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  1. no you will not face spares from honda and the new honda you are speaking about has only few improvements so you should wait as your current vehicle is just 1 yr old so wait for few more months as new 120 to150cc bikes are coming from honda

  2. i would be getting the r15 on 18th wed and i tell you all that you cannot match the 220 with this bike in terms of style as this is the best indian market has ever got and yes the 220 is bit powerfull than r15 but the r15 is equal to the 200 in terms of torque and all and you cannot compare this street sport bike to any other 150cc to 180cc as itll smoke them all and i testdrove this bike before buying it and its true it does 0 to60 in 3.89 sec which no apache or pulsar 180,200 can do and the price of the bike is 108000 on road which is the best for this bike i fell as it has dual disc brakes and the first to have 6 speed transmission and twin headlights like the r6 and superior styling .