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  1. Why not??? Is there some rule that says no new thread for no new variants? Are we back in high school?
  2. I posted a new poll on the FZ 16 versus FZ S. Why has the post been deleted? Does this site believe in leaving its members some freedom, or is it being dominated by a bunch of overenthusiastic moderators who have little else to do with themselves than delete sensible posts put up by members here?
  3. The Honda CB1000R is simply mouthwatering. I think Honda has done the perfect thing by bringing this motorcycle to India. Yamaha needs to respond by introducing their naked contender the FZ-1 also, and lets hope it can spark of a price war. The CB1000R is over 2 lac ruppees less than any other superbike sold in India today. You just can't lose on this bike it seems.
  4. I just saw a picture of the new Yamaha FZ-S. I am sad to see the new bike is only a cosmetic upgrade, with no extra power, engine capacity or other major changes. I hope this is not a sign of times to come, with Yamaha once again falling into their old rut of making flop motorcycle models. Expected more from them after having seen such killer bikes like the FZ and R15 coming to India last year.
  5. R1, R 15, FZ16, new scooters, new R125, or whatever the new model. Yamaha first needs to clean up its act and provide good sales and aftersales support for their bikes. Dealers are crying that the company does not give them bikes as due to them to satisfy their orders, and customers are being made to wait weeks before they get their FZ16's even after making cash downpayments. It is this sort of thing that the company needs to first address, before thinking of making its life even more difficult with newer models.
  6. hogslayer


    To answer your question, No, there truly dont seem to be any logical explanation to the behaviour of your motorcycle.
  7. A new ZMA is not coming, and is not expected. Period.
  8. FZ 16 is the best. No need for any debate on this. Bye bye Pulsar, bye bye Unicorn, bye bye Hunk, bye bye RTR.
  9. Worst for me- 1. Suzuki Heat 2. Honda Eterno 3. Kinetic 4S
  10. Best designed two wheelers in India- 1. FZ-16 black 2. R15 red 3. Pulsar 200- blue
  11. Front tyre- 28 PSI Rear tyre- 33 PSI
  12. I think you should write to the autocar editor and ask him first instead of this shortcut method of trying your luck and asking information on the magazine forum. I believe the Autocar magazine editor is legally very super strong and never hesitates to take legal action against any kind of copying from his magazine.
  13. Yes, I have also seen that the diagram at the back of every autocar test is really good. The other magazines try to copy autocar and keep the same sort of diagram, but its more like a cartoon than the realistic autocar image. I have also seen the name of the guy doing it, makarand potdar is always next to each diagram.
  14. Right Rssh, So going by what you now say we must all learn from you that really bad roads are worse than motocross curcuits and hence can best be dealt with by motorcycles using twin gas shocks. What supreme ignorance..........wow!
  15. If the monoshock has such a lot of problem absorbing "big bumps" then howcome every single motocross bike built today in the world comes with monoshocks?
  16. Many people claim Indian manufacturers keep making bikes with twin shock absorbers because Indian consumers prefer this to a monoshock. What type of rear suspension do you prefer?
  17. Red bike is pictured in the Autocar October issue first ride.
  18. Sad stories, really sad. Yamaha need to learn India does not want to wait any more.
  19. Howcome the FZ-16 in the picture at the head of this post has a rear disc brake???????????????
  20. If all the people clamouring for the ugly completely enclosed chains had their way on this forum, we would soon see CBR 1000's, R1's and Busa's running ugly completely enclosed chains. I don't think exposed chains work out as cheaper, because they have to be superior, sealed and pre lubed. Nor are they that much more dangerous. By this argument, the guys wanting a fully enclosed chain will tomorrow want saree guards for both sides of the rear wheel, possibly even the front, and a crash bar running all round the bike. Maybe even a pair of extra wheels on both sides of the rear tyre while they rode the bike safely without the chance of it tipping over when they take a corner. And how about fully enclosed wheels on both ends too, so that there is no risk of saree s going in there either?
  21. Yeah, launched is correct, but delayed is more accurate. And if this is the attitude before the bike is on roads, whats going to happen when it needs after sales care and support. Yamaha needs to move fast and change this sorry situation.
  22. Its the same old story. Like the R15, soon the dealers will start asking for extra cash for on spot delivery. I believe this was going on in Bombay for the R15 very recently, so why will it not happen again for the Fz model also. Very sad, very sad.
  23. Yamaha looks like they are goofing up on such a good bike as the FZ16 also. The FZ16 has been delayed. After being told delivery starts on Oct 1 while taking booking money, customers in Mumbai and Pune are being made to wait it out. Will they be able to deliver good customer sales and service to support the FZ if they are already messing up at this early stage dragging their feet on such an important bike.
  24. What would a nice Velocet cost in relation to these beauties? Why don't Japanese bikes command the same sort of classic value, or were these companies too young and will do so in the future?