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  1. SG Sir, Indigo has Independent Rear Suspension. But the person who does wheel alignment at Tata Authorized Service Center said Rear Axle of any car does not have Rear Camber Setting. i.e., The Camber Setting cannot be changed on any car. I know Indica does not require Rear Camber Adjustment (I have seen a chart in TASC stating that Indica does not need Rear Camber Adjustment). But there was no such information regarding Indigo. Now I have got the Front and Rear Alignment of our Indigo done at TASC. In the final report the Camber of Rear Left Wheel is indicated as (-1.28) which is way out of range specified by TATA. The range indicated by TATA for Rear Wheels Camber is 0.00-0.30. As mentioned above the report says the Camber of Rear Left Wheel is 1.28 and hence the picture of the Rear Left wheel indicated on that report is bent at the upper side. i.e., it indicates Negative Camber. In fact the camber of all wheels should be positive. But here it is Negative. What should be done?
  2. Today I showed the car to TASC, Chavan Motors Pvt Ltd, Solapur. The supervisor Mr. Mohsin said that the reason behind the misguiding Temp. Gauge may be Faulty ECU. Our car suffers from following problem- Whenever the car is run for around 20-25kms on highway at speeds of more than 90-100kph, the temp. gauge falls down to "C" Mark. and hence the water comes out of Auxiliary Tank's cap. But in city the temp gauge shows 90Deg Temp. (Half Mark). So Mr. Mohsin placed an order for DiCOR Indigo's ECU (The ECU of Safari DiCOR 2.2 does not fit to Dicor Indigo) to Tata Motors Ltd. and told me the ECU will be delivered within 3-4days. After that we will fit the New ECU and check whether the problem gets solved or not. Do you think the ECU may be the culprit? The Radiator Fan Turns ON in City Driving Conditions (The temp gauge reaches Half Mark in City), but not on Highway (Since the temp gauge does not rise UP TO Half Mark on highways). Please guide me.
  3. Vibhor, I posted a topic regarding Streak Launch on 09-02-2009 But I did not post any pics since I did not have any. Anyways now there are two threads for single topic.
  4. But he used it for just 5000kms. So I advised 45-50K.
  5. He mentioned 150 DTSi Dec 2003 in his post. So it must be DTSi. sudeepd2009-02-22 05:58:31
  6. The position of GM in US may not be good. But in India, you cannot go wrong with GM cars. GM has lots of Future Plans for Indian Market. So I don't think there is any problem to with GM cars except Resale Values, since GM has created an impression that GM cars are more expensive to maintain.
  7. I think the FE of SX4 to be around 9-10kpl in city and 13-14kpl on highway. And FE of Xylo to be identical to SX4's i.e., 9-10kpl in city and 13-14kpl on highway. Rahul said the car will be used for 500kms per month. So considering the mileage (500kms), he can go for either of two cars.Period. But as he said the car will mostly be used in City, so I suggested him Xylo as Xylo is not that good for highway because it lacks Rear Anti-Roll Bar (which is must for a MPV as its dangerous for MPVs to corner at high speeds without Anti-Roll Bars). I read in ACI Feb issue that Xylo lacked Rear Anti-Roll Bar. So if Mostly City driving conditions are preferred then Xylo is good choice over SX4.
  8. May be 45K-50Kconsidering the Odo reading to be just 5000kms. sudeepd2009-02-22 05:20:31
  9. As the car will be driven mostly in city, go for Xylo. ACI mentioned that the ride quality at the rear is better than Scorpio. It can seat more than 5 persons in comfort. More features than SX4 (except safety ones like ABS and airbags.)
  10. Sorry for double posts. sudeepd2009-02-21 07:57:38
  11. Yes you can go for Aveo. Also you can get maintenance package for free if you haggle hard. Is the car chauffeur-driven or self-driven? If chauffeur, then check the rear seat comfort and legroom of the Aveo coz I did not see the car from inside.
  12. Yes buddy. Period. I don't know about the Torque Figures but the 100bhp Power does come only from 1.6Ltr Engine in case of Palios.
  13. You will have to go and check yourself at your nearest Tata Dealer or Tata Authorized Service Center. You can also check at local Spare Parts Shop.
  14. Can you please specify how do you both (you and your friend) check the FE of your cars' date=' respectively? Please specify the procedure both of you carry out to check FE of your cars. My dear friend, You will never find open stretch of smooth roads in any city in "India". @swiftvxi06.. Can you please mention why you don't want to go for Tata cars? sudeepd2009-02-20 12:17:51
  15. Are you kidding? No sedan gives you a mileage of 18-20kpl in city driving conditions. Not even Diesel Sedan can give 18kpl in city. even if driven without AC. Are you going to drive on plain stretch of road where there is no traffic, no potholes? IF YES, THEN YOU SHOULD AND MUST GET 25KPL AT CRUISING SPEEDS OF 65-70KPH ON 5TH GEAR. Period. Please think and work out before posting such unbelievable points.
  16. If I am not wrong, All Vehicles come with 12 V Battery. Its a Standard Spec. All Self-Start Vehicles come with 12V Battery, just their current rating is different. See all ungeared scooters with self start are having 12V battery, Self Start bikes have 12 V battery, All the cars have 12 V battery. We have a Transformer Oil Filtration Machine (used to filter the oil of Substation transformers) fitted on a Tata Truck. It also has 12V battery. Now have I made myself clear? Initially we used Truck's Spec Battery for our Household inverter. It was 12 V Battery but the Plates were more (i.e., the Amp were more) Please refresh your knowledge. Did you see other than 12 V battery for domestic purposes?
  17. I had seen a New Indigo Based on Vista Platform in front of Tilak Smarak Mandir, on Tilak Road, Pune. It was 14 Feb 2009 at around 9:00pm. I was not able to take pics. It was standing at the traffic signal. The car was covered in Grey Cloth. The only visible bits were Petal Shaped Headlights (Vista Based) and Tail lights (as given in ACI Jan Issue). I did hesitate to snap. Then the signal turned green and the driver of that Indigo nearly "took off" (pun intended) and I was left alone behind staring at the rear of the car. The New Indigo will be based on Vista Platform. But the wheelbase will be larger than current Indigo (which currently is BEST IN CLASS). The Rear Legroom of Current Indigo can shame Skoda Superb.. I have seen in Buyer's Guide that Indigo has more rear legroom than superb. So lets see where the new Indigo take Tata.
  18. The engine will run rich until the engine has warmed up to avoid stalling. Period. Check the smell after engine temp. has reached Half Mark. Also you did not mention the odo reading of your car. Anyways, keep checking the coolant level and Engine Oil level every week (Every 2-3 Days is Safer).
  19. But I read on this forum that White Bulbs are banned. i.e.' date=' the city cops catch you if your car is fitted with white bulbs. as mentioned above the cops will catch you if found red handed. Still the government permits to fit ONLY YELLOW (NOT YELLOW REALLY) bulbson all vehicles (BIKES' date=' SCOOTERS, CARS, TRUCKS, BUSES,....) But how will the bulb work when the battery fitted to the truck is ONLY 12V. How will the bulbs turn ON with Half Supply? To turn ON a 24V Bulb, you need to supply 24V Power Source.
  20. Why don't you try the Tire Manufacturer whose tires came as standard fitment? Means Go for the Tire Manufacturer which came standard while buying your car but in size of 155/70R12. I think your car came with MRF as standard (Marutis come MRF as standard, correct me if wrong). So IMO, go for MRF ZVTS 155/70R12. sudeepd2009-02-19 12:42:12
  21. Subzero' date=' high wattage bulb irritate the upcoming rider/ driver because it causes poor visibility to the other rider/driver as he is not able to see the road ahead of him if his eyes get blind due to your high wattage bulb. In such cases, I would recommend "Use Manufacturer Recommended Bulbs and Use low Beams until both of you CROSS Each Other". I agree. sudeepd2009-02-19 12:06:43
  22. If you want big space inside, compare Aveo U-VA, Getz, Indica Vista, and then decide yourself. Compare the features of the above cars at Chevrolet Aveo U-VA Hyundai Getz Indica Vista Also you can have a look at Hyundai i20 at
  23. Yes it will be available in all cities. In today's local newspaper, Lokmat, (I live in Solapur), I read an ad. of Indigo CS which mentioned that New Indigo CS is launched with New Headlights, New Front Bumper, etc. sudeepd2009-02-19 11:30:51