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  1. Sorry, forgot to mention that I replaced the Secondary Diesel Filter only.

    The Primary Diesel Filter or the Fuel Sedimenter has not been changed.

    Current Odometer Reading is 83,XXXkms.

    The Recommended Replacement Schedule for the Secondary Filter is 20,000kms and that for Primary Filter is 1,00,000kms.

    sudeepd2009-07-23 15:16:54

  2. Another problem which was there for a long time--

    If the car is driven (or the accelerator pressed) such that the rpm remain around 2000rpm for consecutive 5-10minutes, the Check Engine Light on Instrument Panel used to glow and the Pickup of the car used to get vanished (The 2000rpm corresponds to around 100-120kph). The speed used to get decreased (from 100-120kph) and even if downshift, the engine would not respond. Then if I turned the Engine OFF even for 15-20seconds and start again, the pickup got restored.

    This problem was traced out to be Clogged Diesel Filter. I changed it and the problem was solved. smiley1.gif

  3. bike is registered on my father's name so is my brother eligible for medical claims (more than 4 lakhs already incurred).

    Sorry I missed this.

    What do you mean by the above statement? Did your brother make claims of Rs.4 lakhs in total from the Oriental Insurance against the Bike Policy? Or did he make Claims of Rs. 4 Lakhs in total against his Medical Claims Policy?

    You can claim insurance even if either is true.

  4. The Bike policy runs from 00:00hrs 06/06/2009. That means the Insurance is applicable to the bike from the midnight between 5th and 6th of June. Your brother met with accident on 6th June at 7pm. So it is clear that the bike was having Insurance at the time of accident.

    You can submit the Hospital Bill dated 06/06/2009 alongwith your brother's License's Copy.

  5. Civic specifies half the interval for the service / oil change' date=' i.e. quarterly service and bi-annual oil change.

    Also,  makes me wonder whether Honda do not trust their engines, or have more wear and tear![/quote']

    Bi-annual Oil change means Oil Change every two years, right? Then how come More wear and tear?smiley1.gif

  6. HG is Head Gasket. I used Short Form of the same.

    So what have you decided?

    Did you replace the Thermostat Valve (since it is Very Cheap to replace as against Head Gasket)?

    If not, get it replaced and see if the problem (coolant Spillage disappears or not. AND YES, PLEASE GET IT REPLACED IN FRONT OF YOU. The Mechanics can cheat you by not replacing it and telling you that they have replced it.

  7. Recent ARAI tests have shown that the additives in High Speed Diesel or for that matter any performance oriented diesel are harmful to the injector nozzle.

    Can you please give the Link where the Test Results are displayed?

    I want to see the Test Reports of ARAI where they have specified as you said above.

  8. No my car dont emit blue smoke

    Then you should try changing the Thermostat Valve.

    But Please get it replaced in front of you.

    I guess it would cost you around Valve- Rs.300-400/- + Labour Rs. 150-200/- Total 500-600/-.

    Then use the car keeping Eagle's eye on the Temp. Gauge and Coolant Spillage.

    If you still face the coolant spillage problem, you might have to replace HG.

    Replacing HG will cost upwards of 4000-5000/- I guess.

  9. Looking at your mileage, it seems your car might need HG Replacement.

    But still try my advice. First Replace the Thermostat Valve and verify

    whether the coolant spillage stops or not since the valve replacement

    will cost you few hundreds as against HG Replacement which costs

    several thousands.

    Does your car emit BLUE Smoke? If yes, then replace HG else give a try to my advice.

  10. @Predator

            I advise you to check the Thermostat Valve.

    Same problem had occurred in my Indigo XL Grand DiCOR. I replaced Thermostat Valve with New One and the Coolant Spraying stopped.

    Head Gasket replacement costs a Bomb. So try replacing Thermostat Valve which costs Peanuts.

    I think your Zen must be Out of Warranty. So no question of Free Replacement. And that is why I advised you to replace Thermostat Valve First and see whether the problem goes or not.

    BTW, how many kms has your zen covered?


    When I showed the coolant spraying problem to Tata Authorised Dealer, he told me to replace Head Gasket which will cost more than Rs.20,000/-.

    But I replaced Thermostat Valve whose cost was Rs.650/-. I got it replaced under Warranty (Even though my Warranty had expired 4 months prior to this problem).

    sudeepd2009-07-21 07:31:33

  11. Please don't fit 100W  bulbs to existing Reflectors since the latter are designed for 60/55W Bulbs and will Blacken the Glass with time.

    In fact, Manufacturers do a lot of R&D in developing a vehicle. If they fit 60/55W bulbs, there must be some reason.

    We bought Indigo LS in May 2004. My Dad's STUPID friend advised my Dad to replace the Stock 60/55W with 100/90W Bulbs. Result- Blacken Glass and the Beam (100/90W) would not provide Better Road Illumination either.

    So last year, I changed both Headlight Assemblies with New Ones and fitted 60/55W Bulbs.

    HIGHER WATTAGE BULBS ARE FOR ANIMALS (Who have Poor Vision).smiley6.gifsmiley15.gif

    Please use the Stock Bulbs.smiley1.gif

    sudeepd2009-07-20 09:46:48

  12. I touched 130kph on our Indigo LS (May 2004)and would have crossed 150kph if the Bike Rider would have not come across. I did not get chance to try after that event.

    I crossed 180kph on Indigo XL Grand DiCOR on Pune-Mumbai Expressway.

    In fact I wanted to try more, but was restricted by the Tyres' Speed Rating. The Speed Rating for 175/65R14 Tubeless is "T" (Which means Max. Speed allowed is 190kph). So I did not try more than 180kph (Speedo Indicated).


  13. @singhji

                 This is Tricky Question.

              If you keep Turning the AC ON and OFF--

             on one hand it will improve your car's FE and on other hand it will put put Strain on AC since when you will be turning ON the AC 2nd time,the cabin will be hot and the AC will have to Cool the Cabin all over again.

  14. Have a look at below link which shows 13 Cities which will go Euro-IV by April 2010. The 13 Cities are-- Delhi & NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Surat, Ahmedabad, Kanpur, Agra, Solapur and Lucknow.

    13 Cities to go for Euro-IV Emission Norms by April-2010

    But I am Surprised to see Solapur in this List. smiley3.gifsmiley3.gif

    I thought Solapur currently comes under Euro-II and would upgrade to Euro-III next year.

    Anyways, its good to know that Solapur is also considered Metro City.

  15. Remote Locking allows you to Lock/Unlock the car without inserting the key in the Door Locks. Its not a Security Feature but offers Convenience in locking/unlocking doors.

    Also your i20 has Engine Immobilizer. Its a Nice Security Feature if its unlike Mahindra Scorpio's.

    The Engine Immobilizers of Scorpios are easy to break in (Read ACI issues for more information).

    I think Hyundai's must be harder to break in.

    So Dont worry about it.

  16. @sudeep- the sound is somewhat similar to what comes when the gear

    shift is not smooth n u get a feeling like something is getting in the

    way while making the shift' date=' you need to put a liitle effort to push it

    in the reverse gear.

    PS-whole of this thing is experienced sometimes and not always.


    Dont worry, I too face this grinding noise if the Reverse Gear of our Old Indigo LS (Non-DiCOR) is not engaged properly. What we do is shift back to Neutral and again engage the Reverse Properly. Then the noise does not come. Similar to your case, we also face this grinding noise only sometimes and not always.

    The reason for that noise is The Teeth of the Reverse Gear does not get Engaged Properly.

    Follow the below procedure for smooth Reverse Gear Shifting.

    1. Allow the car to stand still. (Avoid using brake to make the car standstill since the gear teeths will not engage smoothly with each other if the brake is pressed. If brake depressing cannot be avoided, atleast release the pressure on the brakes to allow the vehicle to move a little which in turn will allow Gear Teeths to Engage Smoothly.)

    2. Depress the Clutch fully and wait for 5 Seconds (clutch fully depressed).

    3. Slide the Gear Lever all the way to the Right and pull it in "South" Direction but Straight. Dont allow it to move sideways while pulling it in "South" Direction.

    Click Here for more information why the grinding noise comes

    Read the first point under --From this discussion, you can answer several questions on above link.sudeepd2009-07-13 09:38:04

  17. In the Owner's Manual, it is clearly mentioned that what Max speeds should be touched in the respective gears. Please go through it.

    I guess the speeds for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th may be 15kph, 25kph, 40kph, and 55-60kph respectively.

    So dont ride the bike in the respective gears at higher speeds than recommended in Owner's Manual.

  18. Suppose I want to take an U-Turn at a Traffic Signal.

    Is it necessary for me to wait until the Signal Turns Green (if it is Red) or I can take an U-Turn irrespective of Signal if there is space for me to take an U-Turn?

    EDIT: What if I take an U-Turn while Signal is Red and a cop catch me?sudeepd2009-07-09 10:00:44

  19. You mentioned that the other key was non-functional since long time. So do you have that key atleast?

    If yes, on that there is the number printed which can be used by Maruti to Duplicate the key.

    Another way is that you can take the other key to some good Key Duplicating Shop. Avoid the Road-side key makers and visit some shop who owns Key Duplicating Machine.

    BTW, what do mean by "the other key is non-functional since long time"?

  20. Yesterday I showed the car to a local garage. The mechanic TD it and told me that the Clicking Noise while Right U-Turns is coming from "Stub Axle Hub".

    To make me understand, he showed me the Drive shaft of an 800 (which was present in his garage). He pointed to the end of the Drive shaft and said "The part which is covered with the Rubber boot needs replacement. That part costs around Rs.1200-1300/-. Complete Left Driver shaft costs Rs.2500/-".

    Also he told me that the rubber boot does not come with the stub axle hub and needs to be bought separately.

    So may be tomorrow I will get that part changed and will update the experience here.

    BTW, Thank God that the Special License holders were not allowed to answer this Query. smiley36.gif

    And I am Thankful to Anijog too for his help.