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  1. The Number is painted on the Front Edge of the Front Mudguard. See Carefully and you will notice it.
  2. Tell us more about yourself, Your Vehicles, etc.
  3. Its the same for the X5 too. The petrol engine is bigger. Sorry for Off-Topic- Also the Merc E 280CDI costs about a lakh and some, less than E 270 Petrol. The E280 has more pickup and Mileage (I Know Diesels Give Better FE than Petrol) than E270. But the 280 gives more Pickup also than 270. All the info Source ACI Magazine. sudeepd2009-02-27 14:41:40
  4. Manish, would you please discuss your experience with your Safari regarding Shifting Gears Without Using Clutch? Do you Up Shift Gears Without Clutch or Also Downshift Without Clutch?
  5. Wherever you buy, I recommend drive to your destination instead of Transportation. The Guys of Transport Company don't Take Care While HANDLING the Car During Transportation. EDIT: And this may lead to Scratches on the Body During Transportation. I have the Experience with Indian Railways (while I transported my Suzuki Fiero from Pune to Solapur). So i request you to drive the car to the Destination if you want to change State. One more thing, I am confused whether you will need NOC if you take a Vehicle from One State to Another even for Less Than One Year. sudeepd2009-02-27 14:29:33
  6. The Biker, The FE depends A Lot on Driving Conditions, And Driving Style. A Pulsar 150 if driven smoothly, and in less traffic conditions, it will deliver around 60-65kpl. And a XCD 125 can deliver 40kpl if driven Hard, and in Dense Traffic. So decide yourself. Did you Test Ride Pulsar 150/180? See whether you can live with the Refinement Levels (?)of Bajaj Engines. I Own Pulsar 180 DTS-i (LCD). The FE I get is around 50-55kpl in city driving conditions. But there is a Problem. The bike Engine and Gear box are not smooth (Read Refined). This may be because of the Engine Oil I used. Sorry for Off-Topic Discussions below- Anyways, Yesterday I bought Castrol Activ Xtra 4T SAE 20W50 Engine Oil. I wanted to Replace the Engine Oil Today but did not get time. After going Home tonight, I will drain the Oil and keep the drain plug open till tomorrow morning, so that the oil will be drained almost completely (Its impossible to drain out the oil completely and make the Engine Oil Chamber Dry due to Limitations). Then I will pour above Castrol Oil and see the Difference. Back to the Topic= In my last post I said
  7. I think there should be a Tacho as Standard Fitment since most of Tata Vehicles (Except Sumo) have Tacho. So Mr. Anil what idle rpm does the Tacho show?
  8. @ Mavericked.. I think there is a thread similar to the one you made (May be From where should I carry out Registration of Car). Period. You should register the car in Mumbai or else the Cops will fine you if they see out of Mumbai Number Plate, Same goes for Thane Registration. If you registered at Thane, and if suppose you are caught in Mumbai, then the cops will fine you. So if you are going to travel in Mumbai, stick to Mumbai Registration, if traveling in Thane Only, register with Thane RTO.
  9. Hi Anil, Welcome to ACI Forum. And Congratulate on you MJD Vista. How much distance has your car covered till date? At what speed does the Vista Steering Vibrate? Are the tire pressures in both front tires SAME (Identical) or different? Please tell us so that we can help better. Sudeep.
  10. Guys "the biker" said he don't want to go FZ. See below So No FZ. EDIT: @ the biker: You can go for Honda or Hero Honda Bikes as far as Refinement is Concerned. If you want Better Equipments, either go for Pulsar 150 or RTR 160Fi. I have not ridden RTR but expect it to be smooth. sudeepd2009-02-27 04:53:39
  11. Sticking to Original Size makes sense as you are going to sell it within 6 months. The buyer will suspect if you upgrade to 16". Period. Also you want better FE. So go for Standard Size 195/65R15. Increasing the width from 195 to 205 or more will decrease your FE also will give you False Odo Reading. If you Decrease the Wall Height from 65 to 60 or less, then as Manish (FRG) said the suspension will have to work overtime and the tyres wont provide proper cushion. Same goes for upgrading from 15" to 16" or more. The Odo Reading you will get would be False, the Ride Quality will Suffer, etc, etc. So its BEST to Stick With the Manufacturer's Specification Tyres (The Manufacturers Research A Lot Before Finalizing the Specifications for A Particular Vehicle, May it be Car or Bike or a Truck).
  12. The Rear View, Rear Quarter View and the Side View Really IMPRESSES. Too HOT And SEXY VIEWS .
  13. Yes Kushal you are right. I drove our Indigo XL at 1000rpm in 2nd' date=' 3rd, 4th, and 5th gears, respectively and noticed the following -- In 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Gears, the car can cruise at 1000rpm without any fuss. But in 4th and 5the Gears the car struggles to keep momentum and start giving jerks. But yes, the car can cruise at 1250rpm (Tacho Indicated) comfortably in 4th and 5th Gears. I think the rpm corresponding to 55kph in 5th should be near 1250rpm. I will checkout and post the result. The Normal (TDI but Not DiCOR) Indigo's Turbocharger comes into force above 2500rpm as it has FGT. But the DiCOR Indigo has VGT so the Turbo comes into force at 1800rpm. Correct me if wrong. sudeepd2009-02-25 08:33:47
  14. My point is also the same. But andydandy said that "He" was intimated by them via sms on the 10th that I have been selected and will be contacted very soon regarding the details Then He sent 4 emails to remind ACI about the intimation given by them, but ACI did not contact him afterward, neither by Phone/SMS nor Email. Poor Andydandy. Period. Did anyone receive call for Round 3.
  15. Diesel Indigos struggle to keep pace at 55kph in 5th gear. FYI the corresponding rpm at 55kph in 5th would be around 1000 (RPM). Don't you think driving at 1000rpm in top gear (5th) overloads engine. Period. I will try myself again and then inform you more on this.
  16. I did not like any cars of GM EXCEPT CHEVROLET CAPTIVA. Its the Only True Diesel Seven Seater within that Price Range. Period. All other Chevy cars lack the equipments in their category. In fact I liked Optra Diesel which was launched with 120bhp. But it did not have features like Electric Front Seats, Rear AC Vents, Alloy Wheels (as Standard), Bluetooth Phone Connectivity which I got Standard on our Indigo XL Grand DiCOR. Period. OK I agree that ALL Tata Cars (Except Safari) don't even have ABS and Airbags option.. Also the Quality of TATA is not good (Except Vista) Anyways I am not an enemy of GM but Maruti and Tata provide More Features within less price range. sudeepd2009-02-24 11:32:32
  17. If you don't believe what I am saying, PLEASE SEE THE BUYER'S GUIDE IN AUTOCAR INDIA ISSUE AND COMPARE YOURSELF. I will post pictures of the Buyer's Guide and then DOODH KA DOODH AUR PAANI KA PAANI.
  18. i am not sure' date='but i dont think many of us have been contacted through email.are you sure you didnot missed any of the calls.was your phone reachable?[/quote']Ankit, andydandy sent 4 emails to ACI and not the ACI sent him.
  19. But sir, The report picture shows that the Rear Left Wheel Camber is Negative. This will in turn cause the Inner Side of the Tread to wear out Faster than Outer Side of Tread. THE CAMBER SHOULD AND MUST BE POSITIVE FOR ALL THE WHEELS. Correct me if wrong.
  20. I read an advertisement of PCRA (Petroleum Conservation Research Association) which said Switch the Engine Off if you have to wait for more than 15 seconds. But on their website, it is stated that switch off if you have to wait for more than 2 minutes. Also PCRA recommends driving at 45-55kph. But how can a Diesel Car run at 45-55kph in 5th gear. It will struggle to keep momentum.