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  1. I also dont know exactly how the engines are detuned. I just know that an engine with higher output requires high octane/cetane fuel. But what is the logic of detuning (means how the engines are detuned)?
  2. Rajeev Chandra said Run Cars On Water means "to run cars using water". He did not mean to drive car above and inside water. Please read the initial posts carefully before posting.
  3. Yes, you have to idle for 30 seconds everytime after you start the engine and before turning it off IRRESPECTIVE OF THE TEMPERATURE OF THE ENGINE AND THE DISTANCE COVERED BY THE CAR BEFORE TURNING IT OFF.
  4. I think you dont shift the gears in a flash. Try to shift a gear in less than 0.5 seconds. The bike should not know that you are going to change a gear, You should shift that fast. And as for stucking of Gear in Neutral while shifting from 1st to 2nd, you are not pulling the gear lever all-the-way upwards, you pull only half way, thats why it gets stuck in Neutral. Pull the gear lever all-the-way upwards and see whether it shifts or not.
  5. There are very few people who buy 4*4 Variant instead of their 2WD Variants because most dont require that much power (dont go off-roading). There may be <10% buyers who will opt for 4*4 Variant instead of 2WD Variant. If there is demand for 4*4 in that price range (or Segment), then the company may think of bringing it as option.
  6. I think the size of turbo will vary if the output difference between the small and bigger engines is high (I cannot specify how much HIGH). The ECU is also tweaked to match -the bigger engine output and also the emission norms. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  7. I own a Pulsar 180 DTS-i (with LCD Speedo). The bike has covered 10,038 kms. I face following problems with my bike 1. Hammering Noise while downshifting gears. Whenever I downshift a gear the gearbox makes hammering noise (inspite of depressing the clutch fully). If I blip the throttle (to about 2000-2250 rpm while downshifting, the gearbox does not make hammering noise and shift smoothly. Will this blipping of the throttle everytime I downshift, affect the bike in any way (Engine, Gearbox, Clutch)? Will depressing the clutch and blipping the throttle reduce the life of the clutch? 2. Bike gives Jerk while shifting to 1st gear from Neutral (ONLY WHEN ENGINE IS COLD) as the idle rpm is more (1200-1500rpm) If I reduce the idle rpm, then the bike stalls because the engine is cold. Please tell what to do for both the problems?
  8. I own a Pulsar which I purchased on 13 Feb 2007. It came with Bajaj-Allianz Insurance by default. I renewed it with New India Assurance Company. Now please tell me what should be the premium that is applicable to me if I opt for "Third-Party Only" Option. sudeepd2009-01-20 13:04:47
  9. @ thackervijay.. Please place the bike on main stand so that the rear wheel is in air. Start the bike and put the bike in 1st gear and leave the clutch (the rear wheel should be in air at this time). Does the rear wheel rotate? If yes,then the chain has become loose, get it tightened to recommended slackness (about 10mm). If it does not rotate, the chain has come off. Get the chain mounted on sprockets properly and check the slackness and keep it about 10mm. sudeepd2009-01-18 14:04:34
  10. Yes I have been facing these problems with some tata dealers here in Mumbai too... I sent my car for Clutch replacement. He replaced the clutch for me and after 2 months the car was having the same problem and I sent the car to TATA company workshop and they told me that the clutch plate was not replaced by a new one where the AUTH. Dealer charged me for a new cluthc plate. Also I got my rear power window replaced as the windor broke and after a week my front window was starting to give me problems after replacing the rear window. My experience with TATA's have been worse and I HAVE decided to never buy any TATA car again nor recommend anyone for the TATA car. That is why one should get the work carried out before himself (in front of himself). I dont trust any Dealer or Local Garages any more. Whenever I want to carry out some work (Repairs eg. Replacing Part or Routine Maintenance eg. Oil Change), I get it done before me, so that I can know what was the cause behind that problem and what parts were replaced during carrying ou the work. I ADVISE YOU TO STAND NEAR YOUR CAR AND PAY ATTENTION TO THE WORKS CARRIED OUT ON YOUR CAR WHEN YOU TAKE IT TO A DEALER OR LOCAL GARAGE. You can read my car's story below. The works carried out in above post are carried out before me.
  11. Can you give us the link from where you read this matter?
  12. The ECU does not get Reset even if the Battery is removed. To Reset the ECU, you have to program it using special tools. The only things which get reset after removing the Battery are the Digital Clock (if fitted on the Dashboard), the settings of Car Audio System (The clock and other settings present in Audio are reset to their Factory Default Settings). You can leave the ECU powerless even for 1 month.
  13. Keep 4-5 psi more than the pressures recommended in the Owner's Manual or on the Right Side B-Pillar of the Car. If it is mentioned 28, then keep 32-33 psi, if 30 then 34-35, and so on.
  14. 1.The brand you use is Castrol. What brands does the Owner's Manual recommend? 2. Please inspect the condition of Spark Plug and verify below- a. If the colour is brown, the carburettor is set to give you balance mixture of pick up and mileage. b. If the colour is white, the carb is set to deliver good mileage rather than good pick up. c. If the colour is dry or wet black, the carb is set to deliver good pick up rather than good mileage. 3. Did you clean the air filter element as I told above in my first post? 4. The manual recommends tyre pressure of 25 and 32 psi for Front and Rear, respectively but you keep the tyre pressure - Front-28 and Rear-36psi 5. Are you following the tips I gave in my first post?
  15. You will have to check whether it is available for Bolero. So its better if you check the Pete's website This website is created for India. But check it out for more details.
  16. I thought 4WD comes only in Getaway variant and not in Normal Scorpio (Correct me if I am wrong).
  17. The 2nd problem I mentioned above is present in my cousin's 150 also. He also said there is some rubbing metals noise at around 3000rpm if the accelerator is kept constant at around 3000 rpm. If the rpm is varied, the noise disappears.
  18. 1. Check the gap of Spark Plugs and keep as per recommended in Owner's Manual. 2. Check whether the electrode present in the middle of the Plugs is sufficient long. How many kms has your car covered? Did you replace the Plugs in the past? 3.You have mentioned that the car does not accelerate in the middle while driving it. Means there may be Fuel Quality Problem. Whenever adulterated fuel is supplied to the engine, the engine refuses to pull the load. Get the fuel tank inspected and if necessary get it cleaned and fill good quality petrol.
  19. I will not advise you (rki2007) to Directly go to pistons if the Distance covered by your cbz is less than 50,000-55,000km. My Suzuki Fiero (June 2000) covered 60,000kms and still no problem about pistons. You have not mentioned the Distance covered by you bike. First carry out the jobs I told before. Is there any Considerable drop in Pickup? If yes, then please check Engine Oil Level every 250-300kms when the Engine is cold and on a level ground. This will give idea if the Pistons are in good health or not. If the level drops by more than 50-100ml (for 250-300kms), you will have to get the pistons and rings checked. If the level does not drop, but there is Considerable drop in Pick up, then replace the clutch Plates with New Ones (with Original Specifications only). Have you carried out the basic jobs I told you? You have not replied about it. Please reply about that. sudeepd2009-01-14 05:26:05
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    Zen Estillo

    No there is some problem. HE has said that, he asked for a brand new car to check its smoothness. Sorry for this. But he did not mention which smoothness to compare = Engine Sound or Body Surface. sudeepd2009-01-11 14:17:21
  21. Are Front Fog Lamps of LED-Type? sudeepd2009-01-11 11:17:53