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  1. Hi, A Vehicle fitted with A Turbocharger should be run at idle rpm for 30 seconds after starting and before stopping the engine. My questions 1. "How does the Turbocharger get lubricated after starting and before stopping the engine?". Who tells the Turbocharger to lubricate itself? 2. Does the turbocharger get lubricated only when the vehicle is at rest and in Neutral Gear? If suppose the vehicle is in Neutral Gear but in motion, then will Turbocharger get lubricated?
  2. FRG, What is this Thread Moved ? I see this Thread Moved in most of your replies. So please tell me the answer of Thread Moved and clear my doubt. Bye.
  3. On Friday, I went to Pune to drop friend's sister who just gave birth to a baby boy. Her house was behind Bharti Vidyapeeth, Katraj (Satara) Road. While returning to Hadapsar (my sister lives there), I saw a hatchback following me in the inner rear view mirror. At first, I thought it must be a Chevy Spark. So I did not pay much attention to it. But after going 100-200 metres, it overtook me and then after seeing the "Indica-Style" Tail Lights, I came to know it was none other than Very Much Waited Tata Nano. The car did not have any badge on the rear, neither the familiar "T" (Tata) symbol nor the Nano, to avoid people come to know about it. The car was black in colour but had grey (not body coloured) rear bumper. I think Tata is Testing the car's behaviour to the Indian Roads. I wanted to take photos but the driver of Nano was in hurry (He drove over the speed breakers in front of Bharti Vidyapeeth at the speed of 30-40kmph). And I was in our Indigo XL. So I had to drive slowly as the car is too long and also to avoid the OVRM kiss other vehicles as the OVRM have side indcators in them. I thought I will click photos at the Balaji Nagar Traffic Signal. But till I reach there, the Nano was nowhere in the sight. Anyways if you live in the above mentioned area, please look out for Testing of Nano.
  4. Hi, This topic is different than the topic started before. Should the fuel additives be added before filling the fuel (Petrol or Diesel) or they can be added after filling the fuel (Petrol or Diesel)? Iftex recommends adding Fuel Additives before filling fuel. Does adding FA after filling fuel not provide the benefits of adding FA before filling? Before filling fuel, almost all people turn OFF the engine. So what is the difference if FA is added before filling or after filling?
  5. You have not mentioned your budget or annual mileage. Swift dezire Diesel makes sense if you want peace of mind as its a diesel sedan and of Maruti so no worry wherever you go. But parking in city would require more manpower as its boot lid is very high. I would have recommended CS Dicor but it does not posess power windows. Only power steering is available.
  6. I think the black smoke is because the Fuel Additives clean the engine and/or the catalytic converter. I had seen an old caltalytic converter which got clogged with black carbon particles. When you apply more accelerator these clogged carbon particles get blown out of CC with pressure and we see these particles coming out of exhaust pipe in the form of black smoke. Dealer does not possess much information or knowledge about the vehicles he sell in his Showroom. I had an experience with the Bajaj Dealer. I went and told him that the gearbox of my Pulsar 180 DTSi (with LCD Speedometer) makes noise of hammering while downshifting to any gear. He said "I also have 180 but the one with round headlight (the first version). My Pulsar 180 had the gearbox of all down pattern and hence use to make noise while downshifting. But the modern 180 possesses 1 down 4 up pattern and hence it should not make noise while downshifting". On hearing that the first version 180 had all down pattern, (on returning home) I killed myself with laughing on his childish answer. Everyone knows since the 180 is launched it has 1 down 4 up pattern. But my Doubt is still not cleared. How can a Car Company recommend not to use fuel additives in its own Common Rail Engine?
  7. Captiva does not have auto option. I think Laura or Jetta would suit you as you do 4000km a month i.e., 48000kms annually. If you buy CRV auto, it will be very expensive to maintain considering that it is Petrol + Automatic. Go for Laura or Jetta if you are keen on Automatic and go for Captiva if you are Chaffeur-driven or ready to compromise with driving comfort (if self-driven).
  8. Should Premium Diesel (Bharat Petroleum's Hi-Speed, Indian Oil Corporation's Extra Mile, Hindustan Petroleum's Turbojet) be used in Common Rail Engine or not? Also Should Fuel Additives like Iftex System D or System D Extra be used in Common Rail Engine? The Manager at Tata Authorised Service Station said "Fuel Additives should not be used in Common Rail Engine as the injectors could get blocked with the wrong proportion of Fuel Additives.If the injectors get blocked because of these fuel additives or Premium Diesels then the Warranty on fuel injectors will void". He showed me a mail which Tata Motors had sent him. In that mail, it was written "We strongly recommend that Dont use Fuel Additives in our modern day Common Rail Diesel Engines as the fuel injectors could get blocked because of the thick fuel additives. And we also request our Service Station Representative to tell all our customers not to use Fuel Additives in Common Rail Engine". Is it true that Fuel Additives or Premium Diesels block the injectors? I had used System D many times (may be around 500-600 ml of System D in 500-600 litres of Diesel) in proportion of 1 ml System D in 1 litre of Diesel. But found no ill-effects while using it. I am confused as Tata Motors itself has recommended not to use Fuel Additives in their Common Rail Engines. Please post your views on this.
  9. How's that despite being reduction in compression, the engine oil is not consumed by the vehicle (Let it be a bike or a car)? Also if compression gets reduced, how can a car go to the top speed of 140-150+kmph. sudeepd2008-07-23 13:35:10
  10. But the engine oil level does not drop. How can you advise me to replace the piston rings when the oil level does not drop ( inspite of harsh driving) even by 100ml between oil change intervals . I have had calibrated the fuel pump from Lucas Service Centre in my hometown and also from Lucas Service Centre' date=' Miraj. .i.e., from two different Lucas Service Centres. But no sign of improvement in pickup. Why should I pay the bill? Despite Lucas replaced the parts of Rs.5050/-, there is no difference in the pickup. So what is the Guarantee that he replaced those parts. It amazes you that I got the work done but still I am not ready to pay the bill. OK. Imagine you are suffering from Lung Cancer and you showed to a Doctor. The Doctor carried out an OPERATION on your heart, and send you a bill. Will you pay that bill just because the Doctor carried an OPERATION? Or will you ask the Doctor, if you were suffering from Lung Cancer then why did he perform an Operation on your Heart? Why to check the compression when the engine oil level remains at the upper mark of the dipstick throughout the 7500kms oil change interval? I would have agreed if the oil level had dropped below the upper mark of dipstick. He (the technician at Lucas) will have to pay for his deed. On coming Monday (28th July 2008), I will file a case against the Lucas Service Centre (of my hometown, Solapur) in Consumer Forum.
  11. Hi there, From May 2007, our Indigo LS (Diesel Low-End Model) was not responding to the amount of throttle applied. I had to apply more than half throttle in each gear to make the Indigo move forward comfortably. At that time I did not pay much attention. I thought the pick up must have reduced because of usage. The odmeter reading was around 136 kkms (may be in the range of 1,36,000-1,37,000 kms). We used the car in that condition till this may (may 2008). Then in 3rd week of May 2008, I showed it to Tata Authorised Service Station (TASS). The Manager (Mr. Patil) is very good friend of mine (Matlab unki aur meri ab kaafi jaan-pehchaan ho gayi hai kyunki hamari dono gaadiyan Tata Indigo hain And our new Indigo XL parts were replaced 5-6 times means different part at different time). He helped me a lot in getting warranty. Back to my Indigo LS problem, He checked and showed me that a 'free-play' had come at the end of accelerator cable (located under the bonnet). He said "Maybe the fuel pump not responding to the amount of accelerator applied. Show the car to the Lucas Service Centre". (The fuel pump is of Lucas Make). I showed to Lucas SC (service centre). The technician (Nilesh Shinde) checked and said "The fuel pump needs calibration. Some parts of fuel pump will have to be replaced as well. Estimated cost will be around Rs.5000/- (Parts charges=Rs.3500/- and Servicing charges=Rs.1500/-)". He told me to send only the fuel pump through TASS. So I took the car to the TASS. They removed the fuel pump and sent to Lucas. After two days Mr.Patil called me and said "Lucas has calibrated the fuel pump and we have fitted it to your car. You can take delivery of your car". I went to TASS. I took a test drive to check the pick up. But I was disappointed when I noticed no improvement in pickup. I told Mr.Patil about this. He agreed with me. He advised me to show it to Lucas. On that day itself and from TASS only, I called and told Nilesh Shinde that I will not make any payment of Lucas as the pick up has not been restored. He talked with Mr.Patil, but Mr.Patil backed me. Nilesh Shinde insisted to make payment but I did not do. Then he (Nilesh) said ok bring the car and he will see whats wrong. Then I took the car to Lucas again. Nilesh Shinde adjusted the Antistall and idle rpm setting and told the car is ok now. Again I test drove, but still did not feel any improvement in pick up. I told Mr.Patil that I am not happy with the job carried out by Nilesh Shinde. He told me to take the car to Miraj (Near Sangli and Kolhapur) which is around 160kms from our city (Solapur). He told me that the report of Miraj is good. I took the car there. They removed the pump and checked the calibration and refitted back saying there is no problem. I did not get desired road to check the pick up. And as it was late (6pm), I returned home (since it was going to take 3-4 hours to arrive at home). I test drove in Solapur, but still no improvement in pickup. Then after one month (mid-June) Nilesh Shinde called me and said the payment is overdue. I said I will not make any payment as the pick up has not improved even after carrying out the job at two different places (Solapur and Miraj). He said "This is not fair. Either get the fuel pump recalibrated or return the new parts which have been put in the your fuel pump and I will fit your old parts back".But I did not listen to him and did not make any payment. Again the Accountant of Lucas called me and said your payment is overdue. He gave him same answer which I gave to Nilesh Shinde. Again he (Nilesh Shinde) called me 2 days ago for payment or return the new parts fitted within the fuel pump. I said to him that the fuel pump is not a bulb which, even after removing and refitting every now and then, will not get damaged. It is very sensitive item. I said Neither will I bring the fuel pump nor the car to him. And I am not going to make the payment either. I also called Mr.Ravi Gore, Lucas Senior Executive, Pune and told him my grievance. He said he will talk to Nilesh Shinde and call me. Then after some time he (Rahul Gore) called and told me that he has given two readings to Nilesh Shinde which he (Rahul Gore) took from R&D and requested me to take the car to check whether the readings match with our car's fuel pump. But I opposed this and said to Ravi Gore I will not be going to Nilesh Shinde hereafter. Ravi Gore also said to me that if the fuel pump is calibrated and still the pick up problem exists then the fuel pump is not to be blamed and its the engine which is the culprit. I told him that when Nilesh Shinde inspected the car the very first time, at that time only he(Nilesh Shinde) should have told me that the engine is culprit and not the fuel pump. On this he said 'Yeh sab aapke bahaane hain kyunki aap payment nahi karna chahte". Then I also told him to call Mr.Patil (TASS Manager) as Mr.Patil knew about the problem and would explain Ravi Gore better. Now after talking to Mr.Patil, Ravi Gore suggested me to bring the car to Pune and he himself will check what is the problem. Below is the copy of Bill of Lucas=> Sr Part No. Decription Qty Rate Amount No. 1 9109-230A Gasket Kit 1 1488.38 1488.38 2. 9103-009N Liner T.P 1 374.00 374.00 3. 7135-108 T.P Blade 1 625.00 625.00 4. 9109-186 Governor Arm Kit 1 210.00 210.00 5. 9100-483A X Valve Meterings 1 565.00 565.00 6. 9100-191 X Non Return 1 364.00 364.00 7. 9008-099AM X Nozzle 4 1424.00 1424.00 Subtotal 5050.38 Labour + 810.00 Total 5860.00 I am thinking about complaining against the Lucas in Consumer Forum. What do you suggest guys? sudeepd2008-07-22 19:43:27
  12. But which car (Petrol-Engined and/or Diesel Engine) if run on Ethanol is OK. And what is the maximum (and also the safe) proportion of mixing Ethanol in Petrol and Diesel, respectively?
  13. Question 1=> Can Ethanol be mixed in Diesel as well? Question 2=> What is the maximum amount of Ethanol that can be safely mixed in Petrol (And also in Diesel if the answer to Question 1 is Yes)?
  14. The topic starter mentioned that no idea about whether the driver survived or not. Please read the topic carefully before posting replies or views. As for the question of quality of mercedes, man give me a break. After viewing the pics, how can one say the driver survived.
  15. Hi, What are the advantages and disadvantages of adding ethanol to petrol in Automobiles? Can ethanol be used in diesel engines as well? I had read in Daily Sakal newspaper around 4-5 years ago that two young guys from Pune mixed ethanol in petrol in ratio of 85 % Ethanol and 15 % Petrol and ran a Hero Honda CD 100 (or SS I dont remember exactly) successfully. So whats the maximum amount of Ethanol that can be mixed in Petrol without any problem. Also recently I read that Mr.VijaySinh Mohite Patil will request Government to allow them to mix Ethanol in Petrol in ratio of 1 litre Ethanol in 5 litres of Petrol. So please put light on my doubts.
  16. All Hero Honda Bikes cannot be started in any gear (except neutral). If you engage a gear, depress the clutch and try to kick, either the bike gives jerk or the kick lever goes down smoothly. Try a Bajaj Scooter. If you depress the clutch and ask even a 2-3 years old boy to depress the kick he will do it comfortably. Bcoz the kick becomes smooth if the clutch of the scooter is depressed. Edited part I forgot to mention that you have to depress the clutch while starting the Suzuki Fiero and Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-i in a gear to avoid jerk. I wanted to tell in my first post that Suzuki Fiero and Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-i can be started in Neutral Gear with depressing the clutch which no Hero Honda bike can do. Not even HH CBZ. leave alone 100 cc HH bikes. sudeepd2008-07-20 10:49:56
  17. Scooty Pep has a 4 stroke 75 cc engine. And I dont think 4-stroke engine get stressed easily as in case of 2-stroke engine.
  18. Hi guys, If Water is mixed in Petrol in ratio of 1:4 and this mixture is used to run Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-i (LCD Speedometer), what ill effects will be on the bike? Currently I tried mixing in the ratio of 1:6 (Water 1 litre and Petrol 6 litres). My Pulsar is running without any problem. But I want to know what will be the ill-effects (if any) if water is mixed in Petrol and used.
  19. Hi guys, I want to know whether a Scooty Pep (75cc) Model June 2003 which has done 25000+kms can be ridden for a distance of 250kms. on a highway. Please reply.
  20. Suzuki Fiero and Bajaj Pulsar can be kick-started in any gear by depressing clutch and kicking. Even in Neutral gear the above mentioned bikes (Suzuki Fiero and Bajaj Pulsar) can be kick-started by depressing the clutch and kicking.