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  1. hi you suggested a capacity of  150-300cc and r6 is a 600cc bike and i think this bike shouldnt be out by 2009 and more over ninja 250r is gettin launche d by diwali ...and no plans of any honda cbr launching in either 2009 or 2010 and more over u said spares should be available ...kawasaki is entering only this year and spares can be a little tough at a go...go for the r15 it suits your requirment

  2. hi .... i feel that you should try for the i10 since the car in bangalore falls below 5 ex showroom and more over  the i10  feels a more up market compared to santro or spark and spark too can be a little crampy and the dull plastics could be  a little sad to look later ... consider the i10 1.1 irde era that cost 3,70,000   ...hi its up to you to decide ... so think over the i10

  3. hi i own a r15 and it has been a year since i bought it the day it release and must say that till date  my baby r1 has never even shunted a problem so with performance its a brezze to handle .... maintaince and spares can be a bit costly but not to much and moreover i am 6ft and 82kg  and this bike is light and comfy compared to pulsar220 and please karizma is just to old heck of a bike ...up to you to decide  the japanese yamaha or indian bajaj .... or future kawasaki 250cc which will be out by diwali.....

  4. hi no offense i think you are completely changing the way the dio looks  i dont know how the fairing is going to be fixed i too have dio and have till now just smoked the light and the stickers have been customised  and thats it no other  works gone into it.......

  5. try for either red or black since they look stunning in the night time  .... try for some good after market oz wheels they look great on these vehichels and i dont think fog lamps is necessary on this car ... putting fog lamps might change a little look and class of this car ...and try to fabricate the wheels with some good color to give a sportier feel

  6. guys is the world famous italian bike maker aprilia heading to india? since there were talks with hero honda to make a jv in selling their bikes (kawasaki and bajaj) through botique showrooms in india since aprilia has a resurgence after thier acclaimed aprilia rsv4... and more over aprilia has a great flagship of scooters and entry level bikes like rs125 and sporty city cube ... look at these vehicheles in this link and find whether there is every right for aprilia to head to india to challenge honda ,yamaha ,bajaj,and other makers .......



  7. thanks guys and @bluesappire its 1.3 multijet disel and must say this car take s time to understand  ..... and  i dont thin k  black alloy wheels will look good might go for a red in future and  next week i plan to put a 3m dark shade black tint on the glasses......after s s is next month or 3500km and then after 14300km


    EDIT:sorry the dealer must have misguided me even i dont believe this hike in price .......


    EDIT 2:will post a pic in the next 30 mins ......... a another stallion from my stable ... hope you ll like the pic and suggest me how directly copy and post the pic to the thread
    CYRUS432009-07-03 11:49:26

  8. this is a way to change the pace gap between the car in thier range because people who r intrested in jazz would rather go for sedan by paying 50,000 extra so this make a good sense for honda to cut out thier base model but time will telll if honda is able to sell jazz so quickly or ending up in dry sales like fabia

  9. guys thank a lot............ but i have a problem ......yesterday i was not able to listen to my songs via the usb jack found on the glove box i connected my ipod touch 2g and the blue and me is saying that it cannot find any device and tells me to try again later .... please help me on this note