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  1. buddy i dont want to fight with anybody,what i said in my thread is a true fact.i am not an anti captiva ..kind or against GM.i actually like GM products,but i have to point out some major drawbacks,while recommending to another person

    if you have read any of the review of captiva in magazine s like ACi ,OD...or any other T.V shows you will surely find my opinion is correct.i dont want to hurt or to quarrel with any body..

    sorry if have hurt anybody...

  2. buddy prices of petrol may have gone up ..captiva with its dead steering ,mushy gearbox with long throws & bad engine with hefty tourbo lag in early revs.has not been comparable with other SUV's in the class

    after spending around 20 lac one should able to get best product in the market rather than getting a poor product  for some economy

  3. clearlens indicators in front & back...

    glamour like paint scheme  <2 tone : light colours mixed with black><thankfully no graphics>

    front black alloys

    back coloured alloys...also rear suspension is coloured

    some graphical changes in the dials <instrument cluster >

    silver finish at the tail lamp portion....