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  1. I have an Indigo Diesel which has covered 1,66,000+kms.

    Whenever I take U-Turns to the Right, there is some clicking Noise from the Front Left Corner of the car.

    Also when the car runs over bumpy roads or speed breakers, the Front Left Suspension makes farting noise.

    I have not replaced the Front Left--

        Wheel Bearing or Drive Shaft or Axle.

    I changed the Shock Absorber Assembly at 85,000-90,000kms.

    I dont think the Wheel Bearing or Suspsenion is the culprit since the Wheel Tread has not worn in uneven pattern (Wheel Alignment was done at 1,39,XXXkms).

    Also, today I did the following --

    1. Lifted the Front Left Wheel with Jack, turned the Steering all to the Right (since the clicking noise comes only while taking Right U-Turns) and rotated the wheel (FL). I heard some noise but not like the clicking noise mentioned in bracket. It was different than clicking. Again I tried this turning the Steering all to the Left. But no noise came.

    2. Lifted the Front Right Wheel with Jack, turned the Steering all to the Left and rotated the wheel (FR). No noise came. Again I tried this turning the Steering all to the Right. Still no noise came.

    Does this mean that Right Drive shaft is OK?

    I am posting the pics of the Drive Shaft of Left Side and Right Side.


    What is the Greasy substance on the Rubber Boot?


    Is it Left Drive Shaft which is making

    1. clicking noise while taking U-Turns to the Right,

    2. Making Noise of farting while going over bumpy roads?

    I have enquired about the Rates which are as follows--

    1. Drive Shaft (Brand BKS) Rs.2500-3500/-. Aftermarket

        Drive Shaft (Telco)        Rs.4000-4200/-. TASC

    2. Front Left Shock's Coil Spring (Separate) Rs. 1250/- Aftermarket (No warranty since only Coil Spring is purchased. Warranty applicable only to Complete Shock Absorber assembly)

    3. (Complete) Front Shock Absorber Assembly Rs.6350/- (Pair). Aftermarket

    What should I replace-- Left Drive shaft, Left Bearing, or both Shock Absorber Assemblies?sudeepd2009-07-04 08:09:57

  2. 1)Indian Government should put ban on use of Higher Wattage Bulbs in all Vehicles.

        No vehicle should be allowed to use Bulbs Higher than 60/55 Watts. I always have to use smiley16.gif (Goggles) to escape from the Intensity of the 100/90W or 130/100W Bulbs.

    2)Also, the Device which Dips the Headlight Beam from High to Low when the Headlight Beam of an oncoming vehicle falls on the former should be Made MANDATORY.

         No Mechanic should be able to remove this Device no matter how long he works on it.

         The ECM should be Configured in such a way that If this Device is removed, the Former should cut the Fuel Supply to the Engine.

    Am I expecting Too Much?

  3. Anybody have a idea if the LX CS diesel steering wheel will fit on the LS CS Tdi.

    The LX wheel is leather bound with a good finish and they have now incorporated the ridges akin to the Fiat steering wheel.

    I think you will be able to fit LX Steering Wheel to LS since the Construction is identical.

    I guess even you can fit 4 Spoke Wheel instead of Standard 3-Spoke.sudeepd2009-06-28 09:17:19

  4. The spares of Punto are even cheaper than swift and also the service intervals are of 15000 kms / 3 months. Oil change is at 30000 kms / 24 months.

    Nimesh, Are you Serious?

    How can the Engine Oil be used for 30,000kms? Even if Synthetic, it will be 15,000kms.

    I guess both Service Interval and Engine Oil Change may be 15,000kms.

  5. It depends on the ASC.

    Here in Solapur,

    1. Both Tata ASCs allow to stand besides the vehicle throughout the Servicing Process and sell the Spare Parts through Counter-Sale.

    2a. Maruti Dealer Achal Automobiles does not allow to enter the workshop nor do they sell Spare Parts through Counter-Sale.

    2b. Maruti ASC Balaji Motors allow to enter the Workshop and also sell the Spare Parts through Counter-Sale.

    So Please find out at your place.

  6. How much old is your car? Means when did you buy it?

    What is the Service Schedule for 1st Service in the Manual?

    If it is 1000kms/1month, and if your car is 1 month old then get the 1st service done.

    Don't change engine oil now. Change it at 10,000kms or as specified in the Manual.

    At 1st Service, get the following done--

    1.Get all the four Spark Plugs Cleaned and adjusted as per Manual.

    2. Get Air filter cleaned.

    3. Check whether Engine oil is within its limits (upper and lower level). If not add the Recommended oil up to Upper Level.

    4. Check the Battery Electrolyte Level and keep it between Max and Min Marks. If the level is lower than Max. Mark, add Distill water up to Max Mark.

    The First two will be done for Free. The Engine Oil and Battery Electrolyte if required will be charged extra.sudeepd2009-06-18 14:57:38

  7. gameboy,

            As mentioned earlier, my friend's friend did not pay anything for Victa's damage nor the Tata Dealer asked him to pay.

    So I guess its illegal to charge the customer if the Ins. Co. is ready to bear the complete costs of the damage.

    I think even Rubber and Plastics are covered in the Special Policy which covers the Demo Car.

    So Please tell him to file a FIR and also take Mentally Harassment Charges from the dealer apart from Rs.8000/- that your friend paid.

  8. 1)I found that the compressor stops in few min even before cooling After reporting to service centre they said its some wiring issue and was fixed.. after that it worked fine in the begining then after half an hour problem started again' date=' later they said its some sensor problem and changed the sensor but proplem still persists so they are now gonna change the compressor.[/quote']

    The AC must be cutting off after Half an hour.

    Did the AC remain in that OFF State for long time after that Half Hour Cutoff?

  9. I guess' date=' drive shaft is that cluster with so many ball bearings at the end of that rode which connects the wheel(at the wheel end). And axle is the complete set?including rode and the drive shaft that connects the wheel and the engine.

    Ain't I right?

    But the supervisor at TASC (Tata ASC) told me that the Rod which has Rubber Boots near the Wheel end is the Drive Shaft.

    But your definition of Drive Shaft is different.

    I will take a Photo of the Part and post here. so that you will come to know.

    Only "goenkakushal" posted his view.

    Anyways, it is our car. So will have to find ourselves since no other members have Experienced such Situation I guess.sudeepd2009-06-17 07:49:48

  10. Asked my friend for the damage of Victa.

    He told me Only the Front Windscreen and the Roof was Damaged.

    The Windscreen costs around 5000-6000/- and the roof Repair Charges extra. But still the Tata Dealer did not ask him to pay single rupee.

    So please tell your friend to take the Rs.8000/- back by hook or crook.

  11. Those People who BLAME BAJAJ PULSAR 180 DTSi for Reliability Issues, Please have a Look at Below Sites--

    The below link Specifies that Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi was run for 24 Hour without any problem--

    Please Open the above link only in Mozilla Firefox.

    It displays Error if opened in IE or Opera.

    The below link Specifies that a Person Rode a Bajaj Pulsar 180 from South America to India covering 30,000 miles.

    Any Comments?sudeepd2009-06-16 06:51:12

  12. the dealers AGM said the damage was huge and insurance wont cover full as there were a few plastic parts' date=' so he would have to pay the depreciation amt...[/quote']

    Depreciation on a Demo Car? smiley36.gif Thats Funny.

    As for my Friend's Friend who was responsible for Victa Accident-- He just paid the Hospital Charges of the Sales Executive who came with him during the Test Drive.

    He was not asked to pay even a Single Rupee towards the Victa Damage. The Dealer told him "We have Special Insurance for Demo Cars and we will get the Full Claim against it. So you need not pay anything for Car Damage. Just pay the Hospital Charges of our Sales Executive who was with you and arrange for a Driver to take the car back to showroom".

    Its Sad smiley19.gif that your Friend paid Rs.8000/- for nothing.

    Don't allow him to pay the Balance Amount. Instead tell him to file a complaint against the Dealer in the nearest Police Station for paying the Rs.8000/-.

    I did not ask my friend how much damage did that Victa Suffer. But will ask him and let you know.


    Please Refrain from posting the complete post in Capitals.

    It makes Reading Difficult. smiley5.gifsudeepd2009-06-16 06:39:03

  13. Hi gameboy,

         Your friend does not have to any money.

    One of my friend told me that his friend had taken a Test Drive of Sumo Victa. On highway, a truck cut across him. He did not know how to control the car. The Victa Toppled and went 20-25 feet away from road.

    The Sales Executive who was present in the car was injured.

       The Tata Dealer did not ask him to pay even a Rupee.

    The Dealer said to him "We have Special Insurance Claim. This Accident will be covered under it. Just arrange for a Driver to take this car back to the Showroom".


  14. The answers are not corresponding to your Question Numbers.

    1.For Front Brake, check the Pads if they are worn and replace if necessary. Also check the thickness of the Disc at the same time if it within limits.

    2.For Rear Brake, clean the Drum Shoes and the Inside of the Drum with Sand Paper. Check if the Shoes are worn and replace if necessary.

    3.For Poor Gear Shifting-

         a. When was the last time you Changed Engine Oil? Please mention the Former Reading and Current Reading.

         b. Get the Clutch Play adjusted as per Honda Recommendation.

  15. Thanks Cyrus.

    Yesterday Morning, a cop caught the Indigo XL for its Number Plate Fonts which were written as

                              MH13. AC


    So got it changed to


    Also I would like to know, Can we keep the Xerox Copies of RC and Insurance Papers in the car or should we mandatorily keep Original Copies?

    Means, If the cops catch for Papers, would the Xerox Copies do the work or Should I keep Original Copies in the car?sudeepd2009-06-14 07:32:16