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  1. Will anyone try to post their opinions on the following topic as well? Only anijog posted his opinion. Special License Holders Please guide me with your Precious Experiences. Please do the needful. Thanks, Sudeep.
  2. I guess nimesh you are right. He wanted to say that one. But whats the use of posting like dont forget to test drive after Deepak has bought a car ( I think so since Deepak has not posted after the very first post. Did he come here only for that purpose His profile says his last visit was on 12 Sep 2008.)?
  3. Yes Sparsh, he dug a dead topic. And what does this mean "1time drive it don't forgot"? Misuse of English Words. It should be "1 time drove it. I Did not Forget".
  4. What is this "????????????????????????????????????"? Please mention your requirements. Just by posting Question Marks, how will one come to know what are your requirements?
  5. Arkboy, You are Welcome. Sujith, You have not posted the pics of your Logan DLE. Please update soon.
  6. Yes this would help. What a suggestion? Even I did not think like this. Ravi Sir, You Deserve Special License. But this would be nice if the scratches are light (on top layer only). Not when the scratches are deep and the Metal is exposed since this can cause corrosion and rust formation. Ravi Sir, Good thought.
  7. The Rear looks like FZ16. I mean to say the Tail section and the Rear Mudguard.
  8. I am happy to learn that you have changed you mind and not selling your Gorgeous 220. In fact, I wanted to buy 220 instead of 180 in 2007. But it was not officially launched, so had to drop the idea and purchased 180. At start I used to regret for not buying 220. But now I am pleased and proud owner of 180. But I miss some of the features present on 220 but not on my 180. 1.The Warning Lights above the Speedometer- Temp. Gauge, Battery Indicator, Malfunction Indicator, etc Most of all I miss the Big Fairing, the Projector Head Lamps, Tubeless Tyres and the MPFI system. But not these ones- 1. The Naked Chain- as this is not suitable to Indian Road Conditions. In fact when I see other bikes (Enticer, Pulsar 150,180, Don't remember more) with naked Chain, I feel pity (not get angry) for these guys as they are reducing the life of the chain. I know its their money, but it is not correct way to use the bike. Even Bajaj Auto Ltd realised that the exposed chain is drastically affected by the Indian Road Conditions and started giving the chain their much needed shelter. 2. Rear Disc Brake- The Rear Disc Brake needs to be used cautiously since improper usage may lead to skidding. Since the Indian Roads are often covered with Water, Speedbreakers, Potholes and not to mention the people knowingly (yes you read correct) and Animals (knowingly or unknowingly) come across our way. So Rear Disc Commands for Caution. BAL should improve on Engine Smoothness, Gearbox slickness.
  9. Cyrus, the intercooler is placed open to the outside world. That will attract more dust and dirt if used in our Indian Conditions. The dirty water splashed by the rear wheels of the car ahead of this civic will also block the vents of the intercooler with its dirt. The intercooler must be placed such that it provides the engine with COOLER Air but should not get blocked by Dust, Dirt and Dirty Water. This is just a suggestion. No offense here. sudeepd2009-04-11 12:08:37
  10. Ravi Sir, Very Nice Pictures. EDIT: Did you intentionally put those beige mats on the floor? Looks Matching to the Beige Interiors. sudeepd2009-04-11 08:17:32
  11. Pollution levels are rising every day and maneuvering through my city traffic with windows rolled down in the morning rush is like negotiating a metro sewer without a gas mask. Smoke, in all colors and smells enter my car, so strong that attempts by several car perfume manufacturers went futile. This innovation- * Kanishk Sinha, 30, and his wife Lipika, 25, have been the brains behind the Jasper engine * An engine that doesn
  12. Just while browsing came across this article on The link is as below- Please post your views on this.
  13. Then how come Vehicles with Short Gearing give less FE and those with Tall Gearing give More FE?
  14. I thought Consumption would be less in 3rd Gear as compared to 2nd (Means FE would be more in 3rd as compared to 2nd) at identical rpm.
  15. Suppose there are two cars C1 and C2. Car C1 is driven at 1500 RPM in 2nd Gear and Car C2 is driven at 1500 RPM in 3rd Gear. Which of the above cars will fetch more FE since both are running at identical 1500 RPM (but in different Gears)? Suppose there are two bikes B1 and B2. Bike B1 is ridden at 3000 RPM in 2nd Gear and Bike B2 is ridden at 3000 RPM in 3rd Gear. Which of the above Bikes will fetch more FE since both are running at identical 3000 RPM (but in different Gears)? MODS: I had posted this in Gearshift Related Questions thread but no answered there. So re- posted here. sudeepd2009-04-10 13:05:56
  16. What is meant by Short Gearing and Tall Gearing?
  17. I Dont know how to upload pdf files. You will have to ask other members especially Mods, Manish (FRG), and Special License Holders.
  18. OffTopic. CC, I have heard and also read that ZMA has poor Headlight Reflector which does not illuminate the road sufficiently.
  19. I can still see a Grey Colour 7 Series in top right corner. I don't understand why you guys are not able to see it instead of ANHC. @Vivek We have a facility to upload a file (Image) in a post. You can learn more about it in Announcement Section. sudeepd2009-04-10 12:18:01
  20. So now which Handle bar are you using the Original or Short? Anyways its good to see the problem disappeared. If you face this problem again, try lubricating the Acc Cable.
  21. I am surprised to see this topic in Indian Bikes. This topic exists here since 27th March 2009 03:02pm. This topic needs to be moved to Indian Cars Section. Looks as if MODS are very BUSY in their other work. OK Jokes Aside. MODS, please move this to Indian Cars Section since the Tata Xenon is not a Bike Yet. sudeepd2009-04-09 13:13:33
  22. MODS SORRY FOR OFF-TOPIC. @nimesh and autofreako.. The FE figures for both the Indigos are calculated on Tankful to Tankful Basis. The FE figure for Pulsar is calculated for Reserve to Reserve Basis. I will calculate this too on Tankful to Tankful Basis and Update my Signature.