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  1. @durango dude thanx very much !!nothing to complain much .The car is a gem and i don't go without driving her every day . @guiguiswiss thanx! yes that's the engine displacement .
  2. sorry on not posting those pictures you all were waiting for !!! here they are .
  3. Thanx @dr.nishu ..got the car yesterday and must say she looks gorgeous .will upload photos in few days .i found something strange the AQS button in the aircon unit is missing in my 2011 cruze ltz..is this feature removed and my car battery is now placed with exide rather than ac delco is the dealer at fault or the manufacturer changed its battery vendor ..dealership experience was at most pathetic .here are the problems faced during delivery 1) never explained any features though we new our way around the car 2)never did pooja ,no photos ,congrats ,choc box , bouquet, no fuel voucher ..anyways its for courtesy sake these guys follow these basic procedure's when buying a car costing close to 17 lac's might be because we took from yard and not showroom and our SE was at time on leave .so another guy attended to us . 3)they have a spanking showroom of Renault and its service center near the yard they could have called my dad in to that showroom and sign the papers as even Renault belongs to that dealer for Chevrolet .but rather made my dad sign under the bonnet of a wagonr in the hot sun of chennai . 4)never provided the promise of boot mat and floor mats and mud flaps for which they told will provide in the following week after my dad blasted them . 5)car was not cleaned to our expectations .dad at this stage just lost it and blasted the SE and the general manager 6)tank was empty and the cruze was showing the warning and why the hell the dealer could at least give few liters of diesel till we reach the bunk .thank god a coco bunk was near buy and she guzzled a full tank of diesel overall feedback for this dealer is a strict no no and this is what Chevrolet customers receive for purchasing a 17 lacs vehicle were even a maruti customer will get a better satisfaction in delivery .but the car is what we want and she is a gem and not one niggle thank god .will love cruze to very end
  4. Uploaded with ImageShack.us[/img] fastest hatchback in india is going to share garage space with a beast ....be prepared little i20abhigtr2011-11-13 18:01:16
  5. Uploaded with ImageShack.us my mini prancing horse ...abhigtr2011-11-13 17:59:04
  6. Uploaded with ImageShack.us[/img] never had the heart to see her go......abhigtr2011-11-13 18:00:15
  7. PRICE BREAK UP CHEVROLET CRUZE LTZ -13,89,010rs ex-showroom 40,000rs insurance (icici Lombard bumper to bumper cover and dealer insisted we do insurance from them for the discount to apply as they have some tie up . dad tried getting done from his icici bank as his freind is the branch manager and was giving at a fairly low price quote ) REGISTRATION AND TAX-2,30,000rs total of 16,59,000 approx cash discount -50,000rs flat total -16,09,000 with all standard dealership freebies included
  8. BOOKING COMMENCES -The cruze ltz costs 16.59 on-road Chennai. Now we started negotiating the deals a lot on the cruze between two dealers and owing to fact that one dealer KLN motors never bothered to reply to my father regarding this and only called us after purchasing the vehicle in final stages .and more over they didn't seem interested at all and were accused of selling new car that are being used for demo to other customers .so stay away from them is a humble request . SUNDHRAM MOTORS -The did not have the car in stock and said delivery is roughly 12 days for velvet red and this dealer SE srikanth told that velvet red was not metallic and this made us decide colors we didn't like apart from black,white ,red ..cruze doesn't strike chord with other colors (purely my opinion guys)white and black ruled out due to maintenance of the color and diamond white costing 10k more never justified a bit ,sand drift grey(never liked at all)and we were deciding with Atlantis blue and switchblade silver.They offered a straight 35,000rs discount and freebies like floor mats , Teflon coat,3m sunfilm .dad wanted them to reduce further in cash discount but they never budged till the very end dropping them also out of the picture .The next dealer we chose was relatively a new month and they are ..... KHIVIRAJ MOTORS - These guys are in the automotive scene for a long time and were the first few dealers for bajaj and then maruti Suzuki . and they recently are the sole dealers of RENAULT CHENNAI and their newest addition Chevrolet .contacted a SE mr.sarvanan he immediately was courteous enough to bring a TD vehicle eve though we TD her .and we told him about sundhram motors and the discount offered by them and wanted him to give a better deal .He said he had to speak to his higher authorities and next day called us and said if we booked immediately he would give us flat cash discount of 50,000rs and all freebies like 3m sun film, Teflon,mudflap, boot mat,floor mats and all . we booked immediately by paying 1lac and he said velvet red was metallic and this we confirmed with general motors for which they to confirmed regarding the color issue .so booked velvet red and he said the vehicle is readily available in this color and hence we paid the balance the following week and did a PDI of the car And checked the vin nos and the manufacturing date being july 2011 and the car was spotless of errors was in immaculate condition in their yard.Must mention that their showroom in Nandanam is a tad small and the area undergoing some work .we have decided to take the delivery form their yard in mount road .This is one of the best i have seen and houses all the new RENAULT FLUENCE AND CHEVROLET CRUZE that are dispatched and is a very well maintained yard with their workshop for Renault and Chevrolet and maruti Suzuki and the reanult showroom all adjacent to each other a very big place .There were some delivery issues in the past week due to public holidays in RTO and auspicious dates put by my mom.Will be bringing her home tomorrow and will post picture in 24hrs .hope you like this short review put forth by me .
  9. AMG1 the update is not likely till next year of mid 2012 and will be launched only after the new captiva so might take time a lot and we can live without the 163hp and extra NM torque.I found this itself more satisfying in the roads and highway use and we needed a car immediately and there was no waiting any more .
  10. OCTOBER 2011- Test drives has begun ..... SKODA Laura -My friend had purchased this car in that month and got to see it .he had bought the elegance diesel manual and had costed him 19lac on -road .TD the car at the dealer and was put of by the unfriendly staff who thought we were not potential customers as i and my friend were the ones who went along and dad was busy with work and not such a fan of skoda.Car was great to drive in terms of handling and interiors had class .only thing didnt like in this car was engine noise was high compared to cruze and the staff ,a$$.so strike one of the list . VW jetta -hmm i guess both skoda and vw share the same genes in even selling the cars .staff were even worse in this case in abra motors and they never bothered to attend to me and my friend, remember the friend who bought the laura .The car looked identical to the younger sibling the vw vento and the rear a bit audish .The positives on this car were the space at the back and that's it from my point of view never justified the 19lac price point as it never even came with ACC and their so called leatherette seats(artificial) .my dad never came to TD even this one as he didn't like a vento looking car for 19lac .and staff were never bothered to attend to the customer and no TD vehicle at that moment ,had gone to the managing directors house it seems and 3month waiting period .BYE BYE TO GERMAN ENGINEERING "MADE IN INDIA" CAR. BMW 3 AND AUDI A4 - Saturday morning went to both the showrooms and TD with dad. Liked the BMW a lot and was mind blowing in its dynamic characteristics and enjoyed the feeling of royalty with the staff .and we went down to Audi Chennai and TD the a4 and like her also .The feature on the 2.0tdi were a little more than the BMW 320d Ce and the on road price was approx lac's with all the bell's and whistles and the tempting discount .There was a stage when my dad was going to book this car by selling the i20 also and later buying a small car in the future . but here again my mom intervened after our TD of both a4 and 3series and did not allow a bit to buy car costing 30 lac's and more as i was next in line to go abroad for further studies and didn't want to waste money down the drain is what my mom spoke .Dad called me silently and told these words "AS LONG AS YOUR MOM IS ALIVE WE CAN NEVER BUY CARS COSTING 20 LAC'S OR MORE " and she wanted the budget to be around lac's only on-road . CHEVROLET CRUZE STRIKES BACK HARD -Thats it dad finalized the cruze as our next car and booking procedures were going on .called Sundhram motors to bring the car for me to TD (remember i was not ready in 2009..nut was ready for her now ) Mr.Sridhar came immediately the following day of our call and brought the car .Without hesitating a bit sat on the caviar black 2011 cruze and this time in the drivers seat .pressed the ignition start and she roared to life and lighting the cockpit (uber cool) in night .drove her along elliots beach a few meters from where i stay and immediately floored her, the acceleration was pretty intoxicating and adrenaline rush it gave .nothing like the i20 crdi .liked her a lot except a few niggles like plastic quality ,rear seat space and finish for 16lacs you pay .but hey i bought her only for her engine and looks and me and dad only behind the wheel rather than the back and though the SE was lacking knowledge on the car and whether velvet red was metallic or not he didn't know as we wanted her as the next color apart form black being the primary one and ruled out after punto.so cruze was it .To be continued ......