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  1. But even if there is attendant on Indian Pumps, is there possibility of Returning the Fuel back to the Underground Tank if the Car's Tank is filled up to the brim (i.e. when the Fuel Dispenser cuts off on sensing the car's tank is full)? If it is possible in India too, then I will try not to top up the tank from next time. Just fill less liters. May be 15-20 liters at a time instead of 25-30 liters.
  2. Archit the last one i.e. Fabia needs some slight modifications. As said by Sparsh and Cyrus, please match the colours. And one from me also. The Front Bumper has not matched with the Headlight (Headlight-Old Bumper to be precise). The slant cut of Original Bumper (Triangular Part of the Old Bumper) is visible. Please match this too. sudeepd2009-04-24 08:02:05
  3. The XL has Low Beam Headlamps on the outer edge of the car and High Beam Headlamps on the inner edge (Near the Grille). When I switch ON Low Beams, the Bulbs near the Grille Turn ON. When I switch ON High Beams, the bulbs at the outer edges Turn ON. Don't know about Linea. May be it is similar to XL. ALSO AHNC DOES NOT POSSESS DOUBLE BARREL HEADLAMPS. WHAT A SHAME THAT A CAR COSTING 9+ LAKHS DOES NOT OFFER DOUBLE BARREL HEADLAMPS?
  4. You should get warranty claim for the damage of tyres. But first please tell us at what position has the tyre got damaged. On Sidewall or on Tread? I drove our Indigo XL over two large potholes at speed of 80-100kph. Both the left tyres got two bulges (Two on each left tyre). I got Free Replacement for both tyres under warranty. The car had covered around 3-5000kms (Dont remember exactly). But the Tyres were of JK-Tyres Tubeless. Even another person on this forum (I guess anijog) got JK-Tyres of his Indigo CS replaced under warranty. So I advise you go for warranty claim (if your car is still in warranty). EDIT: The bulges were developed on the sidewall of our Indigo XL. sudeepd2009-04-22 13:13:56
  5. The wiper arms need not to be changed even if they are old. You can change the wiper blades since rubber hardens with time and sunlight. As for Wiper motor, show the problem to other local garages and ask them why the wipers get stuck in between. See what they say and post here the replies. But Please don't change the wiper arms unless the wiper arms dont come separately i.e.unless the wiper arms and wiper blades come in same packing and not separately. If you dont change the arms with new ones, no problem will arise.
  6. Did you carry out the Remap at MASS or at local garage? How did you carry out this tuning? Means what was done while remap? What steps were carried out?
  7. You should have used Castrol Activ Xtra 20W50 instead of Power 1 (15W40)and Power 1 Racing (10W40). Also you mentioned that the CO is more in 220. Can you tell me what was the colour of Spark Plug when you opened last time? If it was Dry Black or Wet Black then you should get the ECU tuned since Black Deposits means Rich Mixture which leads to more CO.
  8. UPDATE: The problems mentioned above for both cars have disappeared themselves (Automatically). Today I took both cars to TASC. The XL was facing Steering noise when it was rotated left or right. But today it disappeared. It was not evident when I took the car to TASC. Touchwood. The LS was facing Suspension noise when the car travels over bumpy roads (I am not talking of rough roads but BUMPY ROADS) and Speed breakers. That problem was also not evident when I went to TASC. Touchwood.
  9. Suvadeep, you have not replied afterward. Has your problem solved? You mentioned that the low and mid range response of your 220 is less. At what speeds do you shift gears? What is the corresponding rpm while shifting? Please reply soon.
  10. With TOI, Pune Mirror is delivered. In the 17th April 2009 Issue, there is an advertisement of A-STAR on Front Page of Pune Mirror. It states that at A-star Mileage Rally, Pune A-star delivered 33.15kpl. The photo of the issue is attached below. A-Star is Real Star in its Segment for Mileage. sudeepd2009-04-21 15:24:50
  11. Why were you advised to change the motor? What is the reason behind that? There is no need to change wiper blades and wiper arms unless they have problem.
  12. I enquired about Pulsar tyre at Ceat Shoppe. He said the Ceat Tyre of 2.75 X 17 comes with unconditional Guarantee of Replacement. Even if the tyre burts, it will be replaced under warranty as long as there is tread present. The cost of Tubetype Tyre is 650/- without Tube (Only Tyre). I will use the old tube of MRF with the new tyre since the old tube did not face even a single puncture in 11,480kms. Touchwood. Enquired about Michelin, but the Dealer told he does not stock two wheelers tyres. On wednesday the Michelin sales person is coming to our city. He will enquire and tell me. But I think Ceat is good choice. The Ceat Dealer told MRF tyres are hard and hence the Front Tyre has developed cracks in my Pulsar. I think I should give a try to Ceat.
  13. I would recommend to go for Castrol Activ Xtra 20W50 Engine Oil. It meets the BAL recommendation of SAE 20W50. I use the same in my Pulsar 180 DTS-i (LCD Speedometer).
  14. I came across a shop in ACI Advertisements at the end of the mag which stocks Formula 1 Products. The address is given below. Ultimate Autotech Pvt Ltd, 94-A, Bindapur Ext., B-Block, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi-110059 Ph- 9899077760, 9268995960, 9899738122, 9871471909, 011-64567776. email- You can check this address on page 186 of ACI April Issue.
  15. It has covered 77' date='000kms No. not yet. Suspensions usually last 50,000-70,000kms depending on the car and the road conditions. It can also be less especially if you have been driving on bad roads and also fully loaded. Yes both the cars are driven many a time on bad roads since driving on bad roads is part of our business (MSEDCL Substation Sites). BTW tomorrow going for greasing of XL' Suspension and will report here the results. For LS, will go on Thursday as tomorrow my mom needs a vehicle and Wednesday is holiday of TASC. sudeepd2009-04-20 16:10:04
  16. But what about the circulation of oil required to cool down the turbo when shutting off at signals? Even my point is the same. If at signals the turbo is not given chance to cool down before shutting off' date=' wont that damage the turbo in long run? Agreed on this. 1. Can you please tell how much of Fuel is required to start the engine after shutting off in case of Petrol (MPFI), Common-Rail and Non-Common-Rail Engines, respectively? 2. Please also tell how much of Fuel is burnt if idled for 30 seconds in case of Petrol (MPFI), Common-Rail and Non-Common-Rail Engines, respectively. Do you mean to say on the Dash of TATA buses with Turbocharged Engines? I have seen many of these in Pune. Only the buses have instructions on Dash. Because both of our Indigos Dash dont have sticker on dash but on B Pillar. We have the first generation Indigo (May 2004 1' date='63,000+kms). It did not have instructions on the dash but on the B pillar on the driver side. Even the Dicor XL has instructions of idling the engine after starting and before shutting off on the B pillar. BUT I KNOW IT IS COMPULSORY TO COOL THE TURBO WITH THE ENGINE OIL FLOW BEFORE THE ENGINE IS SHUT OFF. DT, Please answer the two ques I asked you above. sudeepd2009-04-20 15:51:16
  17. But for greasing, they should be dismantled and then greased and fitted back and then Wheel alignment should be done. Then to check of noise. If not satisfied, replace Struts, again Wheel Alignment. Anyways, FRG I will try your advice.
  18. No my bike has been lying at the most 7-8 days (consecutive 7-8 days). Other time 1-2 days sometimes. How are michelins for Pulsar 180 (2.75 X 17)? I don't want to go for broader than Company Specs. How do you rate Michelins in terms of Ride Comfort' date=' Handling (Grip), Noise, Life? Can I get Tubeless Michelins in 2.75 X 17? I live in Solapur and there is no Authorised Dealer here. I will check local Tyre Shops for them. EDIT: I know it is Stupid. But I mentioned above that the circumstances were like that and I had to buy them that way. I will change them once they will worn out. But till then will use them as they are since I am getting nice life out of them. Please dont take offense here. sudeepd2009-04-18 15:11:03
  19. Means do you advise not to shut off the Turbocharged Engines (Petrol and Diesel) at traffic signals to avoid the damage to the turbocharger due to lack of Lubrication when shut off at signals? Arvind Sir and Anijog, I asked different thing and you answered different. Please answer the query which I asked above. PLEASE DO THE NEEDFUL. EDIT: Turbocharged Engines need to be run at idle rpm (AC OFF) After Starting the Engine and Before Stopping the Engine to lubricate the Turbocharger. If at signals, we turn off the Turbocharged Engines, they will not get the lubrication needed and they will remain hot and get damaged in long run. Now Please answer what I asked. sudeepd2009-04-18 14:53:35
  20. @FRG FOR INDIGO XL, The grinding noise has recently emerged may be since around 500-1000kms. As you asked, The noise does not come when the steering is at full lock but comes all the way to the lock then may it be left turn or right turn. To make it more clear, If the steering is rotated even by half a turn the noise comes. If it is rotated even a little bit, noise comes. Even on standstill the noise comes. Period. FOR INDIGO LS, As for Indigo LS problem (which I discussed in Noise comes while Rotating the Steering..., when the car rolls over speedbreakers or bumpy rough roads, the front suspension makes noise as if they are worn out. I had last replaced all the four shock absorber assemblies with new ones at around 85-90,000kms. Here the noise does not come when the steering is rotated but when the car goes over bumpy roads, only. Now the reading is 1,63,000+kms. Should I replace them with new ones or grease them? BOTH CARS BEHAVE DIFFERENTLY. Indigo XL's Steering makes noise when it rotated but does not make any noise when passing Bumpy Roads. Indigo LS' Front Suspension make noise when passing Bumpy Roads but does not make any noise when the Steering is rotated. PLEASE FRG, HELP ME OUT WITH BOTH CARS' PROBLEM.
  22. Still no answer to my last post of 08 April 2009. 8 days have passed but still no answer. Where are the MRF Fans (or the Tyres Experts for that matter) gone? Don't they have anything to tell on this? PLEASE SPECIAL LICENSE HOLDERS ANSWER OUR QUERIES. WE ARE NOT AS INTELLIGENT AS YOU PEOPLE. SO PLEASE GUIDE US ON OUR QUERIES.
  23. Still no answer to my last post of 06 April 2009. 10 days have passed but still no answer. DTandon has Logan which has turbocharged Diesel Engine and he is Special License Holder. Despite this, he is not answering my (Sorry, our) query since Crazy Cat also wanted to know more about this. PLEASE SPECIAL LICENSE HOLDERS ANSWER OUR QUERIES. WE ARE NOT AS INTELLIGENT AS YOU PEOPLE. SO PLEASE GUIDE US ON OUR QUERIES. sudeepd2009-04-16 07:04:42