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  1. Honda plans sub-1000cc car for India

    its a 660 cc car & how can it compete with i10 honda will not such a mad decision
  2. Porsche Panamera coming.....2010

    panamera fully revealed.... Porsche has been revealing the details of their first 4-door car, Panamera from time to time. They even have the microsite for the car up on the web with teaser images and design sketches because they wanted to reveal it bit by bit
  3. Which Car should i buy - City ZX or New City??

    i think honda is giving discounts...for the old one
  4. chinese GP

    i just want to see lewis lose the chmship ..!!
  5. japan GP......

    alonso won japan GP massa 8th gained 1 championship point kimi 3rd lewis 12th
  6. Lewis Hamilton and his Merc GL!!

    "When buying the car Lewis said: "At the track I always drive on the limit, but on public roads I like to relax, kick back and cruise." i dont agree with this statement... lewis was caught by police & fined for his overspeed...>>
  7. Hero Honda to launch seven new bikes in India

    its not up to the mark compared to the current R1

    FI is tec. better ..but stiil its available in selected cities < what will be the reason ..??
  9. Volvo To Launch XC60

    Swedish luxury carmaker Volvo said that it will enhance its product portfolio in the country, including a premium sports utility vehicle to be launched sometime next year.
  10. Volvo To Launch XC60

    dont go away from topic
  11. Yamaha FZ16 Thread.

    good review buddy... the rear sound from tyre is not an issue i think its bcause tyres are radial
  12. Hero Honda to launch seven new bikes in India

    front cowl looks ugly..
  13. Maruti Suzuki Launches its new engine plant!!

    this engine made will be for the up coming a star... sources say that this new engine will go into other cars ....
  14. hot hatch

    which is your favorite hatch..?? multiple voting is allowed
  15. Porsche Panamera coming.....2010

    update.... Porsche

    more pics
  17. My new APACHE EFi YELLOW

    rtr fi is not available in many cities... i heared that its due to some tec. problems i thin rtr is better than FI version which is still not available
  18. Hero Honda to launch seven new bikes in India

    don kno abot fireblade...!!!! its from honda
  19. My new APACHE EFi YELLOW

    apache is not a sorted out bike.... thats why its sales have deteriorated...
  20. Hyundai Accent Executive

  21. Getz prime/u-va/swift

    uva...is the the best option
  22. ferrari bike

    yamahaR152008-10-21 19:28:30
  23. If you have 10 lacs..

    for 10 lacs i will go for optra magnum diesel.... benchmark in its segment