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  1. Sorry Cyrus and Tejas. I mistook the "not very promising look is Tata Indica especially the Diesel version" other way.
  2. At least this time check the Pick up of Punto with 5 People in the car and AC Switched ON and on Ghat Areas to avoid any Regrets afterwards.
  3. I have Suzuki Fiero which was bought in June 2000. The bike has covered 61,000+kms. Still the Engine is Strong enough. The Fuel Efficiency is around 55kpl. Now i have given the bike to a person in our office. He uses the bike without much fuss. Only the Timing Chain is making noise. otherwise the bike is Good in Pickup and Mileage. You can go ahead and buy the Suzuki GS150. It has Digital Instruments unlike Unicorn. Suzuki Bikes are Highly Reliable. You can take the example of my Fiero. As for After Sales Service, it depends on the Courtesy of Service Outlet/Dealer. sudeepd2009-10-13 07:45:39
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    Why are there two different threads for smae topic? One is the Current and another is at
  5. @sanjay Please don't try to fit the Turbocharger in your Palio. Because if not done properly, it will ruin (Satyanash) your car. Please keep the Air Cleaner Element Clean. Change the Spark Plugs and Engine Oil.
  6. First we had Maruti Omni Sky Blue Colour (around 1987) , Sold that and bought Cream Colour Omni (around 1989). Sold that and Then Navy Blue Colour Omni in 1991. Then bought Omni E (8 Seater) in Sept 1998. Sold that and Then our Last and Final Omni E was bought in 2002. Then Sold that and bought Tata Indigo LS in May 2004. It has covered 1,73,000+kms and still going Strong (No Engine Overhaul done yet. Touchwood. Only Clutch Plate Assembly, Fuel Pump Calibration was carried). Out of these, the Fuel Pump Calibration did not make any difference. That was waste of Rs.5850/-. It included replacement of internal parts of Rs.5050/- and Labur of Rs.800/-. Anyways that incident taught me a good lesson that don't rely more on ASS. Coming back to Topic, Then we bought Tata indigo XL Grand DiCOR in May 2007 which has covered around 90,000kms. For Problems in XL, you can search on this forum. There is good 6 pages detailed history. sudeepd2009-10-12 15:08:18
  7. Please use the Quote button properly. I did not post the matter written in above quotes. Other members can search for the same in this thread. Bala is trying to CREATE Misunderstanding about me. I did not say that But mostly they are troublesome- poor resale is an indicator for this I said-- sudeepd2009-10-12 13:15:59
  8. Honda has done a lot of R&D on Stunner. The Rpm of Engine at 50kph comes to about 5000-5500. Yes thats high rpm but not Very high Rpm Range. So don't worry. How much distance has your Stunner covered yet? Don't go above 5000rpm for initial 1000kms.
  9. I don't think I changed Pressure Plates at the time of Clutch Plates Replacement. Get the Clutch cable lubricated with Oil. Navneet, I forgot to ask one thing-- Did you observe the Condition of the Old Clutch Plates? Was the Friction Area completely worn out? Can you please post some pics of old clutch plates for us to see? Or at least Email me the pics so that I would be to tell you further suggestions.
  10. For Your Kind Information I would Like to Tell you that BOTH PETROL AND DIESEL VARIANTS OF INDICA LOOK IDENTICAL EXTERNALLY SAVE FOR THE BADGE AT THE REAR.IN FACT, ALL THE PETROL VARIANTS OF ALL VEHICLES LOOK IDENTICAL TO THEIR DIESEL VARIANTS. Example of Cars Whose Petrols and Diesels look same externally in India--> Chevrolet Optra Magnum, Fiat Linea, Fiat Palio, Fiat Punto, Ford Fiesta, Ford Fusion, Hyundai i20 (one difference for CRDi that it gets all-around Discs as Standard even on Base Variant unlike its Petrol Variant), Hyundai Elantra, Hyundai Sonata, Hyundai Verna, Maruti Esteem, Maruti Dzire, Maruti Ritz, Maruti Swift, Maruti Zen, Skoda Fabia, Tata Indica, Tata Indigo (CS, Normal, XL), Toyota Innova, Volkwagen Jetta. (I would have added more if I missed some but I don't have ACI Issue in front of me since I am in Office currently.) HENCEFORTH DON'T JOKE LIKE A NUT. sudeepd2009-10-11 15:21:16
  11. Sorry Cyrus, I saw this thread now. My Blood Group is A Positive. I would have been Very Glad to BE OF SOME HELP TO OTHERS. In fact there should be a thread on the Blood Group of the Members. This Thread should be Freezed (Sticky Topic) so that it will not move downwards even if New Topics are created or Posts are added to other Topics.
  12. So the Words of our very Respectful Member Durango Dude have COME TRUE. See the below post Posted by Durango Dude on 02 Apr 2009 at 8:23pm
  13. @rki2007 Minimize the usage of brakes. Anticipate the road and traffic conditions ahead and keep the required speed. If you know (or see) there is a Speed breaker or bad road ahead reduce the acelerator immediately. You should drive with high speed while approaching a bad patch of road or speedbreaker and then suddenly Braking Hard. Get the Carb adjusted by a good mechanic and follow the advice I gave you on page 1.
  14. I replaced the Clutch Plates of my Suzuki Fiero (2000) in 2005 at 35KKms. Now I dont remember whether I replaced the Pressure plates at that time. now the Reading is 62Kkms. No Engine Overhaul yet. Touchwood.
  15. From where did you carried that freeing job? From TASS or Local Garage? IF TASS, then give a try at some Local Garages. Local Garages are sometimes better than Authorised Service Station people. Also tell me how was the freeing done last time? Means what process did they carried out?
  16. Get the Fuel Gauge checked at 4-5 Local Garages. May be they can free-up the Lockup of Fuel Gauge. You can Search for New Fuel Gauge at Local Spare Parts Store or other TASS.
  17. @anijog, I advised CBZmainac to replace the Piston since the Bike is drinking the Oil at the rate of 100 ml every 200 kms. Otherwise as I said that my Fiero is still Strong (No Piston or Rings Replacement till date) at 61,000 kms.
  18. But I have experienced the jerks only in Indigo XL (DiCOR Engine) and not in Indigo LS. So its because of the VGT. And the jerks are felt only at the RPM where Turbo kicks in. No problem at other RPMs.
  19. He said that jerks are felt when the car is motion (at 30-40kph in 3rd gear) and clutch not depressed. So your above quote is baseless.
  20. Whats the Reason behind Tata and Maruti Suzuki Recommending to idle the engine for 30 seconds and 1 minute, respectively for their Indigo Diesels and Swift/Dzire Diesels?I have seen the Owner's Manual of Dzire DDis. It also recommends to idle for 1 minute. So why only Mahindra Diesels with MH dont need to idle? Cyrus do you think M&M Diesels are so Technologically Advanced and Tata & Fiat Diesels lack in that area?