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  1. Its official ....Yamaha are including an ECU remap and a booster as a package for approx 20 grand ....this package will increase the existing power of the r15 by 50% to an indicated 25bhp....this will be offered by Yamaha as a factory option very soon .....i was told by an Yamaha official and a insider.... expect a drop in mileage but a tremendous increase in acceleration and top speed.
  2. On road cost in Bangalore is 1 lakh twelve thousand . I have ridden close to 250 km til now and have got an average of around 41-42 km to a litre.....it sounds great ..not too loud but once the bike revs more than 5000 the sound changes slightly along with a serious shove which goes up all the way til the 10500 mark ...well since we aren't supposed to rev past 5000rpm til 500 km and til 7500rpm til 1000km (according to the owners manual) i haven't repeatedly pushed the bike hard.........(couldn't control my temptation a couple of times though)
  3. well i just took the delivery of my r15 yesterday night (30th June 2008)(Bangalore r15 bash-garuda mall) and believe me this bike rocks