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  1. Good Driving Practice' date=' my contribution


    1. While taking a right turn, come to roads left corner, then turn. So that you will have better visibility of the other road. (Mainly applies on small roads).[/quote']

    Is not a Bad Practice?

    You should not move to left side of the road if you want to take a right turn. This is Wrong Practice since when you try to take a right turn, a vehicle might bump you from behind. Also if you want to take right turn, you should be in the right-most lane. Why should you make the followers behind you wait until you take right turn (unless you taking a U-Turn in a Trailer)?

  2. Again the Old Topic has been Dug out.



    I wanted to EDIT my Reply but Edit Button does not get displayed below my Signature.


    Also in the Below Right Corner it is displayed as follows--

    "You can post new topics in this forum
    You can reply to topics in this forum
    You cannot delete your posts in this forum
    You cannot edit your posts in this forum
    You can create polls in this forum
    You can vote in polls in this forum"


    Why am I not allowed to Edit my Own Posts even if I want to Edit them within 15 minutes of Original Posts?

  3. i know the exact thing for you..... take about half a bucket of water mix some salt and sand on it..... use a sandpaper as a mop and rub in the bike with it.... your bike will emerge out very shiny as a steel... then after wash you can use some brasso on it to make it shine an enfield steel.....

    What the Hell of Advice is this?

    Mods are turning blind eye towards this kind of Posts.smiley18.gifsmiley12.gif.



    I had to post a reply to report this post since REPORT Button gives Error.

    FRG says that the Post Gets Reported even if Error is displayed. But I dont see any action taken on the Reported Post even after 2-3days of Reportingsmiley6.gif.


    I think its better to Report a Post by Posting A Reply instead of Report Button which itself is in "Under Repairs" Condition.

  4. I have read on this forum (may be in Lamp Etiquittes) that at Roundabouts, the vehicles arriving from the Right Side have RIGHT Of Way First.

           Suppose a Car "A" is arriving a Roundabout. A Two Wheeler (or might be Autorickshaw) "B" is arriving from Right Side. Now who has the RIGHT OF WAY? The Car "A" (which is entering the Roundabout from South direction) or Vehicle "B" (which is entering the Roundabout from East direction)?

      I think its the Vehicle "B" (even if its a Smaller Vehicle) which has RIGHT OF WAY First and Should be allowed to cross the Roundabout First.

  5. Initially I thought this thread would be related to an accident which might be happened and you saw it.

     Then reading half way, I thought some one Rich Guy might have gifted you this Punto.

       I pray to God to let you own your Dream Car at the earliest and you drive it Safely and Abiding Traffic Rules.smiley20.gif

  6. CBZ (for me the 1st generation was the best) was doing well as it was a good mix of power(15+ bhp)

    Original CBZ was launched with Engine making 12.8 Bhp. You can check the May 2000 Issue of Autocar India for Confirmation.

         Reading that Comparison of CBZ' date=' Fiero, and YBX (Yamaha), I had bought Fiero in June 2000. I do still own that Fiero which has covered 62,000kms without any Engine or Gearbox Overhaul.smiley2.gif

    Bajaj 220 has some features which are totally new to the Indian market, like the fuel injection
    Here too this is incorrect. Fuel-Injection Technology in Two Wheelers was launched by Hero Honda in their Glamour PGM-Fi Variant.

    So please acquire correct information before posting.smiley18.gif

  7. Modern Turbo Diesels seldom come 'on song' much below 2200rpm. The shift point depends on the road scenario - on a highway when overtaking you may rev to up to 75%+ of peak revs' date=' pottering around you may even shift a petrol as low as 1500rpm and so on.


    You didnot read my previous post completely. I mentioned that I upshifted Indigo (Diesel) and Xylo at 2000rpm. But the car pulled without any hiccups.


    Even while overtaking on highways one can upshift at 2000rpm unless the person (follower) has JUST Milliseconds to overtake. If the Oncoming vehicle is far enough, one can overtake the vehicle ahead even with 1500-2000rpm.


    Instead of overtaking in Miliseconds, its better to anticipate the distance required and comfortably overtake the vehicle ahead.

    If you are in situation where you have just "ms" to overtake, its better to wait until the oncoming traffic passes away and then overtake. In this way, the driver of the vehicle ahead will not get Frustrated unlike if you try to push your vehicle ahead of him and he has to apply brakes to avoid ramming you from behind.smiley1.gif

  8. running in the car is a kind of an old concept which was just required for those old engines but these new engines dont need to be cared for so much...

    So are the Manufacturers Stupid smiley18.gif to Recommend to keep the car below 2000rpm in each gear for initial "so-and-so" kilometers (M&M Recommends to keep the car below 2000rpm in each gear for initial 3000kms).

    in diesel cars you have to rev the i own all petrol cars i upshift max by 2500 rpm but diesels need to be revved till atleast 3000 rpm before upshifting !!!

    FYKI, Modern Petrol as well as Diesel Cars need not require to revved more than 2000rpm unless you are driving for a race.

    I upshift the gears at 2000rpm for all gears in our Xylo and both Indigos. No jerks are felt after shifting. i.e. all the 3 cars pull cleanly even after shifting at 2000rpm Mark.

    Many of Linea Owners on this Forum have posted that their Petrol Lineas pull from as low as 30-35kph in 4th gear (That comes to about <1000rpm i.e. less than 1000rpm). And Thats because of the Nice Low End Torque the Linea has.

  9. In general modern engines are much better built so one need not coddle them too much.

    Could you please specify as to why M&M RECOMMENDS that for initial 3000kms, the Engine Rpm should be not increased more than 2000 Rpm in Each Gear for The Xylo?


    Also please move this topic to AAA Section since this Topic is Related to Engine (Technical) Query.

    sudeepd2009-11-25 17:26:08

  10. Which bike do you have Mr.RSK?


    You can try fitting Tubeless Tyres for your bike. Tubeless tyres have their own advantages. In the event of Puncture, the air escapes slowly. You could even travel 150-200kms on a punctured Tubeless Tyre by just filling air.


    As for Puncture Repairs for Tubeless Tyres, you can buy a Tubeless Repair Kit (in Solapur this Kit costs Rs.250/- with VAT Included). May be you get the repair kit for maximum Rs.350-400/- in Chennai. But its worth it.  The contents of this Kit--

    1. One Tool has a Sharp end to pierce a hole in the tyre so as to insert the "Stick" in it.

    2. Another Tool has a Elliptical Hole in which you have to insert the Stick, and then insert this in the tyre.

    3. A Pack of 5 Sticks with which you can repair 10 punctures. After that, you have to just buy the "Sticks" (the Sticks cost around Rs.90-100 for 5 Strips in Solapur. Again these 5 Strips can be used to repair 10 punctures).


    You get a paper of the Procedure Steps printed with the Tubeless Repair Kit on how to repair the tubeless tyre.

      If still any doubt on using the kit, get back here and we will help you (or you can PM me).

  11. I am getting Error while Reporting a particular post or thread using Report Button.

      When I click on Report butoon, the Reporting Page gets displayed. I typed the needed matter in the space provided and click Submit.

       Then I get Error as below



    Please tell me whether the Post gets Reported even if this error is displayed or should I report the post again?

  12. I have driven for more than 15' date='000kms without a wheel alignment or wheel balancing[/quote']

    I too have done more than 31KKms on our Indigo LS (2004) but thought of doing since it is high mileage (31Kkms).

    But regret that Decision of Wheel Alignment since after that alignment, the tyres worn out (Surprisingly EVENLY All Over) almost completely (only 2-3mm has left) within just 6Kkms.


    I have changed the Bushes now. I will see if there is any improvement else try another Wheel Alignment Shop with all Four Tyre Replacement.smiley18.gif

    in my Accent' date=' I had aligned the wheels only once in the 87,000kms she was with me.
    [/quote']That's PRETTY High Mileage with only 1 Wheel Alignment.

    Also when getting a new set of tyres' date=' it really wouldn't hurt to check the alignment, most big tyre dealers will throw this in for free.

    FRG, I always get Wheel Alignment and Balancing done at the time of Tyre Replacement without Fail.smiley4.gif

    As for this Statement "most big tyre dealers will throw this in for free",

     my dear friend I would like to tell you that none of the Tyre Dealers in Solapur has Wheel Alignment Facility at their Shops.smiley7.gif

  13. Update:

    The Safari has covered almost 35' date='000kms. I forgot to update the last service at 30,000kms. This was a major service with oil change and everything. This time I also shifted to Delo400 oil. The engine is far smoother now, idling vibrations are reduced and so are the noise levels. Have driven it 5000kms now after the oil change and very happy with it.[/quote']
    FRG, did you use your own Engine Oil? If yes, how did the Tata Workshop allow to do so since the SUV is in Warranty?

      I too want to use my Engine Oil while replacing the Engine Oil of our Xylo. Hence asking you the tact you used.smiley2.gif


    Once I slid the heavy duty jack under the axle' date=' I realised changing a Safari's tyre is no easy business.
    Firstly the jack design isn't very user-friendly nor is the jacking point for the rear. You literally have to stretch yourself under the car to place it. Then the rod which turns it is quite difficult to operate.
    It took me 15 minutes to figure out how to work the jack's handle. And 40 minutes to actually change the tyre.[/quote']

    I too have not yet figured out how to replace tyre on Xylo.

    Will try soon.

  14. I searched "Wheel Alignment" in the Search Section but did not get any results. Hence creating this topic.

    What is the Correct Interval for Wheel Alignment?

    The Owner's Manual of Our Indigo LS (2004) mentions that Wheel Alignment should be done every 15,000kms.

    The Owner's Manual of Our Indigo XL Grand DiCOR (2007) mentions that Wheel Alignment should be done every 20,000kms.

    Now the Owner's Manual of our Xylo (2009)mentions that Wheel Alignment should be done every 40,000kms.

    (I don't know about other vehicles hence not mentioning their interval).

    But the Local Garages advise to do the Wheel Alignment every 5,000kms.smiley7.gifsmiley3.gif

    Tata Motors Ltd and Mahindra & Mahindra are Indian Companies and hence very well know that there are Potholes (?), Oh Sorry, there are Bucket-Sized Holes on the roads all over India and the Wheel Alignment would definitely get affected at very low mileage than specified by them.

     Then how can they Recommend that Wheel Alignment once done may last for their specified Interval?smiley7.gif

    I am not on side of Local Garages for this point at least. But I know that the Wheel Alignment of Xylo cannot last for 40KKms.smiley18.gif

    Any Ideas from Experts on this matter?smiley1.gif

    sudeepd2009-11-22 12:30:54

  15. If he is your business partner' date=' shouldn't you be getting something exotic too smiley2.gif!! [/quote']

    He is a Multi-Millionaire's Son. His father undertakes Government Road Contracts. Hence he CAN Afford SUCH Sexy and Pricy Cars Every Now and Then.

        We are just Millionaire. As for the Question of Business Partner, he is the Major Financier for the Project (Erection of 32 Sub-Stations under Barsi Division) we have undertook. Barsi is a Taluka in Solapur. Hence he is our Business Partner. He is really Crazy about cars. As I mentioned earlier, yesterday he saw a Fortuner and he fell in love with it. I am sure he will buy one within 3-4 months.




     As for Photos, he (Business Partner) has left for Delhi tonight.Will try to click some photos after he returns (around 7-8 days) but cannot assure about that smiley6.gif.

    I would clicked yesterday but 1st of all it was night time and 2nd I did not have my Sony Handycam with me. And the Quality of 1.3MP Mobile Camera would have insulted the BMW's Charm. So had to drop the idea.
    sudeepd2009-11-21 17:51:23

  16. Off Topic--

     @Ramesh Babu

     But you mentioned in another thread that the Engine Oil was replaced at 1000kms and 5000kms, respectively. So I thought the M&M guys forced you to do so.


    Topic Related 

    Anyways, I would like to request the Owners to follow the Recommendation given in the Owner's Manual regarding Maintenance of ALL (Petrol and Diesel) Vehicles.


    Just for Information, I would like to mention that my Business Partner who bought a BMW 730 Ld drove the car at speeds in excess of 150-160kph the Next Day of Delivery.smiley22.gif

       I guess BMW (and also Audi, MB, VW, Volvo) might not be recommending to drive the car below 2000rpms for initial so-and-so kms.

  17. Thanks BS. My Friend's is a Black One.

    And did I mention the Sunroof (I did not see one in person before this)?

    The Idle was So Soooofffffttttt (the idle rpm sound was identical to Honda Unicorn (I know I am comparing a 4 Wheeler to a 2 Wheeler). But just wanted to convey such Silent was the Diesel Engine when I stood near it (not when sitting inside). The Exhaust Note also was Sexy. I loved it.

    Guys, dont be Jealous of me.


  18. No way DD Sir, Its difficult to drive such a huge car. Though I agree that it would have GREAT Presence in a city like Solapur.

    But taking her out for a Picnic might be next to impossible since why would he take a BMW for a outdoor instead of his Scorpio and Innova?  He did not let me drive it because of Huge Dimensions (AND HUGE PRICE TAG TOOsmiley36.gif). I too was afraid to drive her.

    May be in future I get chance to (at least) Test Drive her.
    sudeepd2009-11-21 02:41:58

  19. Our Business Partner has bought a BMW 730 Ld on 31th October (his son's 1st Birthday).

      Today I got an opportunity to see the Car Internally (Interiors) as well as he took me for a RIDE (Not the one like the Dealerssmiley36.gif).

      Man what a Car it is! The Bonnet is Huge enough when viewed from the Front Seats.

    Lots of Legroom at Front and Rear. We can increase the Thigh Support for the Front Seats at a touch of button.

      He showed the Gear Shifting Pattern. But I did not get it correctly.

     The Rear Seats have Massager (in the Backrest) which work at the Touch of Button in the rear doors.


    Then we went for a Ride. He drove the car and I sat on the Co-Driver Seat.

      He drove the car as the Driver of a BMW SHOULD. I was feeling drowsy since he was driving fast. The Car would do 0-80 in less than 4-5 seconds. I am not used to such a lightening Pick up. And thats why I felt drowsy whenever he did quick 0-80kph. He used to touch 80kph whenever he saw gap between traffic ahead to show me how Fast it can touch 3 figures Speeds.


     I was shocked to see his driving since he was driving a 17feet long and 6.24 feet wide car on narrow roads (Four Lanes- Two on each side of Divider) of Solapur.

      This was my experience with a BMW 730 Ld.


    He wants Registration Number as "1" for this car. The RTO told him to pay Rs.3,00,000/- for this Number since he will be issued "1" from Next Number Series.  The Actual Charge for "1" in Solapur is Rs.1,00,000/- (Hence he will be charged 3 times). Still he has not taken the Number for his car due to this Huge Amount. But I guess he will pay Rs.3lakhs and take the Desired Number "1" since I told him that the Current Number Series (MH.13 AC.XXXX will take 1-1.5 years to get sold.

    He has decided to pay Rs.3Lakhs. 

    The Cost of his BMW 730 Ld is 1,10,00,000/-.

    He owns a Scorpio VLx (Top-End Variant) bought on 24th April 2009 on his Birthday, a Current C Class (MB) bought this year, Innova, Qualis, Verna, Camry.


     Today we went for Visiting Our Sites in his Scorpio. While travelling on Highway, we came across a White Toyota Foruner. He was immediately Impressed with the Looks of it and called his office and told the employee to enquire about the Fortuner.

       The Toyota Dealer in Solapur told him that there is a Waiting Period of 3-4 months for Fortuner.


    I think he will not be Satisfied until he buys one.
    sudeepd2009-11-20 17:57:38

  20. One of Friends lives in Byculla, Mumbai. He too told me about this ad.

    He told me that the Chevy Spark will have posters of Vodafone. And the Cost of Car would be Rs.1,30,000/-. There would be an Agreement between the Owner of the Car and the Vodafone Company that the Owner will have to keep the Ads of Vodafone on the car for atleast 2 years. Violating of this will put the Car Owner in trouble.

     I posted the information I came to know.