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  1. In that case you will not be able to buy Modern Diesels and some of Turbo Petrols too. Examples-- 1. All Audi Diesels 2. All Bentleys 3. All BMW Diesels 4. Chevrolet Optra Magnum Diesel, Tavera, and Captiva 5. Fiat Palio Diesel (New), Punto Diesel and Linea Diesel, 6. Ford Fiesta Diesel, Endeavour, Fusion Diesel, Ikon Diesel (New) 7. Hyundai i20 Diesel, Getz Diesel, Verna Diesel, Sonata Embera Diesel, and Tucson. 8. International Cars & Motors Ltd Rhino 9. All Land Rover Diesels. 10. Mahindra Renault Logan Diesel. 11. All Mahindra Diesels. 12. All Maruti Suzuki Diesels. 13. All Mercedes-Benz Diesels. 14. Mitsubishi Pajero and Montero. 15. Nissan X-Trail. 16. All Skoda Diesels and TSI Petrols. 17. Tata Indica Turbo, Vista TDi, Vista Quadrajet, Sumo Grande, Sumo Victa Turbo, Safari, Xenon XT, and all Tata Indigo Diesels. 18. Toyota Innova Diesel, and Landcruiser. 19. All Volkswagen Diesels (and to be launched Polo 1.2 TSI and Diesel too) 20. All Volvo Diesels. So Search for the Remaining Choices that are left for you.
  2. Please go through my post which I posted 17 days ago--
  3. If the above conditions exist then do not get the Engine Rebuilt (Overhauled). It will cause unnecessary Repair Costs which are Expensive. Just check out when did the Previous Owner Changed Engine Oil, Gear Oil, Brake Fluid, Coolant, Power Steering Oil. Replace 1.Engine Oil Every 10,000kms (or 1year whichever is Earlier). 2.Gear Oil Every 20,000kms (or 2years whichever is Earlier). 3.Brake Fluid Every 40,000kms (or 2years whichever is Earlier). 4.Coolant Every 40,000kms (or 2years whichever is Earlier). 5.Power Steering Oil Every 80,000kms. PLEASE DONT GET THE ENGINE OVERHAULED UNNECESSARILY. ITS JUST WASTE OF MONEY. NOTHING ELSE.
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    What suggestions do you want from we members?
  5. Not heard of anywhere in any forum' date=' so don't worry[/quote']Bala, He asked whether Vista has Visibility Problem and not AC in Quadrajet. So please read the post calmly.
  6. ? can u elaborate more on this sir The Safari 2.2 has Turbocharger. The Turbocharger does not provide Pick up until a predefined RPM is reached. In case of Safari 2.2 DiCOR and Indigo 1.4DiCOR Engine, there is a Variable Turbocharger which provides boost from 1400 rpm. I also experience jerks in our Indigo XL Grand DiCOR at 1750 rpm. Dont worry just vary the speed and avoid the 1500-1750 rpm range. You will not face jerks at rpms other 1500-1750 range.
  7. Friends, Sorry for not updating you all that the bike has been Re-registered in Solapur (my brother-in-law had taken the NOC in favour of Solapur RTO-MH-13 from Bangalore RTO-KA-01) in June this year. The Inspector inspected the bike.i.e I had to take the bike to the RTO for inspection whether the bike has been really transported to Solapur. My brother-in-law had to pay fine of around Rs.1800-1900/- for not re-registering the bike in Solapur within 1 month of issue of NOC (NOC was issued on 20-09-07 by KA-01 and we registered this June). The Road Tax was calculated as per 20-09-07 even if We re-registered in June this year. The Road Tax came to be around 4600/-+ Fine for Late Registering around Rs.1800/- + additional RTO charges.sudeepd2009-09-21 09:12:35
  8. "This proves that the Engine does not Idle for 30 seconds before stopping and after starting the engine." That does not prove anything my friend.If the Engine turns off after 5-10 secs, this clearly indicates that the Turbocharger does not get Sufficient (30 sec) Lubrication Before Stopping and After Starting the Engine.
  9. But why do you idle for 20 mins? You should switch the engine off instead of wasting fuel.
  10. you have to pay the road tax at Delhi RTO. The RTO officials will calculate the road tax amount as per your NOC. If I am not wrong road tax is valid for 15 years. Please enquire at Delhi rto for more information.
  11. You can check out at below address You can get at following outlets-- 1.Aditya Birla Retail Hypermart 2.Foodworld 3.Metro 4.Reliance Hypermarts 5.Star Bazaar 6.Spencers 7.Staples Or you can fill the Contact Us Form at
  12. I am unable to find the post of the Skoda Octavia's Turbocharger Failure. If someone come across it, please post the link of the same here for others (including me) reference. Thanks.
  13. This proves that the Engine does not Idle for 30 seconds before stopping and after starting the engine. M&M wants the owners of Boleros and Scorpios (which are equipped with Micro-Hybrid) to keep replacing the Turbochargers after every Finite Interval. My Dad's friend owns an Indica Turbo which was used for Taxi Purpose. The Turbocharger packed up within 70' date='000kms. This was because the Chauffeur did not Care to Idle even for 5 seconds after Starting and before Stopping the Engine despite the Tata Motors Recommendation of Idling for 30 seconds After Starting and Before Stopping. The Turbocharger of Indica Turbo costs around Rs.34,000/- (Thank God, its a Tata Product. If it was Skoda, that would have cost more than 1-1.5lakhs. Theres is one Person on this Forum who owns a Skoda Octavia whose Turbo Failed within 42,000kms). Both of our Indigos are running fine. The Indigo LS (May 2004) crossed 1,70,XXX kms and still No Problem with the Turbo. The Indigo XL Grand DiCOR (May 2007) crossed 88,XXX kms and still No Problem with the Turbo. I, my brother, and the driver Idle for 30 seconds After Starting and Before Stopping the Engine. My Dad feels Waste of Time (not Fuel) to Idle for 30 seconds and hence he does not idle the car. Tata Motors Limited has Recommended that the Engine should be idled for 30 seconds Irrespective of the 1. Engine Temperature and 2. Time Interval between the Stopping the Engine and Again Starting the Engine. This means even if shut off the Engine for 5-10 minutes, you should idle for 30 seconds after starting the Engine.
  14. 1. TURBOCHARGED ENGINES NEED TO RUN AT IDLE RPM FOR MINIMUM 30 SECONDS AFTER STARTING AND BEFORE STOPPING THE ENGINE. 2. Mahindra & Mahindra has introduced the SO-CALLED MICRO-HYBRID TECHNOLOGY in its Bolero and Scorpio. The Micro-Hybrid Technology Shuts-Off the Engine if the Car is in Neutral Gear and Clutch not depressed for 10-15 seconds. 3. That means the Statement No.1 is not Followed by the M&M Micro-Hybrid causing No Proper Lubrication to the Turbocharger. How FAIR is this Technology? sudeepd2009-09-06 08:13:26
  15. Sorry I did not see the car Fall Apart when I touched the 180kph on Pune-Mumbai Expressway in Tata Indigo XL Grand DiCOR.
  16. I did not feel need of Dead Pedal in both of our Indigos. You might be needing one.
  17. Yes the above Vanity Van is Designed by DC for SRK. EDIT: This Bus Needs Rear Parking Sensors. This bus Does not even Have Rear Windshield Glass Either. sudeepd2009-08-22 15:53:37
  18. Don't dig old topics. The topic starter may have bought the music system long ago.
  19. But why MS is recommending people to Replace the Air Filter Directly instead of Cleaning? How can a Air Filter remain Active till the Replacement Interval?I guess the Service Interval is Every 5000kms. So it makes Complete Sense to Clean the Air Filter at least Every 5000kms (More Frequently in Dusty Conditions). How could the Air Filter Remain ACTIVE till 40' date='000kms without Cleaning? If we are supposed to replace it, why other Manufacturers (other than MS) recommend to clean the Air Filter every 5,000kms and replace every 40,000kms?Does the Air Filter of MS is of Such Inferior Quality that it has to be Replaced Directly instead of Cleaning? Agreed that A paper filter that's cleaned by pressurized air isn't as good as a new one. Then why other Manufacturers Dont Recommend the Same thing as MS?sudeepd2009-08-21 14:44:21
  20. But ACI Buyer's Guide says that the ALL the Models of Mercedes-Benz (including C-Class, of course) has Electrically Retractable Mirrors. So who needs Correction? If ACI prints it in their Mag, I guess MB has forgot to add them at their Factory.
  21. @tejas I dont find anything wrong with the Looks of Cedia. It looks better than old Lancer.
  22. You should rate the Dzire above Indigo. Indigo is more balanced than Dzire. Rear Part (Boot) of Indigo looks better than Dzire. Also the Chauffer of Indigo DOES NOT NEED Rear Parking Sensors to Reverse the Car. But the Chauffer of Dzire COMPULSORILY NEEDS Rear Parking Sensors to Reverse the Car. Not to forget that While Adding a Boot to Indica and making it an Indigo, Tata Motors extended the Wheelbase by around 50mm to make the latter more Spacious at Rear than the Former. The Rear Legroom of Indigo is Min/Max->72.5cm/92cm and that of Indica is Min/Max->64cm/75cm. But what did Maruti Suzuki do in case of Dzire? It simply added an ODDLY Shaped Boot to Swift and kept the Rear Legroom IDENTICAL to the Latter. Both Swift and Dzire have Rear Legroom Min/Max->62.5cm/85.5cm. Indigo may not be one of the Best Looker but it is no that bad either. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHETHER THE CAR IS ODDLY-SHAPED OR NOT? Please provide GENUINE REASONS.sudeepd2009-08-19 15:09:46
  23. Today I went to Tata Dealer and asked for Owner's Manual of Vista Quadrajet (Fiat Diesel Engine). In the Manual, it is mentioned that the Air Filter Needs Cleaning Every 10,000kms and Replacement Every 40,000kms. Now would some Experts please explain--> Why Maruti Suzuki mentioned in the Swift/Dzire Diesel's Manual that its Air Filter DOES NOT Need Cleaning but only Replacement AND Tata Motors mentioned in the Vista Quadrajet's Manual that its Air Filter DOES Need Cleaning Every 10,000kms and Replacement Every 40,000kms? Why Maruti Suzuki and Tata Motors are recommending Different Maintenance Procedure for the SAME Fiat MULTIJET Diesel Engine (or should I say Air Filter of the SAME Fiat MJD Engine)?