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  1. The HomePage of Forum is affected by Virus. Today again the Virus Warning came up. I have taken a Snapshot of my Avast Anti-Virus Warning. It is as below. PLEASE TAKE SUITABLE ACTION AT YOUR EARLIEST.sudeepd2009-08-02 08:12:42
  2. Still no answers on above post? I replaced Diesel Filter but still I am unable to figure out the reason as to why the car requires 1500-1800 Rpms to take-off when the AC is ON. When the AC is OFF the car moves forward even at 1100-1200 Rpms.
  3. Logan would be expensive to maintain (even if Fuel Costs are kept aside for a moment). Crazy Cat will be able to tell how good is to maintain a Logan. The Service and Spares Costs are high. Did I mention the Defensive Service Schedule of Renault? They (Renault) recommend to change Timing Belt at 60,000kms interval which for other cars is 1,00,000kms. More information on Logan can be had at below linkCrazy Cat's 50,000kms Experience with Logan You can have a look at Old Honda City since your running would not be more.sudeepd2009-08-01 14:19:59
  4. What does this Printed Antenna mean? Is it printed like the Defogger on the Rear Glass?
  5. What is difference between "Inline" and "Flat"?
  6. Correction in above post. We have two Pcs in our Office. I am able to open the "" page on 2nd PC but not on 1st PC of our Office. In the morning, the page was not ready to open in any of the above mentioned browsers on 1st PC of our Office. Why is this happening that I cannot access the Forum Homepage on 1st PC but 2nd PC? EDIT:
  7. The HomePage of the Forum is not displayed in none of the following Browsers--IE, FF, Opera. I always have to open the Active Topics Page (from the History of the Browser) and then Search for required thread. This is too disgusting and takes long time to find the Required Thread (Thank God I have not Cleared the History ). I think FRG should do something about this.sudeepd2009-08-01 07:22:00
  8. Another one for Indigo LS (Non-DICOR). The car moves forward on part throttle when the AC is OFF. But the Pickup is DRASTICALLY Affected when the AC is ON. I have to press Accelerator more (to such extent that the RPM rises to 1500 rpm) to move the car forward from Rest when the AC is ON. What could be the possible causes for this Pickup Decretion? MODS: Please rename this Thread as "Indigo Problems" instead of "Indigo XL Facing Series of Problems. HELP" Thanks.sudeepd2009-07-31 13:02:43
  9. The Tyre Height of the Original Spec Tyre (175/65R15) would be- (175 X 0.65 X 2)+(25.4 X 15)=608.5mm And that of Upgraded Tyre would be- (195 X 0.65 X 2)+(25.4 X 15)=634.5mm That means the difference would be of 4%. So should not affect the Speedo and Odo. BUT USING TYRES OF SIZE OTHER THAN SPECIFIED BY MANUFACTURER WILL DEFINITELY VOID WARRANTY. Even if you keep the Profile and Rim Size Same.
  10. Thanks FRG and Cyrus for replying. @FRG.. I know the Engine Braking is not to be used as PRIMARY Braking. But since the vehicle is in 1st Gear, the Engine Braking should be Maximum. And this should keep control on the Rise of Speed. No Offense meant here.
  11. Almost all people advise to drive/ride a vehicle on an descent road in a lower gear. Today I went to a Temple in our city. Past the Entrance is an inclined road (of 50 metres). So I decided to give a try to the above Advice. I engaged 1st Gear and released the clutch (slowly). Our Indigo's Speed increased from 0-25kph till it came down the Incline. I had thought that since the vehicle is in Lowest Gear (1st), The Engine Braking will Not Allow the speed to increase more than 10-15kph. Had I not pressed the Brakes Manually, the vehicle would have collided with the wall. So How much is "Keeping the vehicle in LOWER Gears while driving the vehicle down the Steep Incline" Useful apart from So-Called-Engine-Braking?sudeepd2009-07-29 07:26:36
  12. Could anyone please specify what the Slogan of Jazz mean? Slogan is "Why So Serious?" Also the Advertisement shows that all other Hatchbacks (in Bubble) blow up when the Jazz passes them. What does this mean? And why the Man brings the complete Plant when his wife wanted just Flower?
  13. Thanks FRG for Replying. Today Morning itself I got the Cooling System Flushed and Filled Fresh Coolant. But I did not get the Radiator Removed from the car. Just got the Cooling System Flushed in Reverse Direction i.e. from Radiator to Aux. Tank after draining the Old Coolant. Lets See What Results do I get. I will Update on this Issue. Anyways Thanks Once Again for Replying. I thought Experts are Intentionally Not Replying to my Queries. But my thought is not Completely False either. Only you answered and not others.sudeepd2009-07-27 15:43:22
  14. What is the Correct and Reliable Way to find out whether if any of the Glow Plugs are at the end of their life?
  15. Despite Replacing the parts, if the noise still persists, then the cost of Replacement was unnecessary. A Competitive Dealer should have sorted it out in the very first attempt.
  16. Go back to the Dealer and show him the problems and insist to solve them and ask them to do it for free since they forced you to change unnecessary parts.
  17. OK the Head Gasket cost you Rs.800/-. But what about Labour Charges? Or is the Figure Rs.800/- is including the same? I am very much SURPRISED to see such a LOW Figure for Replacement of Head Gasket. EDIT: Anyways Congrats Predator.sudeepd2009-07-25 16:12:31
  18. How did this statement escape from the Eagle Eyes of MODS?
  19. Do one thing. When you Turn ON the AC follow the below procedure-- 1. Turn On the AC and keep the blower speed on Max (I guess Max Speed is 3). 2. Turn OFF the Recirculation Mode. i.e. Keep it in Fresh Air Mode. 3. Roll all the Four Window glass down. 4. Wait until the cabin Cools Down to the Desired Temperature. 5. Roll up all the window glass. 6. Turn ON the Recirculate Mode.
  20. @kumar and designersf.. You drive at 80-90kph and 60-80kph respectively on the highways. But how long do you maintain that speed? FE is affected by the amount of the accelerator pressed while overtaking. Also frequent braking followed by acceleration leads to Bad FE. 1.Avoid Faster Acceleration while overtaking (I don't mean that you should not overtake. But overtake in such a way that after overtaking, you will not have to brake hard). 2. Anticipate the ahead traffic and try to control the car by using accelerator instead of Brakes.
  21. Sorry, but the prices for Scorpio VLX-A/T and Verna A/T are above his Budget of 8 Lakhs. Hyundai Verna Pricelist says that Verna 1.5 SX CRDi VGT A/T price is Rs.9,07,531/- Ex-showroom Mumbai. Mahindra Scorpio Pricelsit says that Mahindra Scorpio VLX A/T price is 9,76,200/- Mumbai(Don't know whether its Ex-showroom or On-road price)