation Paints Of Today. An Easy Application.... Spray And Rub On, Buff Off And You Have Cleaned, Polished And Protected The Finish Of Your Custom Show Car Or Your Everyday Car. The Only Product You Need For Your Paints, Gel Coats, Glass, Chrome And Polished Aluminum. or Experts Please put light on this.
  21. Anijog, You got confused with XL and LS. The So-Called Drive Shaft Noise comes from Indigo LS (which has covered 1,65,000+kms). Anyways, my question was "Do I need to change the Left Drive Shaft as a Whole or just the Bearing"? Please Don't look at the Distance Covered (1,65,000+kms). Just tell me should I replace complete Left Drive Shaft or its Bearing only. If by replacing only the bearing, the noise would disappear why should I replace Complete Left Drive Shaft (Rs.4500/-)? @All If you feel any other part need replacement instead of Drive Shaft, Please mention.
  22. Off-topic Today I took the XL to the TASC to get the Belt Squeezing noise repaired. He applied some petroleum jelly on the belt. Topic-Related At that time (today) I asked the Supervisor Mr. Mohsin about the noise coming from the Left Front Side of the Indigo LS (not XL)while taking full Right U-Turn. I did not take the LS to the TASC, just I asked him. He told me that Drive Shaft Bearing on the Left Side has been damaged and hence the noise comes at Full Right U-Turns. The Complete Drive Shaft Left-Side has to be replaced with new one. It costs around Rs.4000/- plus the labour of Rs.350/- i.e. Total Rs.4350/-+ and time required to replace it is around 2 hours since the Gear box oil has to drained and the Drive shaft has to dismantled.. blah... blah.. Do I really need to change the Left Side Drive Shaft or replace the bearing only? Does the Right Side Drive Shaft need attention too i.e Should I change the Right Drive Shaft also? I have not tested taking Left U-Turn. PLEASE HELP.
  23. Sorry Mr. Manjul, but the fact is different. The Compressor Turns ON and OFF after every Preset Time Interval to ease off the Load on the Engine. Normally when the Compressor is ON, you will feel sluggishness in Pick up and when it is OFF, the pick up will be normal. One can hear the Compressor Turning ON and OFF by listening to the Click Sound from the Engine Compartment.
  24. Raviji, Don't the cops ask PUC for your car? I must say you are Lucky that you are able to drive the car without PUC in Metro City like Chennai. But its better to check the PUC, not for the Cops but for ourselves. We can trace if anything is wrong with the Vehicle observing the PUC Details. There is a member on this forum who owns Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi (Fuel Injection). His Bike's PUC reads 7-8%. His bike has covered more than 10,000kms. Shocking when compared to my Pulsar 180 DTS-i's 0.244%. My bike has covered 11,800+kms. EDIT: He has to get the CO adjusted at every service interval (2500kms). Despite being a Fuel Injected Bike, it pollutes more than Carburetor-Bike. sudeepd2009-05-21 12:19:56