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  1. Hi Capt, you did not post what happened to your car afterwards. Has your car's problem been solved?
  2. But ABS avoid the locking of wheels under hard braking. That is the purpose of ABS. however hard you brake the ABS equipped car's wheels don't get lock up.
  3. Here's next If you are driving an ABS equipped car and you have to make an emergency stop, then what will you do= 1. Brake hard until the car stops. 2. Leave the brake as soon as vibration is felt. 3. (Dont remember 3rd option).
  4. When the car is driven at speeds in excess of 80-90pkh' date=' the temp. gauge falls down below Half Mark. If the speed is kept over 80-90kph for 30-45 minutes, the temp gauge falls to "C" position. This clearly indicates that the air flow to radiator is not blocked. Sir, please tell me exactly from which point at the right of the valve, does the water enter the valve and from which point at the left does the water come out of the valve.Does the water enter from the brass insert surrounding the spindle or any other part? because I don't see any opening from where the water can enter the valve.
  5. Once while driving a Dzire VDI of our Dad's friend, I faced following-. At speeds of >80kph, if I took a sharp turn, the Dzire would try to understeer. So I tried to brake. While braking, it made Screeching noise of tyres. After that I was afraid to make sharp turns at higher speeds on that Dzire. Means Rolling is used to describe how well a vehicle responds turn. But the Dzire is not as confidence inspiring as our Indigos. I feel more confident at sharp turns in our Indigo than Dzire (May be because the Dzire has Soft Rear Suspension).
  6. Sir, if suppose the problem still persists (still spillage occurs) even after removing the valve, then what to check for?
  7. Do you remember any other questions? Please discuss them.
  8. The water spills out from Auxiliary Tank's cap ONLY After the car reaches the operating temp. No spillage will occur if the temp. is below the Half Mark. @sgiitk sir, In your opinion, the cylindrical Wet part shown by Arrow On Left (which is surrounded by spring) should get depressed towards left or only the spindle movement is sufficient. I think as there is spring surrounding the cylindrical part, it should get depressed after the water is boiled. By looking at the above pics, can you please tell the flow of coolant? Means is it from Left to Right, or Right to Left, or Top to Bottom, or Bottom to Top? Should I go for compression check, sgiitk sir? Will doing this make clear if the Head Gasket is good or not? sudeepd2009-02-11 05:59:29
  9. There's already a topic on Dimming of Headlight. Please check before posting new threads. Mods: please merge both the topics.
  10. The pictures go this way Picture before boiling Picture after boiling
  11. Can we have some discussions on the questions asked on Youngdriver09. In that one question was somewhat like this- Suppose if you have to park the car on a slope. In what direction would you keep the tyres turned? a. Towards the kerb, b. Away from the kerb, c. Straight-line. So what is this kerb actually mean.
  12. Friends, We all read reviews about cars. In that review, a point is mentioned that so-and-so car rolls a lot or so-and-so car rolls less. Some cars have Anti-Roll Bars fitted to them. So what is meant by this "Roll"?
  13. I also received sms followed by a call from Young Driver09 just now telling I have qualified for Round 2. They have called me to my nearest Maruti Driving School (Pune). I was given date 14th Feb and time 1:30pm. I am very desperate about this event. sudeepd2009-02-10 09:28:28
  14. But sir, the spring (on the left) does not get depressed after boiling of water. Please tell me after boiling of water or coolant, does the spring get depressed or not? Means whether the Vertical Disc fitted to the spring should move to left after boiling of water because if I manually press the Vertical Disc to the left side, the disc moves and also the spring gets depressed. Please solve my problem.
  15. But how did the vehicle lose balance? In your very first post you said that "suddenly the vehicle started to go on the right side at which moment in an attempt to make the steering straight , my hand went in the steering wheel and got badly mutilated". How did this happen? Please explain how your hand got mutilated. and how did the vehicle spin 180 Deg.
  16. Please tell me how to post bigger pics. sudeepd2009-02-10 07:48:59
  17. I am not able to post bigger pictures. I edited the photos in Paint and had pointed the parts and written their description (in above pics you can see the white boxes on left and right of both pics). Please tell me how to post bigger pics so that you may be able to see the description clearly.
  18. I carried out his experiment. I put the valve in a steel bowl and filled water such that the valve will be fully immersed in water. Then I boiled water for 5 minutes (the boiling was done for 5 minutes and not heating). But I did not notice any change in valve other than the rod shown in below picture (on the right) come out about 0.5cm. This picture shows the condition of valve before boiling. This picture shows the condition of valve after boiling. I have pointed the parts. What do you say? Should I fit a new thermostat valve?
  19. I don't think any car will require such frequent greasing to the Wheel Bearings. For Indigos, Tata recommends Wheel Greasing every 20,000-25,000kms. And Your Pajero is just 6,000kms old. There must be another problem. As manuuj said May be the wheel lugs loose. Did your SUV face any puncture, recently? BTW, are the tyres tubeless or tube-type? I think they must be tubeless (considering the price of SUV). I did not know that after Tubeless tyres burst, the vehicle looses its balance.
  20. I will try Compression test tomorrow at Tata Authorized Service Center and let you know.