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  1. No Manish, I have a VERY VERY BAD Experience with ACI (AutoCarIndia). I also had poor service from Bajaj and Tata. I complained to ACI and our Forum Admin FRG (FuelRunGod). But still I am Waiting for their reply.
  2. I dont like to get the silencer cut and cleaned as the welding signs are left when the silencer is welded after cutting. Any another remedy? Does someone know about a chemical or some solution which should be poured in the silencer and then the silencer will get cleaned without harming the internal parts of silencer? I mean does any chemical exist in which Carbon Deposits present in the silencer get dissolved and no harm is done to the internals of the silencer? Please reply
  3. I also did not receive the May issue yet. Today is 4th May. I used to get every issue in the previous month's last week. But this May issue is making me wait. Can someone tell me why is this delay? Manish, What's the problem.
  4. How to decarbonise the engine and silencer of two wheelers and four wheelers? I want to know Decarbonising Procedure for engine and silencer of following vehicles 1. TVS Scooty Pep (75cc) 2. Tata Indigo LS. Can someone suggest me Do It Yourself type remedies. Should I use the Engine Flush from Bardahl work for Tata Indigo? I do following for My Bajaj Pulsar 180 while replacing Engine Oil-- Park the Pulsar such that the rear tyre doe not touch the groundWarm Engine and shut off. Drain old oil. Fill 1 litre diesel in oil chamber. Start engine in Neutral and run the engine for 20 seconds and turn off. Wait for 5 minutes. Start engine and engage 1st gear and run the engine for 20 seconds and turn off. Wait for 5 minutes. Start engine and engage 2nd gear and run the engine for 20 seconds and turn off. Wait for 5 minutes. Start engine and engage 3rd gear and run the engine for 20 seconds and turn off. Wait for 5 minutes. Follow this procedure for 4th and 5th gears. And again for 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st and Neutral. Then Drain Diesel completely i.e., let the last drop of diesel come out. Now fill Fresh Engine Oil. Now please tell me how to decarbonise Engine and Silencer of TVS Scooty Pep and Tata Indigo LS sudeepd2008-05-03 14:17:53
  5. Check for the ABS and Airbags option on the October 2007 Model. It may not have ABS and Airbags option, hence having 50K Discount. The latest model may be having these features (Airbags and ABS), hence Discount is ONLY 15K.
  6. Check the front axle nut if it correctly tightened. Also check all the joints related to the steering. You have not mentioned after how many kilometers does the problem arise. Does the problem arise everytime after riding those many kilometers?
  7. @rugs_tachy You have not posted any progress of the work you are carrying out or will carry out on your Caliber. Please post as I am desperate to read what problems were present.
  8. There is no such term carburettor overhauling. Carburettor Cleaning and adjusting it properly is correct.
  9. Yes I forgot to mention that. Thanks buddy. Our Indigo XL Grand Dicor came with JK-Tubeless-Tyres (OE). The left front tyre got punctured when my family went Bidar (Karnataka). But none noticed it was punctured. They thought air pressure was less and filled air and returned to Solapur (our home city). After 2 days, I noticed less air pressure (20psi) but I did not doubt it must be puncture. So again I filled air up to 35 psi. Again next day, the pressure came down to 20psi. This time I was sure it must be puncture. Then I got it repaired.
  10. I dont think old city had 13" tyres. It must be 14". You can find out the exact size(diameter, width, aspect ratio,etc) from your owner's manual. Let us know the exact size before we comment. As for tubeless tyres problems== The main problem with tubeless tyres is that the rims should be in good condition else the air inside will escape from the bent rims as there is no tube inside. You have to ride slowly over potholes because if the rim got bent, the air will escape. The tubeless tyre needs special puncture repair kit (Costs Rs. 300-400/-). Advantages of tubeless tyres== 1.They run cooler as compared to tube type.i.e., the heat generated in tyres is dispersed easily in atmosphere (I dont remember exact reason behind this). Correct me if I am wrong. 2. The ride comfort improves. 3. The handling improves.
  11. What was the reason for that noise and what part (Cost Rs.75) did you replace?
  12. The dealer wont replace the clutch under warranty as it it wear and tear item. Even if a customer does not ride clutch and despite that the clutch fails, then also the dealer or service station wont replace it under warranty. They blame the customer and nothing else. There is person whose octavia's clutch worn out at 15000kms. A thread is available "Skoda clutch plate issues". But I am surprised that you faced problem with a Honda Car. According to some people, Hondas are more reliable (I am saying this because I have not yet owned or driven any Honda Car. sudeepd2008-04-05 15:59:52
  13. Good Mileage. But with or without A/C? For vibration in steering above 100kmph, have balancing done on four tyres. And yes please check the tyre pressure (the COLD TYRE PRESSURE) before balancing.
  14. The FI version of RTR 160 may be 60000+ which exceeds the budget of Raman. If you want performance and are willing to extend budget to 65K, you can think of RTR 160 FI, Pulsar 180, or Hunk. But the latter doesn't offer digital instrument console. The 180 has little gear shift noise (albeit ACI says there is no noise while gear shifting in Pulsar).
  15. The Indigo has run 1,44,000+ kms. I have replaced complete set of four once at around 85,000-90,000kms and replaced only one at around 1,30,000-1,35,000kms. What's good bet-- Replace only the worn out ones or complete set.
  16. I can ride bike without any problem( except the noise of chain rubbing inside). The noise of chain rubbing is similar to the noise that comes if the both the hexagonal nuts (1st is on the right side of the rear wheel and 2nd is the one which we have to loosen while adjusting the chain) are loose. When we have to adjust the chain, first we loosen the nut on the right side of the wheel, then loosen the nut on the left side (the size of this left nut is around 22mm). Without loosening this left nut, chain cannot be adjusted. Now this nut has slipped. Means whether I turn this 22mm nut clockwise or anticlockwise no effect. Can someone tell me how to remove this 22mm nut as this nut turns with the rod under it? I want to replace the 22mm nut with new one (because this nut will not get loosen when I want to adjust the chain). Please tell me how to remove this 22 mm nut.
  17. Hi there, I own Pulsar 180DTSi (with LCD Speedometer). While adjusting the chain play, I overtightened the hexagonal axle nut present on left side of the bike. Because of this overtightening , the nut slipped of the rod underneath. Now a noise is coming from the chain as I ride over 35-40kmph as if the chain is rubbing against something. I think I will have to replace that complete axle rod with axle nuts. Any comments.
  18. Hi there, I have Indigo LS. The GLOW PLUG Light on the instrument cluster goes off after very long time (about 15-20seconds). Should I replace the heater plugs as a set of four or only the ones which are worn out? The TASS says "Replace only the ones which are worn out and there's no need to replace complete set of four plugs". The set costs around Rs.1300-1400/- while single plug cost around Rs.400-450/-.
  19. Damage alloys and wheel alignment has nothing to with one another. Wheel Alignment is done at suspension end. If the alloys are damaged you may (or may not) come to know by Balancing the wheels. Balancing is done by removing the wheel from vehicle and the wheel is rotated on a Wheel Balancing Machine and checked that the weight distribution is similar around the circumference of the wheel. As you say the vehicle vibrates, it should be Balancing Problem. Have the tyre(s) balanced properly at good Balancing center and see whether theres improvement. Is there any uneven wear on the tyre(s)? If its alignment problem, the tyre will wear uneven at the inner or outer edge of the tread. If its suspension problem, you will see mountains on the edges of the tread (the wear is in form of small mountains)
  20. I asked about initial pickup. Does the bike pull easily from low speed? If it does, then pickup has improved. You can check the fuel efficiency by measuring the distance from tank full to tank full (If you like). Fill petrol up to the neck of the tank and note down the odometer reading. Drive for 100-150kms and again fill petrol up to the neck and note the odometer reading again. Subtract the first reading from second and divide this answer by the amount of petrol required to full the tank second time. Ask the mechanic on what basis he says the disk plate is bent? Also you can observe yourself whether it is bent or not. Hold the steering straight and lift the front tyre and rotate it. Observe from the front end of the bike whether the disk plate is bent (while still rotating the front tyre). Do you feel that front disk force is not adequate means whether braking force from disk is good or not? Also you did not mention whether you noticed oil level dropping at regular intervals. I don't think piston would have gone at 20000kms. My Fiero completed 60000+kms. It is still on its 1st set of piston and rings. Anyways now you have replaced, what can be done?
  21. Timing Chain-- Does the ticking sound come only when idling or also when the bike is in motion? My friend' Discover also faced ticking sound problem. He used to complain about poor pickup but Fuel Efficiency was 59kmpl.. He replaced the timing chain, but still complains about poor pickup. But the ticking sound vanished. Front Disk Plate-- Did your bike face an accident? What do you mean by dishaped? Bent If bent replace the disk plate. For jerk-- Check whether breather hole of the fuel tank lid is clear from any dust. Clean it. If air does not flow easily inside through breather hole, the fuel will not flow to carburettor easily and hence jerk is felt because petrol supply is not adequate to carburettor. What is your bike's Fuel Efficiency? Engine Oil Level-- Check Engine Oil Level as follows= 1.Park the bike on center stand on a level ground. 2.Allow the engine to cool down. 3.See if there is a dip stick on right side of engine as of in other bikes such as TVS, Hero Honda,etc. 4. Remove the dipstick by rotating anticlockwise. Clean the dipstick with clean dry cloth. Insert it back fully. Again remove it and check whether the oil level is within the two markings on the lower side of dipstick. It should be at the upper marking. If not, add engine oil (check which grade to use 20W40 or 20W50 or any other. It is given in owner's manual) slowly in small quantity (50-100ml). Allow this newly added oil to accumulate in the oil chamber. Again check oil level after 5-10 mins. as mentioned above. Don't let the level rise above upper marking- Its harmful for the engine as this excess oil will flow in the exhaust chamber. If level is low, again add oil in small quantity and again check. Reply me if any problem. Can also contact me on +919420489984 (Maharashtra). Sudeep.