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  1. Indigo LS-- On Turning the Steering Full Right (AT THE U-TURNS), some noise comes from the Left Front Tyre. I did not test with Full Left Turn. The TASC Works Manager told me it is the noise of worn out Left Front Lower Arm. There is some Oil-Leakage too on the inside Rod of the Left Tyre (I will post a pic of Leakage, if possible). What do you think? Is it because of Lower Arm or Shock Absorber? He advised me to replace the Lower Arm. Should I replace Only the Left Front Lower Arm or the Right Front Lower Arm too as a set? Left Lower Arm costs Rs. 4200/- (he estimated). Means if I change both Lower Arms, it will be Rs.8400/-. Please help on this matter guys. sudeepd2009-05-04 13:42:23
  2. Zoomy, Are you feeling Shy of your AHNC? Neither you have not posted a single Pic of your AHNC nor you have proved that you are A Proud Owner of AHNC. You are Just a Honda Lover and not a Honda Owner. OFF-TOPIC- My Indigo XL features Rear AC Vents despite costing Rs.8,23,000+/-. But Honda Accord does not provide Rear AC Vents despite costing 20+lakhs. Not even Accord V6 gives Rear AC Vents (Forget AHNC And Civic). sudeepd2009-05-04 13:43:09
  3. After the Alignment is done, a Report is printed by the Alignment Machine. On it you will be able to see the Ideal Settings (Sometimes an Ideal Settings Range is provided), Before Alignment Settings, and After Alignment Settings. You can compare and check whether the settings are as per Hyundai norms. As for Different Brand Tyres, You can use Different Brand with Existing Brand (But Most of the Members on this Forum Dont Recommend This). After Fitting New Tyres, get the Wheel Balancing And Wheel Alignment Done at Other Garages to check whether they do better than your HASC (Hyundai Auth. Service Center) or not. Do post if problem persists. sudeepd2009-05-04 10:19:26
  4. These Accessories are not of Tata but imported from Thailand. Source: ACI Magazine.
  5. @Zoomy, Please post the pics of YOUR AHNC AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO KEEP CLOSE OUR MOUTH AGAINST YOU. I dont understand one thing,I guess Zoomy had bought his HC around 20-25 days ago. So he is nearing his 1st Service of 1000kms. Still he has not posted pics of his AHNC. Zoomy, what is stopping you from posting the pics of your AHNC?
  6. Sorry to differ here. I own Indigo LS which has crossed 1,63,000+kms. Last Time Wheel Alignment was done at 1,39,000+kms in around July 2007 (I had changed Front Tyres with new Bridgestone and Put the Older Front JKTyres to the Rear. Then the Wheel Balancing and Alignment was carried). After that neither the Wheel Alignment has been carried out nor Tyre Rotation. But all the Four Tyres are in Good Condition. No abnormal Wear on any of the tyres. Tata Motors Ltd. Recommend Wheel Alignment every 15,000kms for Indigo.
  7. Please follow the instructions given above by Darxide and anijog. But I guess you are riding the rear brake pedal as said by Darxide.
  8. I think Zoomy should post pics of his AHNC as soon as possible tp prove that he has bought one. Also post the image of RC (Registration Certificate) xerox to prove that the image of AHNC he posted is of his car and not clicked of other passer by AHNC.
  9. I am aware of this fact that Indicas/Indigos are used as Taxis. And this is because of Low Running Costs and LOW MAINTENANCE COSTS (READ LOW SPARE PARTS COST). Not AHNC which REQUIRES LARGE BANK BALANCE TO RUN AND MAINTAIN FOR HUGE ODOMETER READINGS. Good to know that I OWN AN UNIQUE MODEL. Oh Really. Atleast TATAS are not GREEDY UNLIKE HONDA AND INCREASE THEIR PRICES OF CARS AND NOT EVEN PROVIDING ALLOYS WHEELS' date=' AUTOMATIC CLIMATE CONTROL, FOG LAMPS AS STANDARD ON 9+LAKHS CAR. Even the Fiat Palio and Tata Indigo CS come with Double Barrel Headlamps. But the Car (AHNC) costing Double of these (Palio and Indigo CS) comes with Only Single Barrel Headlight. But Honda cannot come close to Other Manufacturers in Diesel Engines in India Since Honda is NOT CONFIDENT about their Diesel Engines to run on Diesel Quality in India. Toyota (I took Toyota's Example since it has a Diesel car within 10lakhs Bracket) launched its Qualis and Innova is available in Diesel Version in India since they are Confident about their Technology (Engine) to run on Indian Diesel. Now even Corolla Altis is also going to get Diesel Engine this year. Honda cannot Tune their Diesel Engines to match Indian Diesel Quality. And you Praise Honda's Techonology.
  10. The colour of the bumper below right headlight is white and below left one is silver. The colour of Right Fender is Silver and left Fender is White. Did you really do this in that way or I am watching wrong?
  11. Zoomy, can you post a picture of Indigo XL used as Taxi in India ? Please do post. I am waiting. Even Skodas are used as Taxis in US or UK. Even Roll Royce cars are used by 5- Star hotel Owners for picking and dropping their customers(I read in ACI Last Year).
  12. Yes Karan, This topic exists on ACI forum. Will have to search for this extensively. Nimesh Please search before you create a new topic. I don't remember who created the older topic. But I am 100% sure that this topic exists on our Forum.
  13. I did not face problems on our Indigo LS and the XL offered Tremendous Value For Money Package. Hence bought XL. FYKI' date=' NOW THE BOTH THE CARS ARE RUNNING FINE. Touchwood. I myself checked the FE. I top upped the tank and reset the trip meter to zero. The car travelled for more than 300kms before again topping up. The fuel required to top up second time was 10+ litres. I drove it at 70kph with AC OFF. Now calculate yourself. 300kms Divided 10litres Equals 30kpl. Touchwood. I will again check out next time and inform you.sudeepd2009-04-24 15:47:39
  14. But Fog Lamps are necessary while driving in Fog. I know Fog is not present everywhere everytime. But I wished Honda had given the Fog Lamps Standard on a 9+lakhs Car. I guess Normal Indigo and CS (Apart from XL)come with Fog Lamp as Standard. Will check out this in Buyers Guide and post here.
  15. I guess you only created this topic and posted the picture of Accessories List and their Prices. Please Don't Mind for this. In that List No. 15 is Front Fog Lamps. The Price is just Rs.19,713/- Only Double of that of Headlamp Assemblies. That means Fog Lamps can be fitted to AHNC. For every Car, The Headlamp Assembly costs more than Fog Lamp. But here in AHNC, its OPPOSITE.
  16. Read in ACI Spare Parts Survey that the Headlight Assembly of AHNC cost Rs.4200+ each. That means 8400+ for Pair. And the first page of this topic says that the Front Fog Lamps cost Rs.19000+. WOW WHAT A MIRACLE? The Fog Lamps cost DOUBLE that of Headlamp Assemblies for an Upper Midsizer. WHAT A PITY ON AHNC OWNERS? Especially Zoomy. sudeepd2009-04-24 15:05:15
  17. Read in ACI Spare Parts Survey that the Headlight Assembly of AHNC cost Rs.4200+ each. That means 8400+ for Pair. And the first page of this topic says that the Front Fog Lamps cost Rs.19000+. WOW WHAT A MIRACLE? The Fog Lamps cost DOUBLE that of Headlamp Assemblies for an Upper Midsizer. WHAT A PITY ON AHNC OWNERS? sudeepd2009-04-24 15:18:13
  18. Ok. Even if 4 passengers (or take it five for that matter) sit in A-Star, then also the mileage will not drop from 33.15kmpl to say some 15-16kpl.Maximum it will drop to 23-25kpl.
  19. The A-star delivered 33.15kmpl in Mileage Rally held at Pune. For proof check the 17th April 2009 Issue of Times of India (Pune Mirror). Any comments on this will be appreciated.
  20. Can anyone please guide on this link.
  21. The door trim of Indigo XL is of Fabric. It has become dirty.i.e it has got spoilt. How to clean it?