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  1. @rahul1810 beat has a smaller engine so mileage was not an issue in that car .but here i20 or polo are bigger hatchbacks and my dad would go for diesel since he wants mileage in these type of hatch .and @creativebala figo is not launched yet so cant wait so long might as well wait for beat or even nissan micra.k guys have contacted dealers of both companies would test drive and decide.

  2. hi guys ....since my idea of owning a chevrolet beat is ruined due to the long waiting period my dad wants to get a hatchback within this month and since we already own a grande punto we are considering three options for our next diesel luxury hatch back .we have shortlisted the i20 asta (o) diesel w/sunroof ,vw polo (my dad knows the dealer well so we can get the car quick) . the major criteria is performance ,vfm in terms of features and looks .so give your suggestions as soon as possible and owners feed back on the i20 maintainace and service will be helpfull.

  3. @creativebala i dont intend on waiting for 3 months for beat since its too long and not commenting on gm since we are a owners of both optra and cruze .its just that my dream of owning my own small car is shattered and now im in a dilemma on which car to zero down on?

  4. today is a bad day for me as my luck ran out guys . the kln motors the dealer for my beat phone me up and is saying a shocking and yet not digestible answer that my top end 1.2 lt beat with the add on package will take 3 months for delivery it seems and to further heat it up he is telling that gm has not started to manufacture the top end model and even the base model will take a month to deliver .my dad has asked the kln motors to refund the money back .now we are considering either i20,vw polo. will start a new thread later . smiley19.gif

  5. smiley5.gif guys seriously frustrated on the color to go for the car. i have only three colors in mind (cocktail green, Olympic white and super red) please help me decide since the dealer wants me to finalize the color in 3 days time since none of my family members are able to decide since these colors all go great in the car .so it would be nice to hear your feedback on only the above mentioned colors only since i dont like the other colours.please help me out here guys

  6. @dr nishu and @sb alto have gone through your views and will stick with the stock for now and will not try for hid since i have to go through lot to put those. and by the way why didn't Chevrolet give a key less entry system in this car i feel this a bit strange since most of the car in this range get these standard feature .

  7. hi guys. the dealer contacted me today and said that a lot of optional accessories are there such as illuminated beat floor board panels, racing pedals but those cost extra about 6000 rs should i go for these options. another thing is since i have opted for the cocktail green i am going to add dark black sunscreen paper to give the extra look and please suggest whether it is advisable to change the halogen lamps to hid xenon lamps and please tell me which company is suitable and the price range since i want to make my beat a real beat in its nature.   

  8. hi guys test drove the car and must say got a lot of onlookers(for now). the instrumental cluster is a typical bike felt like i was in r15. and the pick up is great at 1st and 2nd gears but starts to pull in 3rd. the front dash containing the music system had a micro usb which is of no use at all and a bad decision.legroom in the rear is quite ample and better than ritz,i10. since they have given more legroom at the cost of the boot. and this car would definitely look good with some xenon headlights. smiley36.gif my dad will look funny if he drives around this car since it will be a hit among youngsters .

  9. thanks for your views guys. will be test driving the car in another 10 mins and @rssh since you tell that the beats tyre is small should i fit a 185/70 R14 as compared to the 155/70 r14 tubeless or try suggesting your opinion . would post some pictures of the test drive car and give my reviews asap.and since this car would be driven mostly by me and my sister so the color should look funky and great to go with the carabhigtr2010-01-23 07:09:13

  10. @yamboy911 i have booked the top end 1.2 lt with option pack of alloys,airbags,abs and the on-road price comes to about 5 lacs and @durango dude i think yellow is not available but will look at white.this will give a black and white contrast to my cars since all our cars and bikes our black thought we could go for a funky color. but anyways will look at white . and since we paid the money in full with no loan the dealer assured to deliver the car by feb 10thabhigtr2010-01-23 03:57:03

  11. hi guys ,my dad has just booked the chevrolet beat and has given to me as a birthday gift . the car would be in my house by feb 10 thats what the dealer has told , would definetly post the pictures and give reviews on the ride. not yet seen the car since my dad has told that it looks great from every angle ,the major problem is that for this moment i have booked the green cocktail color .please suggest immediately on any other   color that would go great on this car .i specially like the black and white . do suggest as fast as possible since i have to finalize the color by Sunday.

  12. This must be the biggest thing for GM India after the Cruze and Beat,  its obvious  this car will attract younger generation. Hope Chevrolets next car will be Trax, hope the concept goes into production and must say the instrument cluster looks like the ones found in the modern bikes but still looks funky.



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  13. omg .....never thought my english skills were so bad must have been due to fast typing  sorry anyways .....anyways thanks for all your help guys ...i decided to take delivery of the car on dec 21st and for goodness sake car owners in other countries usually sell thier car in about 2 years to max ....so why not in india......and sorry to make mistakes in the 2nd paragraph  and @durango dude ....i didnt have three larges before writin this .....it was my fast typing that made this mistake......

  14. Guys I and my dad have booked the Cruze Ltz in velvet red  and will be taking the delivery in a month or Jan   and I was planning to take the new car to Mangalore by going via the beautiful Chennai-Bangalore highways since its a best way to know on the performance  and   the major confusion is it safe to use the new car on the journey and sine the speed is limited to 60km/hr till the first service. Decide on the precaution on whether or not I should take the Cruze and  keep it in home and use my dads Punto.

    Will post the pics of my car soon  and  my dad is worried since the time of selling the car in future it will be sold as a 2009 model even if my dad is buying in JAN 2010 ......to the next car dealer if buying a future car  since the Chevrolet dealer told the chasis no will be in 2009 and the dealer I will be selling the car will know about it .....my father wants to take the car in JAN 14TH but i want the car by DEC 21ST please help me out  on when to take delivery as he is worried what date will be issued on the chasis and RC book the dealer say that from feb new cars will be produced havin the 2010 mft date but there will be hike of 14.6lacs for the ltz which is 60,000 rs more  so suggest either get it next month or jan or feb  .... my dad is worried about the resale and I kept tellin him thats resale will be low  and i am keen to have the car for years to come since a chevrolet optra owner I feel that cruze will last for years to come.



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  15. hi guys checked the car  today since we owned a optra before ..... me and my dad are really intrested in this car ...... will be booking the car in a weeks time and they said delivery is 2 weeks ..... hope to get my hands on the car soon and please suggest a good colour ...... i  and my dad personally like the red .... we dont mind black but already have a black punto multijet aand a black r15...so not into black always so suggest any colour apart from black guys .... and suggest wether to go for lt or the ltz .....which is a better buy

  16. guys i and my dad went to take my chevrolet optra from the service center .... while taking the car we went to look at the cruze and must say i am my dad fell in love with the car at the moment ...but the problem now is my dad hasnt decided on which model to go for either LT OR LTZ suggest which one should be the right choice for us .....please reply asap as we would book the car soon and please suggest how much can i sell my 2004 optra ls for and decide which colour would suit the cruze i personally like the red.....reply fast guys

  17. hi guys need your help .....i will be selling my r15 to get this baby ninja and was wondering that if i get this bike will service be a issue .... and moreover money is not a problem my dad is ready to spend 2.2 lacks to the max .... and please suggest me how much will my 1 year r15 will fetch for..... and suggest the colour i should go for .....i am going on thursday to pro biking showroom to book the bike.....guys please help me out fast and does this bike come with a digital cluster or the normal one seen on all 250r around the world

  18. hi feel sorry for you ..... the dealer from were i bought my punto 1.3 multi jet in guindy(concorde motors)gave us the car with a good satisfaction and moreover the car did 26km that day of delivery you should not blame fiat for the dealers mistake  .... might have been a error in odo meter ...dont know for sure whats the problem for the distance run in the car