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  1. I know what is camber. But can anyone tell me how to identify whether a car needs camber setting at the rear. When I did Wheel Alignment of our Indigo XL, the camber of LH Rear Wheel was (-1.28). But the ideal setting specified by Tata Motors Ltd for Indigo is (0.30). Can the camber setting of LH Rear Wheel be done to meet (0.30) or not? The person who did alignment said there is no setting for camber on the Rear Wheels. Only front wheels can be adjusted for camber setting. Is this true? SG Sir please put light on this.
  2. IMHO, don't go for modifications of the Headlight bulbs.Stick to the original ones. Hyundai had researched a lot on the specs of bulb before fitting it to Verna. So Hyundai knows more about you, what spec bulb is good for your car. Even I had fitted 100/90W bulbs (instead of Standard 60/55W)to our Indigo LS. But this resulted in Blackening of Headlight Reflectors. Now I changed the complete Headlight Assembly (Both Sides) and fitted back New 60/55W bulbs. Now I am happy with the light beam and the Reflectors will last long. See vineet, your car has no problem with the headlights. Even if you fit 130/100W bulbs and go in front of a Stupid Truck Driver, your eyes are going to be blind until he use dipper lights (Low Beam). So I request you to stick to the original specs. (I think they must be 60/55W for Verna too). They offer SUFFICIENT ILLUMINATION ON DARK ROADS ALSO.
  3. Same answer given to you by the mechanics. When the mechanics don't understand what is the exact reason behind something' date=' they just confidently(?) say that Head Gasket is blown. Is the coolant level dropping? Our Indigo XL too gives some strange smell when I started it this morning. What other indications do you see except this smell? sudeepd2009-02-19 10:04:02
  4. Again today same thing happened. On highway, at speeds of around 70-80kph the temp gauge started falling down and reached "C" within just 2-3kms. distance. How is that a car's engine cools down from Half Mark to "C" Mark that too within 2-3 kms.? Does anyone have idea about this?
  5. The wider tires are sure to foul with the wheel wells. If you want to up size then go for 185/60 R14 as against standard size 175/65 R14.
  6. But sir, the coolant gets spits out from the AT's cap, so should not I replace it? After opening the bonnet, when observed from top I am not able to see the Radiator cap.
  7. @ Anjali.. No, they did not ask me for photograph. No problem if I don't make for Round 3.
  8. On the above website, it is mentioned that Rs.6,89,720/- is for Petrol Version, 1994 cc. The variant is DLX. The Diesel prices are not given on website. Only variants mentioned S1 and S2. Complete information can be seen at
  9. Come on friends, None of know the meaning of above terms? Please answer the terms in this thread. Come on. I have another one related to car- The wheels of the car need periodic balancing and alignment. So tell me, are the Balancing Weights used for Steel Rims different from those used for Alloy Rims or both Rims use Identical Balancing Weights? A local garage and Tata Authorized Service Center in my city say that both Rims (Steel and Alloy) require different Balancing Weights. The Weights for Steel Rims cannot be used for Balancing Alloy Rims. How much of this is correct? PLEASE ANSWER ALL THE ABOVE TERMS.
  10. Yes Sir' date=' you got it right. On highway, even though the temp. indicates "C", the car spits out coolant from the Auxiliary Tank's cap. And in the city, even though the temp. indicates Half Mark, no spillage occurs. But sir, there is no radiator cap as the radiator is completely packed. If I am correct, you are referring to Auxiliary Tank's cap. So should I replace the Auxiliary Tank's cap?
  11. No sir' date=' the car does not face any spillage problem in city driving (Irrespective of AC) Sir, the radiator fan works properly. We all know that the Radiator fan is intended to START ONLY WHEN THE ENGINE TEMPERATURE TRIES TO RISE BEYOND 90 Deg Cent. As I mentioned in my earlier posts, While driving in city condition, the temp. gauge rises to Half Mark. Then after sometime, the Radiator Fan turns ON and cools the coolant to below 85-90 Deg Cent. and then turns OFF. Again when engine temp goes beyond 90 Deg, the fan turns ON AGAIN WITHOUT ANY PROBLEM. The fan does not turn ON on highways because the temp remains at "C" even after driving for thousands of kms in single attempt. @ dtandon Sir, your 800 faced the similar problem but in opposite way. Your car would overheat in city driving conditions and used to work problem-free on highways. But our car runs FINE IN CITY DRIVING CONDITIONS BUT OVERHEATS ONLY ON HIGHWAYS (The Temp. Gauge does not indicate temp. rise though i.e., the temp. gauge remains at "C" even with driving thousands of kms. on highways.) So please tell me why the car spills out coolant on highways but not in city. OUR CAR RUNS PROBLEM-FREE IN CITY DRIVING CONDITIONS BUT SPILLS OUT COOLANT ON HIGHWAYS. You all are getting confused, so indicating in big fonts. sudeepd2009-02-16 15:16:34
  12. Sir, but why does the water get spilled out when engine has been COOLED by Air on Highways? The water gets boiled when the engine tries to get overheated. But here the Air cools the coolant present in the radiator in turn the coolant flowing through the engine also gets cooled, then why does the water comes out?
  13. What do you want from new tires? More FE, More Grip, More Durability, Good Handling, Good Ride Comfort? Based on your requirements, you should go for the tires which will suit your needs better. If you want to up-size from 185/60R14, you can go for 195/55R14. But don't for 195/60R14, which will increase the overall diameter of the wheel which will make the tires foul with wheel wells and incorrect odometer readings. I think you should stick to company spec tires 185/60R14 but can go for another manufacturer. Also go for tubeless (you did not mention if your old tires are tubeless or not) as you have got alloys and also buy Tubeless Tires Puncture Repair Kit (Cost Rs.350/-) because the local puncture garage will charge you Rs.70-Rs.80/- per puncture for tubeless tire. The kit contains around 5 sticks which last for around 8-10 punctures. And after that you can just buy a pack of 5 sticks for Rs.90-Rs.100/-. No need to buy complete kit again.
  14. Hi friends, Lets discuss unknown (difficult) terms here so that others may know them easily. I started the Roll thread earlier, but now think there should be a separate thread for all the terms related to bikes and cars at one place. These terms can be On-Road-Related or Off-Road-Related and be it Car or Bike. So creating it in "AAA" section. Before posting new term- Please mention whether it is car-related or bike-related. Car-Related Questions 1. What is the difference between Anti-Submarine Seats, Bucket Seats, and Captain Seats? 2. What are Ball Joints and Tie-Rods (Suspension-related parts)? How to identify whether the BJs, TRs or Shock Absorbers are worn out and need replacement? For SAs, should the inner dampers, or outer Springs, or complete SA assembly be replaced? Do we need to change both BJs, TRs, SAs (We know there are two present each on one end of the same axle) even if only one is worn out or changing only the worn out one (left or right)will do? Please answer the above terms. Post your terms (with answers if you know them).
  15. Even I felt the same -the accelerator pedal was loose. The car would stall often because of this loose pedal. But once I got used to it, I drove neatly. But still I stalled the car 4-5 times in Practice Mode and 2-3 times in the actual test. But I did not stall the car when the instructor told me to stop on an up-hill i.e., in the middle and when he told to move forward from that middle-of-uphill. I think the pedal was INTENTIONALLY kept loose to judge the skills of the driver. sudeepd2009-02-16 06:56:28
  16. SG Sir, I am using the car without the thermostat valve. and i observed the above behaviour without the valve. So now whats the problem. Why does the gauge fall to "C" on highways and not in city?
  17. Thanks all of you. I think we should create a thread where such terms related to cars and bikes can be discussed so that the persons who don't know about them can understand them easily. Is there anyone who want to start the thread? Edited: I have started a New Thread regarding Difficult Terms related to car and bike "Cars and Bikes terms discussion Thread" Please visit that thread and try to answer the previous terms or post your own terms (with answers if you know them). sudeepd2009-02-16 06:55:32
  18. The car's temperature gauge does not rise on highways (irrespective of AC ON/OFF). It remains at "C" even after driving hundreds of kms at speeds in excess of 70kph. Suppose I drove in city for 10kms and in this drive, the temperature rises to Half Mark. But after driving on highway, the Half Mark Reached Temperature Gauge Falls Back To "C". Because of this, the radiator fan does not get chance to turn ON. And hence the water gets boiled and spilled out from Auxiliary Tank's Cap on highway driving conditions. I don't understand if driving on highways reduce the temp. of the engine to "C", how does the water get boiled and spilled out? The temperature gauge rises only in city driving conditions (irrespective of AC ON/OFF). Hence in city driving conditions, the radiator fan gets turned ON after the temperature gauge tries to cross Half Mark and hence Avoid Spillage of water in city driving conditions. Can anyone please tell me what to do next. SG Sir, any suggestions??
  19. For what purpose do you want the numbers?? Are you going to buy one of them?
  20. Well you have to visit the link posted in the very first post.
  21. GM would have to increase the height of front bumper and side skirts to deal with speed breakers.
  22. Today I showed the 2nd problem to Bajaj Authorized Service Center. But the mechanic (?) was unable to trace that noise. He took it as noise of Front Fairing. I asked him but why does that noise come only at 3250-3500rpm and why not at other rpms (High or Low)? He bothered to keep silence on this. Anyways I will have to test ride another Pulsar to find out more about this. Also the mechanic (?) at BASC advised (?) me not to use Premium Petrol but use Normal Petrol Only. STUPID MECHANICS.