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  1. Open Browse to your image. Select the Resize to 640X480 check-box and then click Start Upload. On next page you will get the Direct Link. Copy it in the image tags. Thats it. BTW' date=' very nice pictures Sparsh. Cyrus, Is that City really over 350BHP? [/quote']
  2. Contact the Dealers mentioned above and ask whether the 235/60R17 is available with them. If it is, then go ahead and buy good ones.
  3. Instead of browsing the websites contact the Dealers in Mumbai. Go through this Bridgestone link. This gives information about the Dealers of Bridgestone in Mumbai. It shows map. Take the cursor over a RED Location and you will get the required information. Contact MRF at If you want Goodyears For JK Tyres Please contact above Dealers instead of searching for tyres on their Websites. This will give you better response. May you get the required tyres soon.EDIT: Tried to find out on But the Captiva option is not available. So Check out with the Dealers below Check out Apollo Tyres at the Dealers below. Apollo Dealers in Mumbai Shakti Sai Tyres Pvt.Ltd. Shop No. 4, Panchsheel Shopping Centre, Opp.Takshila, Off, Mahakali Caves Rd., Andheri Ph: 9869567789 Popular Tyres & Accessories 13/14, Linkway Estate, New Link Road, Malad (W), Mumbai Ph: 9819577877 Komal Tyres (Chembur) 10/A, Sunder Baug, S.T.Road, Nr.Shivaji Statue, Mumbai Ph: 9820466052 Vikrant Auto Tyres G 11, Meghal Service Indl Est, Devidyal Road, Mulund (W), N. r. Mulun, Fire Bridge, LBS Marg, Mumbai Ph: 9323911989 sudeepd2009-04-12 15:36:13
  4. The optimum speed for our Indigo LS has work out to be 70kph ( I got around 30kpl with AC OFF). If driven at 90-100kph, the FE comes down to 19+ (With AC ON). And the optimum Speed for our XL DiCOR has work out to be 110-120kph (I got 23.4kpl with AC ON). When I drove it at 70 kph (AC OFF) I got 19+kpl only. Why there is such difference between the Behaviour of Both Indigos?
  5. When you disagree with this point' date=' then there is no point in proving anything with you.[/quote'] CC, Sorry to come in both of you, but I would say if someone does not agree on anything, its that time only when you should prove it. If he had agreed that TVS and Bajaj have no strong image, then there would have been no need to prove it since he agrees it. Please Don't Mind CC, but if TVS and Bajaj have no good image, how is that they are selling lots of bikes (I agree the number is not huge as Hero Honda and some of their products are having flaws), but they sell considerable number of bikes.
  6. I know it. See my older posts. But why did you add that Q at the end? Does your surname start with Q?
  7. But that works out to be around 80kph (for Indigo). I guess driving at 55-60 will yield better FE since the Wind Resistance is also less compared to higher speeds. Are there any Owners of TurboCharged Cars on this forum other than CC and me? If yes, Please clear our doubts. CC has Logan and I have Indigo. Hey wait, DTandon too owns a Logan. Why is he not answering here? Period. I am left with many of my questions unanswered. I don't know if others are having any problem in answering my questions or they intentionally do not want to answer them. There are many questions of mine scattered on this forum which are waiting for answers.
  8. This topic still exists in Indian bikes. Are Mods listening?
  9. The performance is same as old Hunk. Its just cosmetic upgrade. Red Colour is used to differentiate it from old hunks. Thats it.
  10. Guys come on answer the above question of mine. Why am I not answered? Anybody listening out there?
  11. Kushal, I think used cooking oil too can be converted to Diesel if similar procedure is followed. I did not feel to LOL on your post. Only time can tell whether this will be successful in long term.
  12. Thomas, I told the same thing way back. Mods please do the needful. thanks.
  13. Please post the cost and part adjusted/replaced after the work has been carried out.
  14. Is it good option to fill the Fuel right up to the filler cap since while driving/riding, the fuel could come out of the filler cap due to the shocks the vehicle receives on our Pot-hole Roads? Most of us have the habit of filling the fuel by removing the air trapped inside the fuel tank by moving the vehicle sideways to get the "accurate" (Not Accurate Actually) FE What about the fuel which get spilled out after filling the fuel right up to the cap while driving/riding?
  15. I don't understand why people think that Nano is not Safe Car. When asked they say the engine is rear mounted, so there is no safety from the front collision. If it would have been so, how is that Nano meet Safety Norms Needed in Metros (if other cities are not considered for that matter)? Nano is Safe as other Small Cars are, even if not like Audis, BMWs, Mercs, etc. sudeepd2009-04-12 12:53:49
  16. Wow this price range is applicable to Indian Manufacturers. In 2005 Jan-Feb, I enquired about Indigo Alloys at Pandit Automotives, Pune. The Price was 12,500/-. Don't know whether it was for set of 4 or set of 5. But even then, it was at cheaper price. Fiat is learning to price the parts like Tata (The effect of JV, I think). Keep it up Fiat.
  17. What is the Back up Sensor With Body colour, i.e, .the Accessory with No.38, that costs Whopping Rs.13,000/- (Rs.12,933/- to be precise)? EDIT: The Front Fog Lamp cost Rs.19,713/- (I guess the price is for Single since it is mentioned Fog Lamp and not Fog Lamps). In this price, I can buy Four Headlight Assemblies (Two Pairs) of the Indigo XL, the Amber Glass on top ones. sudeepd2009-04-12 09:24:46
  18. Ravi Sir, Please take a look at the below topic of MRF Tyres. What do you think about my topic? Your advice would be very much appreciated.
  19. What is this capy? Did you mean Captiva? If yes' date=' but Captiva comes with 235/60R17 (Source March ACI Buyer's Guide). Please look for other brands in the OEM Size. This is better. And yes you did nice by taking the matter to GM. Contact higher authorities. This is not expected from a Company like General Motors. If they provide warranty, it is worth else not.
  20. I would suggest you to contact the Com-Paint on their website and send them the required shade by email or go their Shop in your city and ask him whether Com-Paint has the required shade. First ask them and if they don't have the shade, then contact the local du pont dealer (Is du pont and Com-Paint same or different?).
  21. I don't know which of the following is referred as Fan Belt- Alternator Belt, AC Belt. Period. I would suggest to inspect all the belts for wear and tear, and Proper Play. If wear and tear is within limits, then adjust the Play and you are done. Else Replace the faulty (Worn) belt and adjust the play as per Honda Recommendation.
  22. Open Browse to your image. Select the Resize to 640X480 check-box and then click Start Upload. On next page you will get the Direct Link. Copy it in the image tags. Thats it. BTW, very nice pictures Sparsh. Cyrus, Is that City really over 350BHP?
  23. You have not mentioned your car name. But from my experience of our Indigo, I can say that there are two belts. One Alternator Belt and other AC Belt. Also there is Timing Belt. 1. When one of above is lose, the screeching noise is heard. Have them inspected for wear and tear and then get the required belt tightened to Manufacturer Recommended Play. 2. The belt gets worn out due to usage and/or time. (Spoil is not correct term to be used). The belt is made of Rubber. It gets hardened, wear out with time and/or usage. 3. If any belt is cracked, the pulley on which it was fitted will not work and hence you will not be able to drive your car. So it is better to get all the belts inspected on regular basis. No one knows when your would shut off in middle of highway leaving you nowhere. I hope I managed to tell you what you were looking for.