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  1. It is not given in Owner's Manual. The Indigo XL Grand Dicor has a Tachometer. It shows the pointer between 750 and 1000 RPM. When checked on the Software on a Laptop (The Tata Service Center has it) it showed 850 RPM. Is 850 RPM Correct for Dicor or it should other number? If other number, then please post it. The Indigo LS does not have Tachometer. What should be the correct Idle RPM for this vehicle (Indigo LS)? How to check it and verify if it correct (The Laptop cannot be connected to Indigo LS as this model does not have the Connector to connect it to Laptop? sudeepd2008-12-31 13:01:08
  2. How to identify the rpm is correctly set for that particular vehicle or not? Please mention the procedure for checking the rpm for 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers is correctly set or not? Our Indigo XL makes more noise at idle rpm. sudeepd2008-12-26 13:40:04
  3. @ FRG You did not reply to my PM after 04-12-08. I replied you with my contact numbers so the ACI can contact me and take my Queries to TATA Motors. Anyways back to the topic. I took our Tata Indigo XL car which I mentioned in this thread to another Service Outlet Chavan Motors in our city which is TASS on Wednesday 17-12-08 and told the supervisor about the coolant coming out of the Aux. Tank when the car is driven at speeds of greater than 90-100kmph after the engine has attained the operating temperature (Half Mark as per Temp. Gauge). He came with me on a test drive to check the problem. After driving 2-3 kms, the temp. gauge reached Half Mark. Then while driving it at speeds in excess of 90-100kmph, the temp gauge started falling down due to the Cold Wind flowing from front end which cooled the radiator. The Gauge reached to the 30-35% point. Then we took back the car at the TASS workshop. There we raised the engine at 3000-3500rpm in Neutral. After 2-3 mins., the coolant started spilling out of Auxillary Tank's cap. Then we came to know that the Radiator Fan was not working when the engine temp rised above Half Mark. Then he told a mechanic to see why the Fan was not working. The mechanic checked all the fuses in front of me but all were Ok. Then he removed the Air Filter and behind it there was a Sensor which activates the Radiator Fan when the Engine Temp. rises above Half Mark. The Sensor was Faulty hence the Radiator Fan was not working. The supervisor told me that he will order the Sensor from Tata Motors, Pune. It will come by Monday. I will post what happens after replacing the Sensor.
  4. The shield can get corroded with dirt which accumulates under the cars which are not washed (normally the drivers wash only the car body and the wheels' outer part which is visible). This will lead to rust and corrosion of the Shield. The cars operated as taxi are not be maintained and driven properly. While driving on Bad roads, the shield can get rubbed against the Badly Potholed parts of the road, and also while reversing the car as Innova is veryyyyy long vehicle.
  5. @ jimgeo...not able to see picture .sudeepd2008-12-18 13:45:53
  6. Does it make sense to fill normal petrol/diesel and then mix the Fuel Additives externally (System G/System D) because the guarantee of quality of Branded Fuels cannot be given in small towns (where EIII or BIII norms are not applicable)? Most of the pumps fill the same Unbranded Fuel just by changing badge to Branded Fuel and Earn Extra Money. How to check at the Fuel Pump itself, if the Branded Fuel is Really Branded or is it just Ordinary Fuel in Branded Fuel Clothes?
  7. Sorry' date=' darklord But by this post , I wanted to mean that the machine should require very Less Repairs. I know most machines require some maintenance (however low it may be). By this post, I wanted to express that the settings of the machine should not be able to be modified without any security code because modifying the settings will be easy for the pumps to set and they will show the vehicles are polluting (even if they are not) to earn more money.
  8. Dont worry about the IDV. Its the value which the Insurance Co. will pay if your car is damaged upto such extent that it cannot be repaired. It will not affect your car's Resale value.
  9. But what if One Buys a Minimum Polluting Vehicle (MPV), mix Kerosene in the Fuel and use it. It does not make sense if MPVs (mentioned above) are taxed less if they are going to spread pollution more on the road rather than in the Manufacturer's Factory. Ok its a time killer. It will require about 4-5 minutes Extra than normal per vehicle. But cant we sacrifice those 5 min to reduce pollution. The autorickshaws and transport vehicles use kerosene in fuel more often. Even I have seen Bajaj CT 100s, Kawasaki Bajaj 4S Champion, Hero Honda CD 100 using kerosene in petrol. The blue smoke can be seen coming out of silencer. Or atleast the manufacturers should develop such Engines which should not work when the fuel is adulterated. Only then the vehicles will use fuels designed for the particular engine.
  10. There is only one award for Car Of The Year. Its not given Segment-wise but Only One to that which wins the COTY from the cars which are launched in paritcular year, in this case For Year 2008.
  11. Only those People whose vehicles produce more Pollution will be unhappy and whose vehicles are in good condition will be BENEFITTED for Maintaining their vehicle in Good Condition. I did not understand what do you mean by this. But Still I will say something. I am sure Fuel Pumps will benefit from this as MOST PEOPLE Dont Treat their Vehicle Properly. Yes I agree with this. The PUC Centers give false Card if there is Power Failure or if the Machine is damaged. If suppose a cop catch a rider or driver and if he is unable to produce PUC, so the cop will keep his license & ask him to bring PUC. The rider or driver goes to PUC Center and ask the Attendent to give False PUC Card (Such as CO=1%,etc.INSPITE of That his vehicle is polluting the Environment) and show it to the cop. Then the cop will return the license and let him go. ONE MORE SUGGESTION. The Government should also give Concession to those people whose vehicles' all lamps are in working condition. Example= 1.(All) the Headlight bulbs (all refers to two For >=4 wheelers) 2. (All) the Tail lamp Bulbs ( One refers to 2 Wheelers,Two refers to 3-4 wheelers, and More than Two for Heavy Goods Vehicles Like Trailers) 3.(All) Outer Turn Signal Bulbs (Right and Left). And also check that the above Bulbs GLOW Enough Bright to see from Fair (Yes its FAIR and not Far) Distance, especially the Turn Indicators and Tail Light Bulbs. Whose Vehicles Bulbs are not working they should be charged More for Filling Fuel. sudeepd2008-12-11 14:27:46
  12. the depreciation has nothing to do with the Odometer Reading. Its calculated on the condition of the car (if the previous policy has expired before renewal), the current demand of the car, the spare parts costs, and the year of purchase. If the current demand is low, the spares are expensive, will decrease the IDV of the car. The Rate of Depreciation is High for initial 2-3 years, then the Depreciation Rate is low. This specially applies for the cars whose Ex-Showroom is very high, and also if the car is not in great demand currently.
  13. Check out the New India Assurance Co, Oriental Insurance Co, or you can even check out What Car?'s Insurance Policy which they launched last month.
  14. Hi friends, I have an idea for Indian Government to REDUCE 1. Pollution and 2. Loss Faced by Oil Companies. All Fuel Pumps should be fitted with Latest PUC Machines to Check the Pollution of ALL VEHICLES (>=2 Wheelers, Petrol, Diesel, LPG, CNG) >=2 Wheelers include (2, 3, 4, 5, 6,.......)wheelers. The Government should announce Concession in Prices of Fuels to those Vehicles (Yes Vehicles and Not the Vehicle Owners) whose PUC is below the LIMIT stated in PUC Norms. The Concession should be given corresponding to the PUC Reading of the Respective Vehicle. And for the vehicles whose PUC Reading is more than as per stated for that particular vehicle should be charged FINE in the form of EXTRA PRICE for the Fuel he fills. Example. Whenever a Driver or a Rider (as the case may be) comes to fill fuel at the fuel pumps the Pump attendent will check the PUC of the vehicle at the Pump (and not agree to the PUC card available with the Driver or Rider) and verify with the chart provided to the Pump. If he finds that the PUC is well below the Norms applicable for that vehicle, the Pump will give concession "corresponding to how low the PUC of the vehicle is" in the Fuel which is filled in that vehicle. Suppose a Petrol car comes for filling Fuel. The Pump attendent will check the PUC of that car by using the machine available at the Pump. [He should not agree to the PUC Card available with the Car Driver which the Car Driver has drawn before from any PUC Center.] Then the PA (Pump Attendent) will verify that PUC Reading with the Reading available in the Pump Chart. Suppose the PUC Reading of the car he checked comes to about 2%. The PUC Norms for Petrol Cars state that the PUC should be less than 3% for Petrol Cars. Now the PA will give concession to that Driver as per the Government Announcement made for the Petrol Cars PUC Norms. Suppose the Govt. announced that for every Percent below the PUC Norms Re.1/- Per Liter Concession will be given to the Petrol Cars, then in above case, the car driver will get Re.1/- Concession for Every Liter of Petrol he fills in his car. If he fills 20 liters, he will get Rs.20/- OFF on the bill that would have been normally resulted. If the PUC of the above car would have been 4.5%, the PA (Pump Attendent) will charge Rs.1.50/- EXTRA ( above the Petrol Price at the Pump) for Every Liter of Petrol that is filled in above car. If he fills 20 Liters he will have to pay Rs.30/- above the bill that would have been normally resulted As the Pollution of most of the vehicles is more, this idea will help the Oil Companies come out of LOSS because the FINE will be charged more than that of Concession Given. Same goes for Cooking Gas. The More Months you use a single cylinder before refilling, the more Concession you will get at the time of Refilling. The Lesser days you use a single cylinder, the more Fine you will be charged at the time of Refilling.
  15. ALSO DONT IDLE THE ENGINE FOR MORE THAN 30-40 SECONDS=> 1. AT THE SIGNAL OR ANY TRAFFIC JAM. and 2. WHENEVER THE ENGINE IS COLD(may be morning, afternoon, evening or night). Dont drive the car to its full potential during first 5-10 kms. as the Engine Oil is Cold, the Engine will consume more fuel. Compulsory Note: Idle for 30 seconds in Neutral (FOOT OFF THE CLUTCH) after starting the Engine if the Engine is COLD. Dont drive at speeds above 50-60kmph (May be Highway or City). CARRY OUT MY SUGGESTIONS AND I BET THE FUEL EFFICIENCY WILL RISE BY 15-20 PERCENT. GUARANTEE
  16. Very Happy to see that it did not cost you more. Good Service by Service Center. Hope all Service Center improve their SERVICE.
  17. He said "If Head Gasket has to be replaced then the Injectors also should have to be replaced as well". The Head Gasket replacing alone will cost about Rs.8000-10000/- + Injectors extra. The injectors of Common Rail are costly as compared normal Diesel Engine. Total cost will go in range of Rs.20000-25000/-. So its better if I drive at the speeds <=80kmph. This will not overheat the Engine and also the Fuel Efficiency will be Better as well.
  18. If you fit a Diesel Engine from Toyota or Nissan, will that be offered with warranty? Also fitting an Engine not recommended or tested by Fiat will cause more harm than good to your Palio. For Example= 1.The Front Suspension will not be suitable to the Retrofit Engine, 2. Also the Engine bay may need modifications to fit the New Engine, Air Filter, Power Steering mechanism, Battery, Gearbox, Cooling System (Radiator, the Aux. Tank). 3. The tyres would wear out earlier due to heavy Engine. BTW, have you done the remedies I suggested you in my last post? You have not responded on that. Please carry out what I suggested. And yes I did not suggest you Expensive Repairs. The work I suggested you will cost you about Rs.1000-1500/- if you replace Spark Plugs, Air Filter. You are not ready to spend that much to increase Fuel Efficiency, but are ready to invest in Retrofit Engine which may not have warranty or reliability. ALSO DONT IDLE THE ENGINE FOR MORE THAN 30-40 SECONDS=> 1. AT THE SIGNAL OR ANY TRAFFIC JAM. and 2. WHENEVER THE ENGINE IS COLD(may be morning, afternoon, evening or night). Dont drive the car to its full potential during first 5-10 kms. as the Engine Oil is Cold, the Engine will consume more fuel. Compulsory Note: Idle for 30 seconds in Neutral (FOOT OFF THE CLUTCH) after starting the Engine if the Engine is COLD. Dont drive at speeds above 50-60kmph (May be Highway or City). CARRY OUT MY SUGGESTIONS AND I BET THE FUEL EFFICIENCY WILL RISE BY 15-20 PERCENT. GUARANTEE.
  19. Clean Air Filter, Spark Plugs. Check Tyre pressure. I think you will need to replace the Spark Plugs. As the car is 6 years old, you must have run it atleast 50000-60000kms. So you should change SP. Get back to us after carrying out the above work. Also check PUC levels. From that you will come to know how is the Engine Performing.
  20. Test Drive the "TEST DRIVE" Dzire kept at the Showroom. Observe if it makes same noise as yours. If it does, then no problem. If not, then tell MASS to resolve the problem in yours and make it as the Showroom Dzire's.
  21. Our Indigo XL faces similar problem of overheating but at opposite operating conditions. It overheats and the coolant comes out of Auxillary Tank's cap if operated at 90-100kmph. No problem if operated at speeds <=80kmph. More Details at below link. Can someone tell me what is the problem in our car? The Dealer says Head Gasket will have to be replaced. But our car does not suffer from Poor Pickup or Fuel Efficiency problem. Bye.
  22. You should not change the SA only on one side. They shoudl be changed on both sides of Axle because if you replaced on side A, the side A will be new and the side B of the axle will be old. This will affect the wheel alignment and the geometry of the steering even after Wheel Alignment is carried out from reputed garage. I agree with Sgtiik Sir. You please check the mounting bolts. Also please replace the left SA so that both the SAs at front will be of approx. equal strength (NO SAs ARE OF EQUAL STRENGTH THEORITICALLY) and get Wheel Balancing and Wheel Alignment done. Bye.
  23. Dont use Castrol if you live in India. I have heard there are duplicates of the Castrol Oil and you dont get Original Castrol Oil in India. Which brands does the Owner's manual recommends? You have not mentioned your Odometer Reading. Clean the Air Filter Element, Spark Plugs. Observe the Colour of Spark Plug. If it is white, then the carb is set to deliver more Fuel Efficiency. If brown, then it is set to deliver mixture of Fuel Efficiency and Pickup. If Black, then it is set to deliver more pickup and less Fuel Efficiency. Also check the Engine Oil Level. It should be near the Upper Level Mark of dipstick. Observe the spark plug after cleaning air filter and checking Engine Oil Level to avoid wrong indication. Reply to my above message after carrying out the work. Then we will see what to do. sudeepd2008-12-05 13:52:46