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  1. i my honest opinion Narain shouldn't return back to F1 fact is fact ..he will finish dead last or will crash this is what will happen 100% sure he will not make it in top 10 in any race especially Indian gp .Why do you guys consider this great news as if he has done a good job in formula 1 before.
  2. After a long time its good to be back in the forum . but now i am generally having a serious problem with the service center (CONCORD MOTORS-KOTTIVAKAM) gave my punto for it service break at 30,000km and you guys know what its been in the service center for 15 days i just don't know what to do .They give ridiculous reasons that a few parts in the turbo need to be changed and they don't have stock.complained to fiat care and they don't do a better job either .my dad is so fed up he has decided to sell the car come march not even a year has completed that my dad has decided to sell such a beauty .The car has been giving problems for quiet a few days now like constant emission of smoke ( close to the ones old diesel cars make),more noise than usual,plastics just come out. I am no longer a fiat fan that i was. we decided to get the renault fluence soon as it releases and my dad never hopes to go for a fiat-tata product ever that has what the mindset has been after the faulty problems with the car and service center .Fiat will never improve
  3. @winner48 dad clearly made up his mind on Yamaha and my dad when in 20's owned a suzuki that gave him problems he cant forget about and the idea of owning suzuki is just not in his mind .he is just a fan of Yamaha and aprillia . will take some time for me to get over r15 being sold!!
  4. here are some photos i have taken few months back will cherish them for ever. don't consider me crazy but just cannot forget they have gone away from me . It just feels like yesterday me driving dio and r15.time just fly's these days !!
  5. I just created this post to express my feeling of selling my bike and scooter . The year was 2007 when i got my hands on my very own brand new Honda DIO standing in my parking lot dad had gifted this scooter as my very own . the day she arrived was when i was in high school and the perfect time when i learnt to ride two wheelers and i had just the time of my life taking her around my city without any license . DIO till date had never give me a problem apart from the electric start motor which occasionally failed she covered a distance of 7567km in a span of 4 years i had the occasion of falling down from her once which i regret . Then a day came when r15 was one of the first proper sport bike to be launched in India. me and my dad just feel in love the moment we saw her and blindly payed the entire money which was then 1,10,000( on-road Chennai) without even listening to the sound she made from her engine . This was the first time i and my dad jointly loved the motor vehicle we bought and occasionally taking fights to ride her . I still remember the day when i and dad took her out of the showroom we were heading straight to fill her tummy with petrol all eyes were on the bike with people asking price ,mileage ,what brand!! lol. since my bike was 5th to be sold in Chennai so it was sudden sight for all but now its a thing of a past seeing about 100 of r15 on roads every day in the city but still the love for my bike grew strong with my bike taken care every step and occasionally giving my excuses to my parents to take her out .now dio had gone away from me as mom and sister started to use them and i being in college always took my r15 .The year 2010 came when i started to be more of car fanatic by driving my other cars around punto,cruze,i20.but my love for r15 stayed on. Just a day back my dad gave me a shock telling that he has decided to sell both honda dio and yamaha r15 which was a shock my friends asked me to plead to my father since they too loved to take a spin on her and loved her very much but dad told that the broker offered a better price which was just the right thing to do for him as he told me that r15 being 2 years old has clocked only 5000kms which is pretty bad since my dad was busy using only car has his transport to his factory and using the bike in daytime was just not permitting him due to the insane heat in the city and me often in college had little time to use her in night but made it sure to use her as much as i could but then gave importance to the cars and bike and scooter were just lying idle which dad didn't like.I literally cried shedding tears telling him not to sell them but he too felt sad but had to do it and got over the fact and had to come to real world since it was destined to go one day or the other. The price i sold my bike and scooter may come as a shock to you all . YAMAHA R15(2008-5000KM ) -81,000RS(ACTUALLY 82,000 BUT INSURANCE EXPIRED SO THE BROKER REDUCED 1000RS) HONDA DIO(2007-7567KM)-23,000RS TOTAL-1,04,000RS(GOOD DEAL FOR DAD ,GOD KNOWS WHY THE BROKER PAYED SO MUCH ) Even r15 never gave me a slight problem in two years the best Yamaha motor cycle for India too date . There was a time when i had skidded of the bike during heavy rainfall and bike got a huge damage even then she started with ease repairs were made and paint coat given at cost of 4000rs and since then maintained the bike . TODAY sold my motorcycles a few hours back.me and dad felt sad but we had to move on we considered them a part of family and for me was the first motorcycle i gotta ride . dad promised me that he would try to buy in time Yamaha r6 if sold in India officially or would import it and pay a premium since we are both car and bike fanatics and just cannot stop thinking of owing a sport bike. so guys will r6 be launched officially in India we don't mind in waiting for a year and ready to pay the price the bike retails or dad told he will try importing and pay premium taxes if they don't launch within a year time .so please reply whether r6 will launch soon or not. but my love for r15 and dio will always stay in my heart what ever comes in our way in years to come.since they were my first scooter and motorbike
  6. ? Verna for 11 lakhs !!? I think you misuderstood dude.. Its out & for just Prices between 6.56(base petrol)?and 9.22 lakhs(for Diesel AT). Well all of its Variants falls under his budget' date=' probably the last one slightly overflowing over 10 lakh mark for On-Road price.[/quote'] No there is a new Verna that i read somewhere and i said that if brought to India will be in 11 lac category and a replacement for elantra .check out this link and see!! I am not talking of the current face lifted Verna launched in India http://www.netcarshow.com/hyundai/2011-verna/
  7. @naren64 If in case your cousin can stretch his budget a little bit he can afford the cruze lt and this a good buy if your cousin prefers performance .If he/she insist on features and a vfm then fiat linea all the way a bang for buck with blue and me ,auto-ac and lot more at a reasonable price !! I feel waiting for vw vento is not a good idea owing to their delivery periods stretching a span of 3 month . abhigtr2010-06-23 17:12:29
  8. got back my i20 from the service center and she is sparkling just like punto since dad had to shell an 1000rs extra for polishing and must say the service has been the best compared to last time and they have fixed the rattling noise coming from the dashboard.
  9. sorry for the lack of pictures this is the maximum i could take since it was a weather that did not permit me to step out of the vehicle and click good pictures .There were beautiful scenery in the area of sakleshpur ghat section simply breathtaking view.
  10. ya i know that i20 has demister are there in both front and rear window but it adjusts the temp when you turn them on .the i20 will be back sparkling in 3 days time with polish and all issues resolved will post details of the cost involved .
  11. @Durango dude had a good time.the windshield was started to mist and made it difficult to see in the night .and i have given the i20 to Hyundai motor plaza for service they said that the rattling noise was because a part in the steering wheel column had broken due to this condition they said the warranty will cover it happy to hear this and hyundai promised to deliver the i20 in 2 days.
  12. Try to get there faster and moreover the weather is aggressive in the coastal side of mangalore so its the right place to enjoy the beautiful climate and scenery.
  13. Hi ACI forum members .This was the first time i took a hatch for a long vacation and i would like to share my review on how i20 performed on the highways and the ghat section with its tight bends and curves so here it goes. CHENNAI-BANGALORE-MANGALORE-UDIPI AND BACK CHENNAI-UDIPI :dad decided to put some kilometers on i20 after its first service since it had done only 1500kms and all .he wanted to see the performance of the hatch . so on 16th we left from chennai with just max load of 4 people and 3 medium size luggages . the distance to bangalore was 300kms and odd and we had to reach a place called hassan by sundown this was a task up to i20 to take us there in time and i should warn that there was a heavy monsoon climate trigger in karnataka so a tough journey ahead. The stretch on chennai -sriperambudur is by far the best 6 lane highway ever. i20 just enjoyed the road she just zoomed past big SUV and sedans .She just wanted to be revved to the limit and we gladly did .i20 reached a speed of 165km/hr and wanted to go more but mom and my sis were scared so dad had to slow down a little .but this hatch is the fastest crdi we have ever seen faster than our fiat punto and our previous car chevy optra .so by the time we reached bangalore it was downpour rain and the wipers and brakes did the work .must say that bangalore has to improve their highway connectivity fast since the roads are pathetic and i20 took a lot of beating under. we reached hassan by sundown and my god i20 had a lot of slush and dirt around owing to the rain.we went to our pilgrimage tour starting towards the sakleshpur ghats and my god the weather had intensified and it was raining madness impossible to see the road but i20 did her job . there was near misses to accident . we reached MANIPAL by 6:30 since she wanted her drink of diesel and must say the consumption of fuel is higher than punto must be owing to its constant shift .we reached udipi with all might against the rain . Did a tour in the nearby temples of mookambika,sringeri,hornad and all. Inside the cabin we all were comfortable with the automatic climate control set at a min 18c and the music with the help of its usb port kept us enjoying the nature around us . i20 by now had a lot of beating there was a sudden development of cabin rattling in the dashboard and steering wheel and unusual noise in the suspension when we went over small ditch . dad immediately contacted Hyundai dealer and they have obliged to take a look at the car immediately as soon as we come to Chennai. The car performed a breeze handling tight corners and sharp bends .we also had a unofficial race with a Volkswagen polo petrol she just wanted to be ahead and pushed my father to press the pedal.we had a really good time in i20 by far the best performing hatch for India . The sad part was she was dirty to the core with all the slush and all dad felt sad and wanted to clean the car spotless when he returned to Chennai before handing her over for her next sevice. The was a problem on the return journey when my dad tried to overtake a truck he missed the edge and went off road but i20 handled the situation and we were bought on track good gracious there was no vehicles on the opposite side coming or this could have been a major disaster.on the whole we were delighted to take i20 rather than cruze or punto for a change.now here is my report on how many km covered along with some great photos and mileage . TOTAL DISTANCE COVERED IN TRIP- 2700KM TOTAL MONEY SPENT ON DIESEL FOR TRIP- 4800RS(cheaper than travelling in train ) GOOD AND BAD: .REALLY FAST HATCH (1.4 CRDI WITH 90PS OF POWER) NOT EXPECTED THIS MUST PERFORMANCE ...AMAZED .AIR-CON FELT COOL CONSIDERING MONSOON IN K.A .NO TYRE PROBLEM (FRONT TYRES WERE OVERINFLATED AWAY FROM NORMAL PSI POSED A PROBLEM.WHY DID HYUNDAI DO THIS ) . RATTLING AND SUSPENSION PROBLEMS DEVOLOPED .MOTOR IN ORVM FAILED This is my first journey on a hatch for a long journey and enjoyed the driving pleasure which me and dad took turns . .
  14. omg!! feel sorry for you ...when swift launched 4 years back we were the first ones to buy the swift and indeed my dad bought in the same guindy abt dealership...i got my swift zxi orange in a weeks time .though it was petrol and must say it was initial times but not now i guess.. i feel that you should go and buy a polo. saw a black polo yesterday and it looked more plush compared to the swift .my friend booked a white polo last month and is getting delivery this week.so take a wise decision or go for punto a really good dynamic performer in handling.
  15. @dr nishu and rssh they told me because it was synthetic oil . and it was imported from italy sorry forgot to add this in the post.
  16. I am deeply sad that even hyundai(KUN HYUNDAI) nor chevrolet(SUNDARAM MOTORS) had done like this service on my i20 and cruze .They did not even bother to look at the problems i and my dad pointed out on the faulty issues needed to be repaired .It was like as if i kept my two cars in a garage and taking it back later after two days .and my god my i20 looked so dirty and shaby when i took it from the service center they didn't bother to do a car wash and polish. why don't you guys share your views on giving your car for its first service and your views. It would be great to hear them.
  17. first and fore most i would like to give a hats off to tata-fiat . On Friday 7/5/2010 had dropped my punto for service as it had covered exactly 15,000kms and the manager in-charge at CONCORD MOTORS SERVICE CENTER (KOTTIVAKAM) had told us only to come when the 15k kms are covered and just did that as told . I am definitely impressed with their service that i got for my punto . The service team there require a great thanks for the patience they took in repairing my car and getting it back into a brand new look.they sought to that all my problems right from the clutch to gear wear all sought out .the only fact was they charged us 6785RS for changing the brake oil,engine oil .I dont understand why they charged me for such a premium for oil . they gave me the car back on 10/5/2010. and my word the car looked like i was taking delivery of a new punto .polished to give a shiny look and wheel alignments were done .they gave us a set of floor mats that matched for punto free of charge . This goes to show how fiat has improved its dealer -service network.Who told that fiat dont provide proper service for their cars .Think again those who had a bad impression on fiat and not prepared to buy their cars owing to dealer-service network . would post images soon of my punto .......
  18. @winner48 not all the forum members are from the list of city's that are given in this poll so you can't judge this as stupid.
  19. my first vote would be chennai not that i reside in this city but due to the excellent supplier chain,logistic,friendly govt policy and given that it contains a chain of companies like hyundai,ford,mitsubushi,bmw,renault-nissan,royal enfield daimler and whole lot more and the city is emerging to become the r&d hub for auto majors in the future. so i feel chennai is the next auto emerging hub in the world and india and is favoured by most auto majors
  20. which city or state would you prefer would be the top manufacturing hub in india .since gujarat and rajasthan are the only states that dont have manufacturing bases a lot but are emerging ones i considered them in this pole . voting should be done based on factors like labour,logistics,power etc give your reasons on why do you think this city or state would be the next auto manufacturing hub in india .
  21. This would definitely upset the current fiat punto owners after looking at this one ....wish fiat offers some good accessories in the future .
  22. and @amaan1994 i was previous owner of swift before buying punto so wouldnt like to own the same car again.