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  1. CBF stunner 2009

    Honda has unveiled the 2009 model CBF 125 cc which is exactly the same as the Indian model CBF Stunner. The styling remains almost exactly the same with few minor differences in detailing and the absence of a kick start. The engine is the same 125cc unit but it comes with Fuel Injection to comply with tough Euro emission norms. The engine produces 11 bhp and 11 nm of torque which is almost the same as the Indian model. The CBF 125 will be available in three colors - Sports Red, Space Silver Metallic and Black. In the Indian context the technology and its application is already there in the form of the European model. Honda just needs to launch the bike in India ,which will happen when the new emission norms will come into picture sometime next year
  2. ferrari bike

    The concept motorbike is the work of Israeli designer Amir Glinik, who centered his design around the theoretical application of the Ferrari Enzo
  3. Fiat which is in the process of unveiling a low cost brand has finalised three models for low cost countries. The models are new palio, new Uno and new seicento. The next generation Palio is being developed by Fiat and its Brazilian subsidiary will replace the current palio across the world including India by 2010. Following the success of cheaper logan by Renault, Fiat plans to launch this low cost models to western europe. The seicento city car will make its debut in 2011 but Fiat will not bring the model to India.
  4. nano first drive

    ita main usp is affordability.. & not performance
  5. Bajaj, a company that is bugged by Chinese copy bikes, is planning to counter attack. Sources close to Bajaj say the 2-wheeler maker will enter the Chinese market with a brand new 125 cc motorcycle, which will also be sold in Nigeria. This bike will have a 125 cc engine and will retail at around $500. Bajaj is trying to make use of cheap labor in China, but what remains to be seen is whether they will be able to compete with the established local brands, who dominate the 2-Wheeler industry in China. Bajaj will introduce the low-cost bike under a different brand name to keep their brand image in tact as they have plans for making several high capacity bikes for other overseas markets. After success of the Pulsar and Discover, Bajaj
  6. Hero Honda today launched new variants of Glamour,Glamour FI and CD deluxe. The new variants of Glamour will be available between Rs 45,800 and Rs 47,700 (ex-showroom Delhi) and the Glamour FI variants will be priced between Rs 51,450 and Rs 55,450 (ex-showroom Delhi). Hero Honda has also launched electric / self start variant of CD Deluxe. The 100 cc bike CD Deluxe will also be seeing a new version as we have introduced self start option,
  7. Good news for hardcore Yamaha fans! FZ16 which was launched in October is said to be claimed No 2 position in the 150cc and 150cc+ bike segment. What
  8. Suzuki has introduced the Splash hatchback in the U.K with a 1.0-liter engine. Smaller engines emit fewer emissions, which is exactly the same intention behind this variant from Suzuki. The engine produces 68 bhp and just 120 g/km CO2 emissions enabling it to enjoy lower taxes in the U.K. this is exactly the same KB Series engine which Maruti at present uses on the A-Star. Data on Splash
  9. 2009 Nissan Teanna Spy Shots>>

    The all new Nissan Teanna coming next year will be be based on the gorgeous Nissan Intima concept. The Nissan Teanna is a relaxed cruiser and that sets it apart from the Accord and the Camry. The new one is even better with the Intima-inspired styling which has improved on the Nissan Teanna.
  10. LPG :Aveo & spark..

    GM will also be launching a LPG version of the Spark and CNG version of the Aveo in April and June 2009, respectively. GM is also test running six of its different vehicles on bio-diesel. GM has been selling a CNG-version of the Optra in select cities.
  11. Aston Martins take on a 4 door supercar, the Rapide is expected to be launched mid next year. These basic computer rederings makees us believe that this family supercar will be a better alternative to the Lamborghini Estoque and Porsche Panamera GT.
  12. fabia sportz ..>>

    fabia sports is coming next year with 1.9 l pd engine.It is also known as RS version of fabia .Prices will be around 9lakh.
  13. LPG :Aveo & spark..

    but every one calls LPG as greener..fuel..than petrol..???
  14. but it will be cost effective... & as there is less duty..
  15. Aston Martin Rapide SCOOP ..>>

    is there much differentiation in between ESToque & other lambys... ll'y panamera & other porche supercars...
  16. fabia sportz ..>>

    as bmw has launched its full range of engines....in 5 series...in india.... other manufacturers should follow...<especially ..skoda..>>
  17. LPG :Aveo & spark..

    but how rssh..??
  18. 2009 Ford Fiesta Sedan

    he New Ford Fiesta will hold its global appeal because of its dynamic features created by the bold
  19. fabia sportz ..>>

    localizing components.is necessary for reduction in price. current fabia components are mostly imported...
  20. 2009 Nissan Teanna Spy Shots>>

    ya..is true ..current teana is priced much higher than the acoord..
  21. 2010 Hyundai Tucson Spied

    The new Tuscon, as seen from these spy shots does offer a lot more than the outgoing model. The window line is i10 like with a kink at the rear and the rear pillar is reversed like the ones on the Mitsubishi Outlander and the Swift. The overall styling is a couple of notches up with sloping roofline and huge sweptback headlamps making a style statement. The Tuscon has got a new identity and is sure to make more than a mark on any buyer
  22. 2010 Hyundai Tucson Spied

    seems much better than the current tucson. profile of the suv looks better. 2l & 200 bhp. looks good fig.
  23. 2009 Nissan Teanna Spy Shots>>

    2009 Nissan Teanna Pictures The spy pictures give the shape and most of it away as the car in question looks very similar to the Intima concept and that
  24. nano first drive

    17-second 0-60mph thats a good fig... isnt it..guys...>>