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  1. i think prices will start @ 3.5 & up...
  2. may be after 2020..hehe..they will bbring a new unicorn. Until then bear with spl.edition & graphics change..ehehhe
  3. suzuki should create good prducts such as this model to make an inpact in the sales... they cant do it with Zeus & heat...
  4. yamahaR15


    GREAT NEWS GUYS If Yamaha could save itself by introducing a bike that shared a common vein with the lord of all performance motorcycles
  5. hero honda is struggling to improve its products.I think Honda is not allowing HH to share its techs...to produce a good performance bike
  6. ofcourse..its hyundai getz. oke styling ,nice engine options...but futuristic swift...kieed it..
  7. any day polo... with 1.2 l TSi & 4.35L starting price...its good in that segment
  8. great move by JLR. It will be a great buy in entry level luxury Suv market
  9. 10000 discount for ritz diesel in my town <thrissur>. No discount for petrol ritz. 13000 for M800 25000 for aulto 27000 for a* no discount for swift & dzire
  10. average car in my opinion .if it is priced in the range mentioned above it will be a success. instead of 1.2l they should also provide 1.4l dura tec .82 ps .
  11. great car.from chevy.if priced correctly it will be a big hit
  12. if petrol laura 1.8 tsi is a good option (good overall package compared to others) 163ps & 250 Nm torqure, best ride & handling. & if diesel wait for chevy cruze..good engine,loads of features 320 orque 150 ps power ( start stop button,rain sensing wipers)
  13. but there is no considerable changes on the body...that strange
  14. compared to accent Dzire as an overall package is better . ikon qith 1.4l diesel coudnt make an impact in the market. likewise will be the case of accent.
  15. like Sx4 kizashi will be a VFM car compared to i40. i40 style is some what extended vista
  16. 12000 per month?? So you want to finish it off in April? only Msil will tweak its engine for e4 norms.... other than that there will not be any upgrade
  17. dude....irde..engine is same santro engine but with some emission tweaks.not much changes
  18. yamahaR15

    new civic

    although city is priced high .it has good sales.Around 3000 cars/months but civic is not going in like altis. then why are they hiking prices
  19. it will be a good challenger for fortuner..
  20. but for what wR needed to be updated...?? .it is sell around 12000 per month with old engine.
  21. it will have the fate of logan accent is trebbly outdated...
  22. is it new santro..!!!! only difference is the seat cover & paint finish for the grill
  23. yamahaR15

    new civic

    with this new launches...(civic & coming city) honda want to increase prices. in the name of some facelift they are trying to maximize price
  24. what about the engine .will it be the same 1.4l..!!