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  1. sorry guys no offence but most of you say that because it is a honda its priced so high ....is honda in power with bmw,merceds benz ,lexus,audi ,vw and porsche  to price their vehichle like this....this jazz  has features equal to a ritz and not much more only thing it has is a feeling like mpv

            the quote they gave for ad in newspaper is"why so serious" i bet buying this car will make serious dent in peoples wallet and nothing more and it seems 77% of parts is localised then why the hell is this price to be seen ...hope hnda does something ..or else only rich people owning accords ,benz ,audis will buy this car for their sons and daughters and drivers


    most of the cars like i20,ritz have long waiting periods ... this car will be given to us the same day we pay as  they want  to clean up the stock  and i bet in another 4 months honda dealers will give discounts and free reg and insurence for this car at this price people willl look up to a honda city which is just few laks more and give a much more vfm

  2. ya i went with my dad to test drive the car just to see whether its worth it or not and must say the dealer kept saying about the so called magic seats  which most of the cars can do a 60:40 and my goodness too many cup holders this itself  fills half the gaps in the car and the dealer says that the jazz will be a sure hit and asking my dad to book it now so that we can get the car quick.... hmm who ll  buy a car that is not even worth buying i practically look at features and this car doesnt have even 1 good feature the only thing it has is aon board music system with audio controls in sterring colou which most of the hatchbacks have today ....honda  said in papers that  they hope to sell above 2500 cars a month hmm keep dreaming honda...i hope they sell atleast 500 a month and im very much against  them as i was eager to buy jazz now my last choice is punto thats it ..and last thing for 7 54 000 (top end)  we dont get alloys what is honda doing for god sake my hands r down for this car

  3. mine and my fathers dreams of buying a jazz is shattered in bits when the price we heard and saw was a whooping  7,15,000 rs just for the base version while the top end goes to 7,80,000 rs and are we indians ready to buy this hatch that does not even give a value for money compared to fabia or i20 in terms of features ....even at this price theres no alloys nor auto ac controls nor any other features we get wat irony ...... i hope my dad buys the grande punto  hope that car is just not priced like this one ....if it is then it goes down to ritz zxi.....please comment on this issue

  4. today morning when i woke up i my friend told that the jazz was near my house  in beasant nagar doing trial advertisement so i spotted two jazz in red will upload the photos in a while ...... ps the car looks so sexy and is my next car waiting to get my hands on them please tell whetther the jazz or splash (ritz) among them which is better  .... my fathers budget is 8lacks and we intend to buy the top end varient in either of the cars

  5. as a owner of the sport bike r15 i have a doubt the autocar india sept issue posted that the r15 top speed is just 124 km/h and that to it was performed on a track so i thought the rider would have achieved 145km/h due to the proper aerodynamics wind flow as told by yamaha and i know such a speed can be done then why did autocar say that r15 top speed 124km/h

  6. now that i have a r15 my father is deciding to buy another bike ninja250r .when is the bike releasing i saw that bajaj is bringing the bike to india at a price of 175000rs and how much will the ktm650 duke be if it comes to india as my father and i have a craze for sports bikes

  7. will the india govt ever cut dutys and taxes because all automobile lovers should go toand settle usa because the prices of luxury car brands like merc, audi, bmw, lexus are all easy to afford because the price of c class is 1200000 only. equal to buying a civic or corolla .bmw 328i costs only 1000000.and you wouldnt believe that audi a4 is 800000 were in india you get for 800000 is city,sx4,verna etc which are all just 400000 in usa (12000-18000$).a civic hybrid is 760000 in usa . and the craziest part of all is that a hayabusa is only 12000$ and a porsche boxter is 41000$(1600000) which is the cheapest and best sports car . pray india will become like usa fast and soon.