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  1. hope they bring like this link in chennai .... but i heard they are going to bring a link from marina beach to east coast road dont know exactly
  2. any naked bike with no fairing in my way is not a super bike ....any way my choice is r1
  3. if u want try to wait for i20 disel that is all set to release soon but you should consider streching the budget .... or opt for the punto disel its a little underpowered in the hood but still a good hatch compared to jazz .... try td the car and after sales service of fiat has improved dont worry on that issue....or try going for ritz but dont look at swift as its old for this generation of fresh hatchhbacks... check out punto and ritz and decide your choice ....
  4. hi guys the dealer phoned and told that we were lucky it seems that fiat has increased prices of its punto range by 40,000INR owing to the number of booking sales as of 1st july...thank god i didnt shell a extra 40k ....my dad told that we were lucky as we paid the full ammount yesterday or else we would have wasted extra 40k....ya black looks a stunner cant wait to lay my hands on the wheels tmrw......
  5. whats the iconic british super car maker doing .... trying to sell small cars itseems aston martin is following thier new slogan " desperate times calls for desperate measures" i feel sorry for these car makers losing pride and dignity
  6. black .... ill post the pictures on friday
  7. guys sown some consideration to this post ...... and please vote only for one state not two or three
  8. already paid money and takin delivery tmrw and moreover i already used to own the swift for 4years and jazz is a car where its not economically fit to be paid for the features and not my vfm car ...so i thought punto 1.3 multijet is the best for me
  9. guys me and my dad have gone and paid the money for the punto 1.3 disel and the car is going to be delivered on thursday evening and i will post the pictures on friday .... guys
  10. hey dont even post the word milage for a auto transmission vehichel...as the gear shifting is out with giving easy pleasurable driving .....try going for the hyundai i10 automatic its good for city driving and gives around 10kmpl my cousin owns this vehichle and till date hasnt had any problem ... so go for it and more over auto vehicles cost a lot so pick the best that suits you
  11. abhigtr

    Car ergonomics

    got to be jazz but since its a price no foolish is gona pay i might say you considering between fabia and grande punto since i test drove punto its quite comfartable to drive on ... td and see
  12. guys show some spirit and vote for the state you like its good to know which state is the best and i go for voting tamil nadu due to its excellent logistics and labour availability had only wished if official auto expo had taken place in chennai as chennai is detroit of india owing to companies such as ford ,hyundai ,bmw,renault-nissan,mitsubushi ,ashok leyland and such more having bases in chennai ...... and not the fact peugeot and citroen eying on tamil nadu and AP
  13. guys give your views in which way you think is the best place to manufacture vehichle in our country in terms of labour,logistics and many other factors . there are 6 states you can vote for and give your views in why you vote for this state since many companies like peugot and citroen are eying for a come back to india and are deciding between tamilnadu and andrapradesh ....here r the 6 states so please vote this is my humble request the six states which are best place to manufacture auto components and vehicles are 1-maharashtra 2-rajasthan 3-tamil nadu 4-karnataka 5-andra pradesh 6-gujarat you decide which is the best state..........
  14. Dudes we were right jazz is being bought by old guys because when in went to the temple I saw a group of old couples doing pooja to the car feel sorry those old guys never thought off other cars and why does the autocar in thier issu say that jazz has 10 cup holders. Seriously who wants cup holders soMuch anyway jazz will be jaZz
  15. Hey sorry never saw that you already bought get any way enjoy With your car .........I bought the punto emotion pack disel will post the pictures next week
  16. Dude seriously don't compare a indica to a linda and moreover no fools like autocar india would have given car of the year to lines if it was like indica but go for ritz since swift and get have been for ages and moreover pinto is the best selling hatch in Europe since 2005 so no commenting wrong on fiat say u don't like tata .....it's your wish think over for punto
  17. hi dont play andshow those logos
  18. hmm.....this shows how honda can fool the indians and there is no proof provided by rahul1810 that honda has sold 1000 cars and still this car is a waste of cash and definitely my choice for not a vfm car .....when i went to bangkok last week there were a lot of jazz like how we see santro and swift in india the people there say thay jazz is just close to 5-6lac indian ruppee this shows how honda cheats us indians clearly a waste of buying this car and regreting later in future
  19. guys need help in chossing the colour when my dad yesterday went to concord motors(chennai) and paid the booking ammount he was not happy with red and has a confusio in choosing the colour ....i like black but you guys know how moms are superstious these days my dad is deciding between bossine white and dark grey ....please help and moreover the car is give a delivery period of 21 days and if its black or blue within a day or two...so guys help out and must say the rear seats are pretty decent and better compared to swift nd ritz and i20
  20. hi guys my confusion is done and me and my dad have booked the grande punto and have selected the emotion pack top end disel model and colour is red and the on road price comes to 6,90,000 rs ...please give your comments whether this car is a better buy compared to the jazz....ad have to say the seats are pretty good for 6 ft driving this vehichle and all you guys who r worried on buying the jazz .... should look at this car and then decide....
  21. the bike is horrible never went through any thing except that paint treatment ...i think bajaj can never change the total design of thier pulsar range
  22. hi...please if possible take away the saree guard having a sports bike saree guard is spoiling the look on it....your wish kk...i took it the day i bought my r15
  23. guys first lets see honda make up to atleast selling 400-500 units a month ...i dont think honda can cross 60000 in a year too.... and we indians r not fools to buys this car making no sense .....i think when demand is less like how civic hybrid was from 20 00 000 lacs all the way to 13 00 000 lacs so i think the jazz in future might come from 7 54 000 to 5 60 000 in that range ...only the people who r new to buying cars may get fooled by thia honda not us
  24. hi guys why is that most of the fz16 and other bikes like pulsa 180 200 ,apache rtr all on seeing r15 try to race and overtake it ...being a r15 owner once when i was crusing at 60kmph a fz16 drive was crusing along with me and hell i dont know him and then suddenly i try to go fast and he to tries to catch up to me and since the road was open i got irritated and gave a good accleration and went off and he too tried to catch up and then gave up ...this incident has happened to me and my friends a lot of times ...why do they suddenly react on seeing this bike and start challenging like a drag race or something
  25. abhigtr

    bike selection

    fz 16 is the best choice in the market and you can trust yamaha as they are good in service and as a r15 owner i have got no problem since the day i bought the bike when it released and more over fz16 gives a good performance and milage and uses the state of the art technology which some bikes lag test drive and decide