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  1. you seem to be bashing the new city on your every posts . FYKI, I have not posted this under this topic. As for my query, When the car is parked on the road shoulder at dark places (during night), which of these should be turned ON-- 1. Hazard Lamps or 2. Parking Lamps?
  2. Do you feel a single jerk or a series of jerks when you leave the clutch? If a Series then get the Water Drained from the Fuel Filter (Draining should be done every 5000kms) and replace Fuel Filter every 10Kkms.
  3. Siddesh, I would advise to top up the electrolyte level in your alto up to the maximum mark with distill water and use it for some more time after getting the Specific Gravity of each Cell checked. This will give an idea about the Health of Each Cell. Keep Checking the Level every 2-3 months if the car is regularly used or once in month if the car stands more than run.
  4. Its after Six Months of First Purchase (and Renew it every six months thereafter, of course).
  5. The Temperature Sensor provides Signal to the Temperature Gauge on the Instrument Panel through ECU.
  6. Anish, which Brand did you go for the Front Tyres?
  7. Yes Speed, I second you. The Metal Body seen from Rear looks like an ACE rather than a MAGIC. But in 3rd pic it is seen that there are two windows behind the Driver's Window. This must be upgraded version (May be AC Equipped) of MAGIC since Soft-Top Variant does not have one (I guess). sudeepd2009-05-08 15:07:07
  8. Ajay, Vista Safire has Fiat Petrol Engine and Vista Quadrajet has Fiat Multijet Diesel Engine. Both deliver nice FE. Tata Claims Petrol FE of around 15.6kpl and Quadrajet FE of around 20+kpl. As Safire has Fiat Engine, you can rely on it. The Price of Vista Safire Terra (Base Model) is 3,39,068/- as per Tata Motors Website for Gurgaon (your Hometown). I don't know whether it is Ex-showroom Price or Onroad Price. There are Four Variants Terra, Aqua, Aura, and Anniversary Edition. Terra is 3,39,068/- Aqua is 3,61,271/- Aura is 3,85,405/- Anniversary Edition is 4,14,756/- Also currently there is Offer on purchase of Tata Passenger Cars If you buy any Tata passenger car between 5th May to 27th May, you stand a chance to be one of the 20 lucky ones to drive it away for free. All you need to do is enter this contest and answer 4 simple questions and fill in a slogan. You also get assured cash benefits up to Rs. 50,000/-
  9. Means the Mag Wheel is the one which has plain look and Only Alloy Wheel has Fancier Look or am I wrong? But Cyrus, I asked the tips to Differentiate between Alloy and Mag Wheel. Is this the only way to spot difference?
  10. Thanks rssh. In India, Almost All Dealers (or should I say Almost All People) Don't know the difference between Alloy Wheel and Mag Wheel (Even I used to think that the Mag Wheel is the Rural Word for Alloy Wheel). But after reading the post of Sanjayji, I came to know that Alloy wheel is different from Mag Wheel. If you ask Almost anyone he/she Refers Alloy Wheels to be same as Mag Wheels. Now the Premium Bikes come with Alloy Wheels as OEM. But if you ask the Owner, he will say they are Mag Wheels. My Friend has old Pulsar (Bikini Fairing but no Gas Shocks and Alloys). He just fitted the Silver Alloys and when I asked me he said "Recently I fitted these Mag Wheels". Same goes for the Cars. When I go for Wheel Alignment of our Indigo XL which has OEM Alloy Wheels to a garage, on seeing the Alloy Wheels the Garage Owner promptly Replies me "Sir, we don't have Mag Wheel Alignment". So can Someone Please tell me how to spot the difference between Alloy Wheel and Mag Wheel?
  11. With Reference to the very above post, The Owner's Manual has a "Emergency Service Tips" Topic. In that there is a Suspension Section. In that, it is given as below-- Problem Observed --> Abnormal noise from front end (which my car is facing) Probable Cause 1.Worn, sticky or loose tie rod ends, lower ball joints, tie rod in side ball joints or drive shaft joints. Action to be taken if above cause is true Replace tie rod end, suspension arm, tie rod or drive shaft joints. 2. Damaged struts or mounting Action to be taken if above cause is true Repair mounting or replace struts 3.Worn suspension arm bushings Action to be taken if above cause is true Replace 4.Broken or damaged wheel bearing Action to be taken if above cause is true Replace 5. Poorly lubricated or worn strut bearings Action to be taken if above cause is true Lubricate or replace strut bearings 6. Excessive hub play Action to be taken if above cause is true Adjust 7. Loose caliper housing bolts Action to be taken if above cause is true Check & tighten How to identify exactly which one of the above problems my car is facing? The Works Manager at TASC told me that the Left Lower Arm is worn and needs replacement. But I Don't want to Gamble on this since the Left Lower Arm costs more than Rs.4000/- excluding Labour. So PLEASE HELP me Guys.
  12. Fabia has this feature and it is in the Glove box. A pen holder is also provided in the Glove box of Fabia.
  13. Hey, what happened next? You did not replied afterward. What is your experience?
  14. Please file a complaint in a Consumer Forum against the Dealer who sold you a Scrap Car. I don't mean Accent is Scrap but the model which he sold you is scrap.
  15. First Congrats on your Beauty (I don like City apart from its Looks and Engine). The Player will not get corrupted even if Thousands of Viruses are Present in your Pen Drive. Ever heard that Home DVD Player or CD Player is infected by virus. No. Then its simple. Your City's Music System is safe from Virus.
  16. Please Don't Exceed 50kph (Half Throttle) for the First 750kms (First Oil Change) to avoid Excess Stress on the Engine since it is still new. The Engine Parts Face more Friction while new and needs Less Stress. You rode it up to 60kph as you said above. After the First Oil Change, you can ride it up to its Top Speed without any problem. But Please use it carefully for initial 750 kms. Wish you Happy and Trouble-Free Riding.
  17. Hope Subzero (5u3zEr0), Dtandon made my point More Clear.
  18. If you want to Replace Only the Rear Tyre, then go for Original MRF Zapper of Same Size as the Previous (I Don't know whether it is 3.00 X 18 or 100/90 X 17). But if you want to change the Front Tyre Also, I would Advise you to Stay Away from MRF since I have Very Bad Experience on my Pulsar 180 (Feb 2007 LCD). The Front Tyre has developed Cracks on the Sidewall all around (on both sidewalls) Despite keeping BAL Recommended 25psi. I guess the Sidewall is Stiff and Cannot Handle Potholed Roads hence developed cracks. So I am thinking to upgrade the Front Tyre with Ceat (2.75 X 17). The Tread of Ceat is same V Shape like MRF for Front Tyre but for Rear is Button-Type (100/90 X 17). The Dealer told me it is Backed by 3 years/unlimited Mileage Guarantee (as long as the Tread is Visible) and Not Warranty The Price of Ceat -- Front 2.75 X 17 -->Rs.650 Without Tube Rear 100/90 X 17 --> Rs.1050 Without Tube And yes The Front Tyre of my 180 did not Face Even a Single Puncture in 11,700kms/26months. The Rear Tyre faced only a Single Puncture in 11,700kms/26months. Now Take your pick.
  19. Foreign Brands Seldom come with Warranty. So its better to stick with Indian Brands since they provide Warranty And Peace of Mind.
  20. Can you please tell me what do you mean by Open Design? Is it right if I say Open Design means Less Number of Spokes (I dont know if I spelled it correctly)? How to identify Mag Alloys and Aluminium Alloys? Means how to differentiate between them?
  21. Everyone Advises to DEPRESS The Clutch Fully While Shifting Gears. What happens if Only 10-20% Clutch is Depressed while Up shifting and Down shifting The Gears (In Bikes as Well as In Cars)? Is the Answer to above Question Different for Dry-Clutch and Wet-Clutch (Hydraulic Clutch)? Please tell me the Adverse Effects (IF ANY) If the Clutch is Depressed Only 10-20% While Shifting (Up-shift and Down-shift) the Gears.