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  1. FZ 150 launch in mid september!

    its your personal view... all other have the opinion in the other way....
  2. Suzuki Lanza

    better thing is that it is priced at 59000
  3. Chevy To Launch Cruze in 2009

    why u are crying for strict action... is there any post in the indian section. CARS.??? i post this thread because this car will be launched in near future...<jan or feb2009>
  4. The Fiat - what the hell???

    pls dont compare desi XL & linea... its a request linea is not yet launched ...>>>!!!!
  5. design of the new a-star

    take away the head lamps ..astar resembles i10 rear door...profile of the front bumper..ala
  6. My Civic!

    there is audio controls on steering' date=' cruise control,155 hp , different alloys [/quote'] but archit civic E has no ..goodies compared to S & V 155 hp..for civic..??
  7. Your most favourite TV Auto Show

    C&B in NDTV overdrive CNBC
  8. Which car/bike ad you like most??

    i like the RTR fi ad. its oke..
  9. Fuel prices to be cut in a week

    now election season is coming so.. i hope they will cut the prices... oil companies are bleeding bcause of huge losses.... so govt cant simply cut prices.. also dollar has appreciated...
  10. chinese GP

    hope so .. but any thing can happen in F1 kimi is a good example..
  11. suv of the year

    Motor Trend magazine has picked the 2009 Subaru Forester as its sport utility vehicle of the year, citing its fuel efficiency, comfort on the road and competency off the pavement. The award, announced Thursday, came from a field of 13 finalists mostly made up of car-based crossover vehicles, with few traditional body-on-frame truck-based SUVS as in previous years. The all-wheel-drive Forester with a 2.5-liter, four-cylinder engine with an automatic transmission gets an estimated 20 miles per gallon in city driving and 26 on the highway. Other finalists were the BMW X6, Chevrolet Traverse, Dodge Journey, Ford Flex, Honda Pilot, Infiniti EX and FX, Kia Borrego, Lexus LX570, Nissan Murano, Toyota Sequoia and Volkswagen Tiguan.
  12. suv of the year

    give the details of the test drive...ZAL D..>>>
  13. Mercedes E Class Coupe

    front design is oke... rear styling feels ordinary.. this design cannot compete with the 5 series...
  14. This is the new super luxury Limousine from Hyundai, codenamed the VI. The car is scheduled to make its debut in February next year and will replace the ageing Eqqus flagship saloon, which currently is sold only it the home South Korean market. The new VI employs a rear wheel drivetrain which would help the flagship Hyundai to compete with German rivals like the BMW 7-Series and the Mercedes Benz S-Class. The car will also come with a range of v8 engines with poweroutput ranging from 380-450 bhp.

    from sides it resembles S class

    Lovable Mini will now also be it a hit among the tree huggers! BMW has revealed an all-electric version of the Mini. Yes, unlike the Hybrid cars with part petrol and part electric propulsion, BMW

    no i dont think fiat will launch electric500.. already there is good sales for 500 .. than why a new varient..
  18. fiat 500 by diesel

    DIESEL as in Diesel clothing, has collaborated with Fiat to create a special edition version of the new 500 minicar that will be produced in 10,000 copies over the next two years. Based on the Sport version, the
  19. fiat 500 by diesel

    looks good... nice colours ,alloys & interiors...
  20. Porsche Panamera coming.....2010

    it looks like porche has got wrong in design..... looks ordinary to me..!!
  21. Hero Honda to launch seven new bikes in India

    i think this looks better than the current cbz... but i hate those indicators on the fairing..!!! with atft it will have the same performance as hunk....
  22. Tough ride for Bajaj Auto; co trails Hero Honda in

    but HH is gaining customer though we r in a recession period & aims to sell 6 lakh units this festive season...
  23. Suzuki Lanza

    cool bike from Suzuki.... nice stuff..they have priced it right 59000 rs exshowroom.. tail lamps design taken from XTREME.. head lamps looks like mini GSX 1000 2009
  24. Chevy To Launch Cruze in 2009

    overall profile of the car looks good i think GM will launch this car in jan 09