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    Euro-IV Fuels?

    But Still my doubt is left uncleared. I live in Solapur (Maharashtra). How should I find out whether currently my city is E-III or E-II? How to find Octane and Cetane Ratings for Petrol and Diesel, respectively because the fuel station attendants dont know much about it? 1. What is Octane rating of Bharat Petroleum's Normal Petrol and Normal Speed (Normal Speed does not have Octane rating mentioned on it)? 2. What is Cetane rating of Bharat Petroleum's Normal Diesel and Hi-Speed Diesel (Both do not haveCetane rating mentioned on them)? 3. What is Cetane Rating of IOCs Xtra-Mile Diesel? In short, Please give details of the Octane and Cetane Ratings of Petrol and Diesel, respectively, available from all Fuel Companies in India.
  2. sudeepd

    Euro-IV Fuels?

    How to identify the Octane and Cetane Ratings in case of Petrol and Diesel, respectively? Means how to identify which Petrol is having Higher Octane than the other? and which Diesel has Higher Cetane than the other? Should I put it this way How to identify which Petrol is available at the Fuel Station where I fill Petrol (Bharat-II, Bharat-III)? and which Diesel is available at the Fuel Station (Bharat-II, Bharat-III) sudeepd2009-02-03 14:37:46
  3. CC, I gave my car's example just to tell Alok, that my car is so old and has crossed 1,60,000+ kms and still gives around 19kmpl with AC. I posted that my car gives 19kpl with AC at speeds of 100+kph. but it gives more than 24kpl without AC at speeds of 70kph. The reason behind this difference is Wind Resistance. At speeds of 100+ kph, the air flowing against the car is more as compared to the air flowing against the car at speed of 70kph. So the Engine will have to consume more Fuel to oppose the air flowing against it and travel at speeds of 100+ kph as compared to the Fuel Required to oppose the air flowing against the car at speed of 70kph. But his rule does not apply to DICOR Engines of TATA Motors Ltd. We have another Indigo. Indigo XL Grand Dicor (May 2007) which has clocked 69,000+kms. I tried driving at speeds of 70kph and 110-120kph, respectively. But this Dicor Engine consumes more Fuel at speed of 70kph (19kpl with AC) as compared to the Fuel consumed at speeds of 120kph (23kpl with AC). sudeepd2009-02-03 13:06:04
  4. If Engine Oil is mixing in Coolant, then it is Head Gasket Problem. Open the cap of Auxillary Tank of Coolant. Do you see Oil floating in the Auxillary Tank? If yes, then you will have to replace Head Gasket. The labour charges for Replacing HG is more than the cost of HG itself (atleast in case of TATA Passenger Cars). Does the Engine Oil level drop too much? Get your car checked by another Dealer and ASC (Authorised Service Center). May you can try Local Garages also. Do post what happens.
  5. Hi Capt. I think you should file a Complain against the Dealer in Local Consumer Forum stating you problems. Please check out below link See if you can get any help from Honda website above. If you dont get satisfactory response at the earliest, I Request you PLEASE FILE A COMPLAIN AGAINST YOUR CAR DEALER AND HONDA SIEL INDIA LTD. IN LOCAL CONSUMER FORUM. Once you show them the POWER of Consumer Forum, I am sure you will get Satisfactory Response from HSIL. Also if possible, first tell the Dealer that you are going to file a complain against him in Consumer Forum. See if gets afraid after listening Name of Consumer Forum. If he did not, go and file a complain. Please post what response did you after following above guidelines. May all your car problems get solve without any major trouble.
  6. You mean to say Low Speeds in High Gears will give load to the engine and will result in less FE. We own a Tata Indigo LS (May 2004) which has clocked 1,60,000+ kms. On 31st Jan 2009, we went from Solapur (my city) to Shani-Shinganapur, then Shirdi, then Pune, then back to Solapur. All the time, the Air-Conditioner was ON (except in city areas because I dont like to travel with AC ON at low speeds). We travelled a total distance of more than 800kms. Our Indigo returned Fuel Efficiency of around 19kmpl at speeds of 100-110kmph with AC ON. If I drive around 70kmph, the FE will be more than 24kmpl with AC OFF.
  7. There are four holes for Gear Box of Indigo. 1. The Inlet, 2. The Level Check, 3. The Reverse Gear Switch plug , 4. The Drain Plug. Even if I pour 4 liters instead of 3.3 liters from Inlet hole, the excess 700ml will not overflow from Inlet. Same applies for Engine Oil. Tata Motors Ltd. recommend 5.5 liters Engine Oil for Indica and Indigo. Even if 7-8 liters is poured, then also it will not overflow. But coming back to my topic, I removed excess 700 ml oil.
  8. For me all the cars whose Dashboard does not hold things. Means cars having Round Dashboard instead of Cubbyhole-type Dashboard. And also oddly placed buttons and controls. sudeepd2009-02-03 10:53:57
  9. sudeepd

    Why 800???

    Mostly only small cars are stolen in Metro Cities and sold in Rural Markets as small cars are easy to sell compared to Luxury Cars like BMW, Mercedes-Benz,etc. No person will dare to buy a Big Car without Original Papers. Small Cars dont grab much attention. So small cars are stolen most.
  10. Yes I second CC. on "Driving pattern changes for most drivers when the car becomes old. We drive it with care, when it is new. Traffic is increasing every day and it coud be a reason too". Drive the car as you drove when new. Avoid shortcuts which are crowded. Instead take a little longer but less crowded route and see your car mileage will increase by around 25-30%.
  11. This is not always true. Suppose a car is approaching a Square (Chowk) from South Direction and it wants to cross the square and go towards North. And a bike comes from East and wants to go towards West. Its the duty of the Bike Rider to STOP and wait for the car to cross the square and after the car has crossed the square, the bike rider should cross the square. If knowing that a car is coming, and still the bike rider tries to cross the square before the car does, ITS FAULT OF THE BIKE RIDER AND NOT CAR DRIVER.
  12. Sir you did not specify "Why is this JASO MA Specification is necessary for Bikes". Please explain.
  13. @Sgiitk Sir, You have not replied to my Query No.3. Above. Please reply soon. sudeepd2009-01-27 10:41:57
  14. One of friends had test ridden the FZ. He said "The pickup is not that good which is expected from 150cc bike". FZ has following plus points over Pulsar150- 1. Speedo Console is different so is the Digital Rev-Counter. 2. Tubeless Tyres. 3. Refined Engine 4. Black Theme. FZ minus points over Pulsar 150 1. No LED Tail lights 2. No Exhaustec. 3. No Twin Spark 4. Less Fuel Efficiency.
  15. Hi friends, This is questionarie about Lubricants. 1. What is this JASO MA Specification? I know API =Its American Petroleum Institute. 2. The Vehicle Manufacturers recommend "SO-AND-SO" Grade Oil for a Particular Vehicle Manufactured by them. What happens if that Grade Oil is not used due to non-availability of that Grade Oil in a Particular Area?Means if Grade Oil other than recommended is used what will happen? Example= Bajaj Auto Ltd. Recommends "SAE 20W50 of API SG + JASO MA Grade or Superior" Engine Oil for their Pulsar Motorcyles. a. What will happen if "SAE 20W40 of API SF + JASO MA Grade" Oil is used instead of "SAE 20W50 of API SG + JASO MA Grade" Oil? b. What will happen if "SAE 20W40 of API SJ + JASO MA Grade" Oil is used instead of "SAE 20W50 of API SG + JASO MA Grade" Oil? The "SAE 20W40 of API SF +JASO MA Grade" is available in my city. Should I use it instead of the Recommended "SAE 20W50 of API SG +JASO MA" (The oil available in my city conforms API SG norms but not 20W50 Grade)? c. What will happen if "SAE 20W50 of API SJ" Oil (with no JASO MA specification) is used instead of "SAE 20W50 of API SG + JASO MA Grade" Oil (Shell Helix which has 20W50 SJ is available in my city)? but Shell Helix 20W50 is Petrol Car's Engine Oil, so it cannot suit Wet Clutch operation. Should I use Shell Helix in Pulsar 180 motorcyle? Same question but for cars= Tata Motors Ltd Recommend 80 Grade Gear Oil for Tata Indigo. What if 90 Grade Gear Oil is used in Gearbox Indigo? 3. Bajaj Auto Ltd recommends 20W50 of API SG Grade Engine Oil for their Pulsar motorcycles. Is this recommendation applicable to ALL Pulsars sold all over India? If yes, then how will this oil (20W50) protect the engine when the Ambient Temperature is below 20 Deg. Celsius, say for 15Deg. Celsius? As the Oil is capable of protecting the engine when the Ambient Temp. is between 20-50Deg Cel., what will happen if the temp. is not in this 20-50 range. In Rajasthan, the temp. may rise above 50 Deg. Cel. Then this 20W50 will not protect the engine and may evaporate in the HEAT. In Jammu-Kashmir, the temp may fall below 5 Deg. Cel. Then this 20W50 will not protect the engine and may freeze in the COLD. WHAT TO DO UNER SUCH CONDITIONS?
  16. I dont know how much difference will the K& N Filter make. Yes you can fit Alloy Wheels to your car for better handling, looks. Also if your old tyres are worn out, replace them with tubeless as Alloys and Tubeless make great combination. You can look for alloys at Aura, Neo, or Fiat-Company's which are available at Fiat Dealers. Tubeless are less prone to punctures and even if one happened , you can simply fill air and travel for more than 200kms before the air in tyre disappears again. Buy a puncture repair kit (I got it for Rs.350/-) so that you can repair the punctured tubeless tyre yourself without removing it from car.
  17. The capacity of the Engine Oil Chamber (SORRY I DONT KNOW WHICH WORD TO USE) and Gear Oil Chamber is usually more than the Capacity Recommended by Vehicle Manufacturers. I had once read on this forum that one person had Toyota Landcruiser. He went to the ASS (Authorised Service Station) to replace the Engine Oil of his LC. The service center guy poured 2 litres more Engine Oil than that of Recommended by Toyota. From this story we can understand that the capacity of Engine Oil and Gear Oil is more than that of specified in Owner's Manual (Manufacturers).
  18. Do you need boot space or not? Check the features of Indigo CS and Indica Vista and then choose between them. Indica Vista's Fiat Saffire Engine is available in Petrol. You can check the features of both CS and Vista, test drive both, and then decide which one to go for.
  19. Today I got the Gear Oil of our Indigo LS (1,58,924 kms) replaced with new one. But I doubt the mechanic poured 4 litre oil instead of 3.3 litre (Recommended by TATA Motors Ltd). Will the excess 0.7 litre Gear Oil do any harm to the Gearbox in short or long run? If yes, then I will have to remove the excess oil from the "level check" hole. I know that if Engine Oil is excessively poured instead of Recommended Quantity, then that excess EO (Engine Oil) flows into exhaust chamber. But what about Gear Oil. Please guide me.
  20. The below link says Don't always use the clutch for changing up gears But Always use the clutch to change down through gears. Read the first two lines in 'Clutch Control' Section of "Tips for You and Your Bike" and reply this topic. Does it mean that you should sometimes avoid using clutch while upshifting gears but always use clutch while downshifting gears?
  21. @ Vineet Garg Sorry, I did not congratulate you on your Brand New Ikon TDCI. CONGRATULATIONS. Please carry out the Periodic Maintenance Schedule Properly. And yes Please get the work carried out on your car before you, so that you will know which works are carried out upto your satisfaction. DONT TRUST THE AUTHORISED WORKSHOP IF THEY SAID/REQUESTED YOU "TO SIT AT THE RECEPTION OF WORKSHOP TILL THE WORKS ARE CARRIED OUT". You will never know what works have been carried out (IF ANY) on your car while you are sitting at Reception and reading Magazines. The Wheel Alignment is not carried out properly if we dont pay attention. My friend owns a Swift Dzire VDi. Inspite of the wheel alignment carried out every 5000kms at the MASS, the front tyres were worn unevenly. So if this is case with MARUTI, then you can imagine with FORD. I live in Solapur. But I carried out Wheel Alignment on our Indigo XL at a Tyre Store located at Hirabaug Chowk, Tilak Road, Pune. Our car (Indigo) has covered 16000+kms after that Alignment and still no uneven wear seen on tyre and the aligment is still good (the car does not pull to any side if the steering is left untouched). So it is the matter of QUALITY Of Service. If you have any problems regarding your Ikon, feel free to PM me as I have too much Experiences in handling the Dealers and ASS(Authorised Service Stations). If I can help you, I surely will. sudeepd2009-01-21 14:09:05