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  1. Vishnu, Ankit does not want to upgrade the tires to larger size. He just want to shift to Tubeless from his Tube-Type.
  2. Going for an used car may be risky unless you are aware of the history of the ca.
  3. Looking at Taillights, I think this is Passat or Jetta. Both have identical Taillights.
  4. I would advise you not to trade-in your Tube-type tires for Tubeless. Instead use the Original tires to their life and then shift to tubeless. We own Indigo XL DiCOR which came with Alloys as Standard. Last week I got the four tires balanced at TASC (Tata Authorized Service Center). They charged me Balancing Charges as Rs.30/- for each tire and Weights as Rs.50/- per Strip (Balancing Weights for Alloys come in form of Sticking Strips). One Sticking Strip contains about 5 X 5gm and 5 X 10gm Weights. That means total 75gms per strip. So my total balancing Charges will be Rs.30/- X 4 = Rs.120/- I don't know much weights did he use but he took 4 Strips from the store and after Balancing gave me the Remaining Half Strip. That is he used about 3.5 strip for all four tires. I WOULD RECOMMEND YOU USE YOU ORIGINAL TIRES FIRST AND THEN SHIFT TO TUBELESS. The Dealer is quoting very less resale value for your Original Brand New Tires. Instead of Getting Peanuts for your Original Tires, ITS BEST TO USE THEM TO THEIR EXTENT AND THEN SHIFT TO TUBELESS. Also after shifting to Tubeless, don't drive fast over potholes or the tires' sidewalls will get air (I dont' know the word to use here, but I think bulge is correct. Correct me if wrong). We have a lot of experiences in this matter.
  5. No reply from Sujith. Is he there or just taking we members on a ride? Sujith, If you are so much concerned about the Engine Noise, I would recommend you Indigo CS Petrol. It is much silent than Tata's other Diesels (but not smooth as Hondas and Toyotas). You have not mentioned your monthly usage. And I agree with DTandon that the Dealers and Service Centers take the customers on a ride whenever possible. I would give here my example. Sorry for off-topic (I don't know whether this is off-topic) When our Indigo crossed 52Kkms, the Coolant use to come out from Auxiliary Tank's cap (ONLY ON HIGHWAYS AND THAT TO DRIVING FOR 25KMS AT SPEEDS OF 90-100KPH). On asking the Dealer he said "The Head Gasket has gone. It will have to be replaced". Now the Odo reading is 73Kkms. Still I am using the car in same condition. No problem except the Coolant Spillage on Highways. No spillage in cities.
  6. You are Welcome Mr. Utpal. Good to know your car is Fine now. From where did you buy the spares, Dealer or Aftermarket? Did you notice any difference between the charges that were charged from you at Dealer and aftermarket? How much were you charged for Spares and Labour?
  7. @jbond Normal Unleaded Petrol of Bharat Petroleum, Hindustan Petroleum, and Indian Oil Corporation is 87 Octane. BHARAT PETROLEUM=> Normal Speed =>87 Octane (but it contains Premixed Fuel Addtives) Speed 93 =>as name suggests it contains 93 Octane. Speed 97 =>as name suggests it contains 97 Octane. HINDUSTAN PETROLEUM Power => I think it is 91 Octane. INDIAN OIL CORPORATION XtraPremium=> Its 91Octane in Euro 2 cities and 93 Octane in Euro 3 cities.
  8. Please see the Report of CrazyCat and then tell me whether the Servicing Costs are Cheaper or Costlier. Read this CC's Report of Logan. The Service Center charged me of such parts at 60' date='000kms, which we have not changed of pur DiCOR XL even after crossing 73,000kms. Each Service Costs around Rs.4000-5000/-. I don't understand why so much money is charged for just Washing the Car, Cleaning the Air Filter (also the charges of Oil and Filter Change for every 10Kkms). Rs.4000 for the following => 1.Washing the Car (Normally it costs Rs.200-250/- at local Garages) 2.Cleaning the Air Filter (Its costs Rs.50-100/- outside) 3. Oil and Filter Change (Rs-75-125/- outside) So local Garage charges 250+100+125=Rs.475. How come Rs.4000/- The link you have given says 1.Oil Filter of Indigo DiCOR is Rs.241/- But we own Indigo XL Grand DiCOR and it uses the same Oil Filter as that of Normal Indigo.i.e., Rs.160/- 2. Air Filter Element of DiCOR is 1163/- But we use SAME Air Filter Element for DiCOR as Normal Indigo.i.e., Rs.235/- 3. The Rear Shock Absorber of DiCOR costs Rs.4191/- The Rear SA of DiCOR is SAME as Normal Indigo.i.e., Rs.3236/- If you dont believe me, I will post the Pictures of the parts (Oil Filter, Air Filter Element, Rear Shock Absorber) of both of Our Indigos (LS and XL) in upcoming days.
  9. You can enquire the rates at your Dealer or service center. Also enquire at local spare parts shop (They need to see the old part since they are not Authorized Dealer or Service Center). Do check that the box is Seal Packed (to avoid reuse of Old Parts) and having Hologram of Honda while buying from outside to avoid Duplicates. Also while buying from Dealer, you check the box MRP (Dealer could charge you more than MRP so watch out) and whether the box is sealed (to avoid reuse of Old Parts) and having Hologram of Honda. Sudeep.
  10. Sujith, I would advise you to go for Indigo CS TDI if you can not wait until the Indigo Vista is launched. The Maintenance of Logan is very Expensive. The Spare Parts and also the Servicing Costs (of Logan) are Expensive. Every Servicing costs you more than Rs.5000/- plus the cost of Spares or Lubes Extra (I think CrazyCat will be able to explain about this Better as he owns a Logan Diesel). You can view his "Review of Logan" at PLEASE GO THROUGH THE LOGAN 50,000KMS REPORT COMPLETELY (FROM FIRST PAGE TO LAST PAGE) BEFORE BUYING IT. So think over it. The logan no doubt gives brilliant Fuel Efficiency and is refined as compared to Indigo CS but the Servicing Cost and Spares of Indigo CS are A LOT Cheaper as compared to Logan. Even if you are fed up by Your Old Indica Diesel, I will recommend you to go for Indigo CS (or wait for Indigo Vista if you have time). Sudeep. sudeepd2009-03-04 12:24:49
  11. Do you mean that Insurance Co. will pay the Paint and Labour Charges? If yes, then you are right my friend. The Ins. Co. will pay 100% for Paint and Labour Charges if claim is made. We all members are Thankful to you for at least telling that you have Already Claimed Insurance this year once. Now we know that you will not receive NCB. So go ahead and give the car to the dealer and get the things done. BTW, you have not mentioned how the Left Fender got dent? I guess, the Dealer should be good enough to be able to remove the dent Properly instead of replacing it (The Fender). sudeepd2009-03-03 06:07:15
  12. Bridgestone Tires of 175/65R14 costs Rs.3100/- and not Rs.5000/- in our city Solapur (Maharashtra). You can also go JK-Tyre in that size. JK costs Rs.2800/- in our city. As for Balancing charges, I agree with dtandon. The store should do it for free if you are buying new tires from them. Also they should quote you around Rs.100-200/- (Hundred or Two Hundred) for each tire if you exchange your Goodyear for new ones as your GYs are Brand New. All Garages (And May be Authorized Service Centers too) charge Rs.30/- per tire (excluding Balancing Weight Charges) for Wheel Balancing and Balancing Weights charges are around Rs.1.20/-per gram. So the Balancing Charges for your car would be Rs.150/- for all 5 tires (Rs.30 X 5) plus Balancing Weights Charges (these should be around Nil as your wheels are Brand New and should not require more weights). MY REQUEST TO YOU: PLEASE USE THE GOODYEARS UNTIL THEY ARE FULLY UTILIZED (FOR THEIR FULL LIFE) AND THEN REPLACE WITH OTHER BRANDS BECAUSE YOU WILL GET PEANUTS FOR YOUR BRAND NEW GOODYEARS IF YOU EXCHANGE THEM FOR OTHERS. sudeepd2009-03-03 05:58:05
  13. Vibhor, I read that thread before creating this one but the older thread says "Nano bookings from Feb end". So created this thread. Period. I am imagining what will happen to the car parking slots after Nano is launched because once the Nano is launched, everywhere you will see Only Nanos and all car parking Slots will Overflow.
  14. Hi Vikas, I feel very Sorry for your Grievances. If you are Autocar India Subscriber, you can ask FRG (Manish) for help. He can help you getting the problems solved (by contacting Ford India). Sudeep.
  15. Mr. DTandon and SG Sir, I think you did not read my First Post in this Topic. I request both of you please read it carefully. It contains Link of Shell Company, one of the Best Lubricants Manufacturer in the World, which recommends as the Topic Name mentioned above "Don't always use the clutch for changing up gears". So now if Shell Company recommends Don't always use clutch for up shifting, then we should follow it. The reason why shell said "Don't always use the clutch for changing up gears" is that you will have to up shift Using Clutch at least once (from Neutral to 1st). But after that you can Up Shift Without Using Clutch. SO MY DEAR FRIENDS DON'T ALWAYS USE CLUTCH FOR CHANGING UP GEARS BUT ALWAYS USE THE CLUTCH TO CHANGE DOWN THROUGH GEARS. And Save Clutch, In Turn Fuel, In Turn Earth. Please refer to the link in the Very First Post for more information. sudeepd2009-03-02 13:21:36
  16. If I am not wrong spearhead is referring to the side Fender (above the Wheel) and not bumper. And the fender is a metal part. So Insurance company will pay 100% of cost and spearhead will not have to pay the cost of Fender Replacement and Bonnet and Fender Repainting.
  17. Tata Nano is going to be launched on 23th March and Bookings from April Second Week. For more information visit:
  18. Can it be done safely (avoiding damage to Gearbox) in Tata Indigo? I want to minimize wear and tear of Clutch and also increase the FE by avoiding the Clutch Usage while Up shifting and Down shifting the Gears of Tata Indigo (LS and XL). So would you recommend to up shift and down shift the Gears of Indigo (Dry Clutch) without using the Clutch? EDIT: Will shifting gears (up shift and down shift) without clutch ruin the Gearbox of Tata Indigo? Sudeep. sudeepd2009-03-02 06:53:40
  19. One more question. Most of the Cars within 10lakhs Price Bracket are FWD. But some of them have Transmission Tunnel running across the Gear Lever to Rear Seats which in turn makes the Middle Passenger in Rear Seat Uncomfortable (his legs are not at the level of his fellow passengers but at higher level). So can someone tell me "If the car has Engine mounted at the Front and its a FWD too, then why this Transmission Tunnel Eats Up Space of Rear Middle Passenger"? SG Sir, Manish (Sarser), Vibhor, DD would you please explain this?
  20. I don't use Clutch while Up Shifting the Gears (except from Neutral to 1st of course), but Always use the Clutch while Down Shifting the Gears. This way I save wear and tear of Clutch to a GREAT EXTENT . And Up shifting without Clutch Feels Great and if done properly, no jerks are felt. I will use this Technique on all Bikes Henceforth. But I am in doubt how to do this in Indigo? Would the gearbox of Indigo support Shifting without Clutch (Indigo has Dry Clutch and not a Hydraulic Clutch)? sudeepd2009-03-02 05:28:51
  21. Both cars of same year (2005)? Strange. May be you drive one and your family member (s) drive other.